I had to go on Alex’s phone yesterday to send myself a photo I needed (before photos of our apartment, if you’re curious). And while there I scrolled back a bit and for the first time, I noticed some photos I had never seen before. A lot of photos I have stumbled upon in the past. And honestly, there’s a chance that maybe I have in fact seen all the photos on his phone– but so many of them felt new to me. It was just so nice. It felt like I was reliving memories I once had but from a different perspective.

This isn’t the deepest or earth-shattering post, but I thought you guys might also find an interest in some of the few photos Alex saves on his phone. His camera roll is truly the opposite of mine. I have to go through at least once every week or so to delete photos to make room on my phone. A good week is when I can get my camera roll under 1,000 photos at a time. But Alex’s phone? Well, I didn’t check the exact number, but I can’t imagine he has more than 200 photos saved— and so many of the photos there are years and years old. In other words, he’s holding on to the photos he finds absolutely more important. And I think that’s the sweetest thing ever. So here you are, a few saved memories from our favorite times as a family– but from the perspective of my significant other 🙂

the photo above is a photo Marlowe took of Alex and I taking a market break in Antigua Guatemala.

ps, spoiler alert: there’s a lot of photos of me 😉

Marlowe on Halloween in Guatemala.  // Exploring plant stores in Guatemala.

Us at a wedding in France. I have seen this photo. I actually sent it to him. It’s nice that he likes it too 😉

Alex and the fruit stand during a family outing  Kathmandu Nepal. // Marlowe in a sari in Kathmandu Nepal.

Me and my pregnant belly in El Paradon Guatemala. I definitely didn’t share this one during our trip— I was only about 8 weeks in or so. Sleeping. Out of it. Feels like a lifetime ago. I’m happy he took this photo. Bittersweet.

Me in all the layers in Bogota Colombia. // Me eating hot soup in Villa De Leyva — aka me being quintessentially Colombian. Seriously, find me a Colombian that doesn’t love hot soup. You know– I don’t love the cold, but these photos make me want to be in these moments all over again.

Us, our wedding day.

I have so many mixed emotions of this photo. On one hand, I do really love it– the colors and background are fun. My hair was a great mess that day. I’m a fan. On the other, I was insanely self-conscious too– My legs were SO skinny then. It wasn’t too long after I had gotten sick and lost all that weight. Every part of me was a toothpick except for my stomach (which you can’t tell very much from this angle) but it was chronically inflamed then. I wanted to feel and look better. But still, I had fun just running around town with Alex this day.

Marlowe in Cartagena. // Us leaving Cartagena.

Her, graduating preschool with all her awards. What’s funny about this photo is Marlowe actually brought up all these awards just a few days before I found these photos. She was asking me about graduations and then asked, “remember when I graduated pre-school? I got the most awards in the whole class! Most kids only got one, but I got five!!” She was so proud of herself. It was so sweet. I showed her this photo when I found it and she read through the awards she had won and stated, “neatest handwriting? That makes sense. I’m a perfectionist.” Hahaha. Love her.

Me on my trike. At least once a week I’ve been saying, “I need to learn how to ride a bike” but then I think, “or maybe I should just buy a new trike” I can’t decide. I’d love to finally learn how to ride a bike, but I’m a giant chicken-sh*t guys.

Weaving and snow angels in Massachusettes.

Their first time ice skating. Look how tiny her skates were! Insert broken heart emoji guysssss.

Our garden on a good day. // The babely banana rack in the back of the truck. I hope we get more bananas soon!

One last one for good measure– his little three-year-old face. LOOK HOW BLONDE HE WAS! Crazy right?!

I hope you guys enjoyed these little memories. I know I really did. As always, thanks for being here for all the big moments– and the little moments too. Virtual hugs to all you guys.

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  1. My boyfriend is the same – he keeps only few yet some of the most memorable photos in his phone and it’s always such a treat to go through them together. Thank you for this post, I loved it 🙂