Marlowe and I are home again. We missed Alex terribly. Missed being at sea level too. I’m not sure I really missed my home, but now that we’re back in it, I’m really appreciating the beauty of it. All our major repairs are done. We just need a few design tweaks here and there, but that will happen in time. For now, it’s just really nice to be back in our pretty space (even if I would prefer to downsize one day).

Our space is a bit big for me. Well, Marlowe’s room keeps shrinking, but maybe that’s because she keeps growing in the time we are away. It’s a mind game really. But like me, she’s happy to be back.

I’m hoping to take the next two weeks or so to really organize my life. The photos I’ve taken, the closets that have slowly collected piles, whatever there is to organize. To be honest, there’s not much, but I just feel better to know everything is in order. You know?

Our time away was great. Really great. Three weeks of traveling with Marlowe. Zero problems. My health was good the entire trip. Well, the elevation was a bit tough on me, but still, was good. We surprised my grandmother and aunt in Colombia. It was perfect. Really perfect. You can see the video here, if you haven’t seen it.  And amazing again to surprise my (step) aunt for her birthday. Marlowe had the best time with new friends and ate her weight in tortillas in Mexico and her weight in arepas in Colombia.

I didn’t take an excessive amount of photos. But I do hope to share the few photos I did take. I also brought back a few treasures that you guys might be interested in. Not a lot, but a few things I found to be really special– some things for me, some things to sell.

Other than that, I’m just happy to have been able to escape. And looking for ward savor the things here.

Oh, and I have a big announcement to make very soon in this space. Something I think some of you guys will be excited about too! Next week the latest, okay?

I’ll be back soon. Dinner is ready now and I’m looking forward to our first family meal in a while <3 Cheers friends!


  1. Hey Drea 😊
    Enjoy being home again. I can totally relate… Always when I wasn’t away in a while I find so many little things to nag about in our home. But once I was away and come back I realize how beautiful and ‘just us’ our home is and that I should appreciate it more. 😉
    Anyways, I’m excited what news you want to share soon, too. Can’t really imagine what it could be, though.
    But we’ll see . . . Have a nice weekend.
    Love & hugs from cold Germany! ☃️
    xo, Romy

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  2. I have been detoxing recently myself, and was diagnosed 2 days ago with shingles. I had chickenpox as a baby, but I’m completely shocked by this diagnosis. I’m a 49 year old and a vegetarian for the past 4 years, and in that time I haven’t even gotten a cold. In reading your blog it seems you may believe there is a correlation between detoxing and getting shingles. Thanks in advance, Julie