Helloooo friends! How are you guys?! Did you guys have a sweet and sunny weekend? I hope so. We’ve been in a back and forth rain and shine situation over here. I gotta say, watching storms from our apartment is pretty nice 🙂 The lightning is so close! I’m glad Marlowe got over her fear of it! I finally started taking photos of Marlowe’s meals here at the apartment. I think is the last set I have with older photos. Maybe. Not 100% sure on that. I’m thinking of doing another “what we eat in a day” post– because I think those give you a better idea of the bigger picture, you know? These posts are mostly (but not exclusively) dinner ideas. Which I think works too, but it can feel deceiving… maybe? Not sure! Anyway, let’s get to what Marlowe eats, ya? Cool!
Avocado toasts + a strawberry smoothie at one of our  favorite vegan spots in Playa Del Carmen.

Marlowe’s favorite radish salad, guacamole, quinoa veggie burger.

tomato, kale, carrots + rice noodles. Easy easy.

This was actually at a hare Krishna spot we found in Bogotá. Man, eating vegan in Colombia is HARD. I legit brought boiled potatoes out with me on this day to eat for when I couldn’t find food. We found Marlowe vegan food– but finding me gluten free corn free vegan food? Not happening haha. We didn’t even see much fruit stands this day either. I’m happy I bought potatoes. Marlowe had veggie rice, beans, and some sort of cornbread thing.

Lol Marlowe just came out and saw this picture and said “you can’t really find vegan options in Colombia. even the vegan restaurants aren’t very vegan” LOL what?!

Lentil veggie soup.

Hodgepodge tacos. Grain-free tortillas, carrot ribbons, avocado, tofu scramble, black beans, cooked kale. She enjoyed this weirdness. 
Pasta in Sayulita Mexico. Not typical, but hey, whatever works. There was some sort of creamy red sauce they veganized for her.

Mashed potatoes, turmeric cabbage and greens. Pretty standard staple around here. Cheap, easy, filling, nutritious enough.
Turtmeric cabbage with carrots, onions, greens on top of some black rice noodles. She enjoys this one more than the potato one.

Sushi for travel. Always. In a cute stainless steel bento box.

I kept things super easy and basic when Marlowe and I did our solo trip to mexico. Sautéed cabbage, carrots, and onion.  The next day I added a tomato-y broth and called it soup.
More pasta. Sometimes we go through phases with SO MUCH pasta. + kale for balance.

Alright friends! I gotta finish up this blanket I’m knitting for Marlowe. Which is crazy because it’s already 85+ degrees out every day, but I promised her I would 🙂 I hope you guys have a wonderful week! I’ll be back with a new apartment post and more. Cheers 🙂


  1. Same! Would love “what we eat in a day”. I am trying to consume very little grains these days to see if it helps with my digestion and brain fog, so I love to see your mostly grain-free meals!