I love her paintings so much. She made it clear that these were just doodles and not her real art though πŸ˜‰

But one day she decided she wanted to sell her real art… and so she made a sign and took her collection to the pride parade. She made maybe thirty dollars or so?! I was impressed!

Days in Miami with them. Her little tongue.. she probably dreaming about coffee. Unfortunately for her, she got steamed chai instead. But not really unfortunate because she loves chai too. Honestly, not to brag, but I freaking love that we can just sit with our kid in a coffee or tea shop for hours.

My happy place. My kimono is made from upcycled saris πŸ™‚ It has been a weird attempt for me to add different color tones in my life, but I love the style so much. It’s from sissel edelbo. (shirt too!) Jean shorts are vintage Levis. No shoes necessary. We try to leave them in the car– unless it’s scorching hot out πŸ™‚ Barefoot life is the best life. *not sponsored. I just feel like I should try to share more about where my clothes are from so you guys can see more sustainable, upcycled, secondhand pieces in action in this blog world.

The last day in our home before we packed up her room and moved it out. Well, her bed went into the office space, but the rest of the stuff came with us. I’m hoping to change-up the paint colors in this room sometime soon too πŸ™‚ But yes, there is a new comfortable bed in the room if you ever come here— it’s not empty, just no longer kid likeΒ πŸ™‚

Grocery shopping views. Buying produce in plastic drives me INSANE. If there is an alternative then we skip it, but unfortunately sometimes it’s our only option πŸ™ I hate that it’s the norm here.

Beach view on the day I snuck to the beach by myself while she was in theatre class vs. beach view on a day with her. Both are great.

Latch hook + favorite easy salad.

Weird farmers market art + food buying at said market. Marlowe got Ethiopian. Alex got a bunch of raw food. And I ate a papaya + raw sushi rolls.

After the market, we got more food (haha) then ice cream. Because sometimes the best days revolve around the people you love and sharing food with said people. And yes, this post is now mostly photos of one day in Miami, but I’m okay with it. This was also Alex’s birthday. So it’s fair that it takes over πŸ™‚
Still stopping by our garden often to pick up fresh goodies– here we have a load of different salad greens, coriander/cilantro, guava, and cherry tomatoes. Nom.

Alright friends! I hope you’re well! I’ve typed my fingers off today preparing a bunch of posts for you guys– hopefully, a good bit of them will be helpful resources for things. Trying to mix up more topics between flashback travel posts, detox posts, and general life πŸ™‚ Cheers!


  1. Do you know if sissel edelbo is ethically produced from a human impact perspective? I am looking for brands that do both.