Funny story. About a week (maybe 9 days or so) ago, I started writing a blog post called, “My 2019 Detox Plan.” I started outlining my detox plans for the year. I had/have a very specific process in mind– a real plan. If someone intends to fully, mindfully, and safely detox their body, then it should be done with an intentional plan…. right? Right. One would hope anyway.

Except, without planning to, I sort of fell into a mini (and super intense) detox over the last few days. You guys know that I’m primarily fruitarian. Well, let’s get more specific… there are many ways of looking at fruitarianism– you know, different extremes of it. I mean, I understand that someone could argue that any level of fruitarianism is extreme, but that’s another topic for another day. I definitely lean-to the more lax end of fruitarianism. On the tighter end– there are the people who won’t eat an ounce of vegetables, greens, herbs, spices, teas– anything. Only fruits. For me, I’ve never been completely raw for more than a few days. I eat a primarily high fruit and high raw diet. But by no means am I all raw. (Steaming hot coconut curry is still my favorite food). Even in the times where I’ve wanted to detox/heal more, I’ve always eaten raw vegetables, greens, green juices, and “gave into” things like steamed vegetables when I wanted something warm. I’ve never surrendered fully to fruits.

Well, last week, I did. Again, I had a plan written out. One that I had intended to start within the next few weeks.  I had a mindful healing process in mind, but I didn’t follow it. I was eating extremely lax since our last Mexico trip and it was starting to manifest in my body. I’m just so sensitive since the illness.  So in the past two-three weeks or so I’ve settled back into mostly high raw and mostly fruits. I even mostly cut out grains as well. But again, I was not all raw. Well, last week, I woke up one day and by dinner time realized I didn’t want cooked food and stuck with fruits. Day two, by dinner time, I thought, let’s keep going with this. By bedtime that night I  could feel a detox happening. My lymph nodes were beginning to swell and my body odor was awful. Day three I woke up with bad breath– something I haven’t felt in years (since the last time I drank alcohol.) And I was in it: this burning sensation on my tongue, the body smell that I couldn’t escape, headaches. And a wave of full-on intense nausea (that was a new detox symptom for me) that would hit me at least a few times an hour.

Day four I was in and out of sweats and chills. I felt crummy all over and the intense taste in my mouth only became more metallic. I ate mashed potatoes that night after dinner, in trying to slow down detoxification. Day five, yesterday, with very little surprise, symptoms only became worse. I felt as if I had been poisoned. Years and years and years of heavy metals, antibiotics, antidepressants, acne medications, and poor dietary choices for 20+ years of my life were creeping up on me in the least subtle way possible.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of “THIS IS TOO MUCH– gah, I had a plan and should have followed it!” and “HOLY CRAP THIS WORKS!” Family asked me, “but haven’t you done this before? Haven’t you detoxed?” Yes, definitely, I’ve tried a few different methods (I even wrote a whole e-book on it about 5-6 years ago!), but never, not ever have I tried solely fruits. Only this week did I try this, and not even intentionally. And guys, let me tell you, as shitty as I felt this week — I’m looking forward to (first giving myself a break), then fully diving into my first plan and finally” stepping back into this. Because damn, if done well, I have total faith that I can finally remove the leftover toxins lingering in my body (screw you shitty childhood + c. diff) and fully heal. Not just live and be well, but become optimal.

Since doing a massive amount of research and continually experimenting on myself, I can say with great confidence that the best way to begin healing (through my experience, anyway) is through low-fat/low protein diets that are high in fresh fruit and vegetables. Reversing disease, diabetes, mental illness, and more IS possible. I’m grateful I was able to put aside fear however long ago and give it a chance. (It was not a light decision).  But I’m even more grateful to realize that I can push this further. More is possible.

Probably silly to some, but I’m excited to advance further– to dive on it and expel things out. I want to see what is possible. But first, I’ll follow a plan, yah?

I plan on finishing up the post on my detox plan for the year and sharing it with all you guys who might be interested. SOON. But for now, I need to rest. Expelling years and years of mistakes done to a human, natural living body is not easy work. But that’s part of it too– surrendering and allowing your body to do what it was designed for is part of the process. So now it’s time to rest.

I know half of this probably sounds crazy to some of you– and I’m totally, 100% okay with that. Because some of you are on a mission for optimal health too 😉 And I’m 100% content being my own damn guinea pig and a guinea pig for all you guys who are interested too 😉 Cheers friends!

ps. this should go without saying, but if you’re new to detoxing, I would not recommend jumping into all fruit. All fruit is great compared to juicing because you don’t have to lose weight, but it’s an intense detox.  Maybe attempt all raw or even a mostly raw + juice fast, but not all fruit until you’ve prepared mentally and physically. K? Cool.


  1. Have you heard of TRS for heavy metal detox? If not, look into it. It could definitely help clean things up. I’ve been on it for 40+ days and I can definitely see changes. I also don’t sell it or anything, so my opinion is just my own.
    Good luck and eager to see how your upcoming detox goes.

  2. Isabelle

    Wow! It’s amazing to think how much junk is loitering in our systems even when we lead a relatively healthy lifestyle – mu husband and I were talking about doing a detox in the near future so cannot wait to see your plan, this post came at the right time to motivate me to do better for my body and for my health!!

    • Right? I feel like people think that if they eat pretty clean and keep their bodies moving, then they should be fine. But I don’t think people realize that any drug you take (pharmaceutical or not) or all the processed chemicals and things in the world that your body has to deal with doesn’t necessarily come in and then flush out. Some of that can linger in there for decades creating problems! Whatever you do, I do recommend to do something gentle and slow! Don’t (accidentally) dive in like I did, haha. Good luck!

  3. Hope you’re feeling better! I’m super excited to see your detox plan, I need to do one myself but I need to do some research to see what’s best for me. Good luck detoxing!

    • Thank you! Definitely feeling better! And I did my first coffee enema this week and it got rid of the awful metallic taste in my mouth thankfully! Whatever you plan to do for your detox, I hope it goes amazingly smooth and well!