Last night I was thinking about being in a funk. Not that I’m in a funk (I’m actually feeling really good lately). But you know, there are times we all find ourselves in funks. And it can be so freaking hard to un-funk yourself, ya know? Or equally hard when you have a loved one who’s in a funk (none of us in this house are, don’t worry!). But like, what advice do you offer? I started thinking about the things that bring joy to suggest to a friend who was in need. I started thinking about the things that bring me joy. And then I thought– maybe it would be cool to put together a list of things that make me happy. Things to do often– and especially in times when you’re down and not feeling fabulous. You know… because we all deserve to feel fabulous.

We’re all different of course. And so, as unique individuals there will be unique things that make each one of us happy. But this is a list of simple things I try to practice daily that make me happy. Maybe if you’re in a funk you can try some of these things too 🙂 I’m certain some of them will help! And if you have other simple daily activities that bring joy, maybe you can suggest them for others when they’re down 🙂

A List Of Happy Things To Try When You Are Sad

  1. Sunshine (sitting in it). The sun truly is a magical thing. If I’m sitting somewhere on a cloudy day and the sun pokes it’s head out, I’m brought instant joy. I love the warmness of the sun. Us humans are starving for sunshine. We’re supposed to live outside, remember?! Getting a regular amount of sun is in our nature. And best of all: getting sunshine is free 🙂 Unless it’s raining out, you have zero reasons to not get a bit of sun every single day.
  2. Fruit (eating it). Some wouldn’t believe me, but I didn’t always love fruit. I mean, I’ve always eaten fruit– especially since living in Florida, but only in the last two years have I really dived into the wonders of eating substantial amounts of fruit. Eating it, especially as the first meal of my day, feels really good in my body. And even better when I’m sitting in a patch of sun eating fruit.
  3. Learning. You guys know I’m a huge book + documentary nerd. There is something so satisfying in learning. I want to learn as much as I can in my lifetime. Knowledge is power, right?
  4. Being around other people. This one is tricky– because there are def times when you’re in a funk and you just need space– but sometimes you gotta stop sulking and make a call to see people. I’m legit one of the worst people to make plans with people. If they call me to make plans, I’ll join. But calling up people and asking for some company? Not something I’m great at. But when it does happen– when I have friends stop by or when I meet up with friends in the world, I ALWAYS feel better afterward!
  5. Minimalism (getting rid of the clutter). Maybe that sounds like a weird one, especially because we don’t practice minimalism to the extreme. But gosh, minimizing over the years has truly brought me so much joy. It’s been so nice being in our apartment with so much less. Like, if Alex hadn’t brought his records, it’d feel really empty in here. We have a good balance. And I truly believe the fewer things you own and feel like you *need* the freer and happier you feel. It gives you space to appreciate the other things in life without the noise. It feels good.
  6. 6. Creating (make art). I really enjoy making things with my hands. Even if it doesn’t come out as planned (so many mistakes in my last knitting project), it feels really accomplishing to take on a project, use my hands, and create something. I personally love textile arts, but there is an endless world of creativity out there. Make a sweater, draw a picture, write a letter, make dinner, build furniture, bake someone some cookies…. just use your hands and make something!
  7. Practicing gratitude in the little things. I know this can be really hard when you’re down and everything around you feels wrong. But sometimes if you just take a minute to look around– you realize HOW MUCH you really have. Food (even if you think you need to go to the store– there’s probably A LOT to eat in your home),  running water, electricity with heating and /or cooling, a mattress to lay on (chances are you have pillows too!), and so much more. Look around and take it in… because there are people who would be filled with gratitude if they had those things at this very moment. Even if we’re down, sad, lonely, whatever…. chances are there’s still a lot to be really grateful about.
  8. Taking care of yourself. (Do something good for your mind and body). I think this is one of the things people are really lacking when they get in a funk. It’s easy to give up and not do the things we should do for ourselves. Whether it’s eating junk. sleeping less, not breathing well, negative thoughts, or just not doing the little things like getting up and getting dressed. While challenging at times, doing things to take care of myself makes me happy. Whether it’s stretching, shaving, or making myself a delicious salad, doing little things for the improvement of my mind and body makes me feel better!
    • Little examples of easy ways to take care of yourself:
    • Exercise / stretching
    • Healthy food prep
    • Relaxing with a book
    • Meditation
    • Getting a massage
    • Skin brushing
    • Herbal Tea
    • Making (and drinking) a fresh vegetable juice
    • Taking a nap / going to bed early

I know this list/post might seem a bit silly. Like, you guys should know that something like exercising is a simple way to take care of yourself that day— but sometimes I think its good to create a list. This is my list. Maybe you could create a list (physical or mental) of things that make you happy. Then try to do each thing on that list every day. I don’t know, maybe silly, but simple pleasures are life’s gift. That sounds like a fortune cookie, but it’s totally true! Find simple pleasures, do them often, feel good. Simple 🙂 It feels good to feel good 😉

See more simple living and life how-to tips here.

Simple pleasures: life’s gift. (That sounds like a fortune cookies) but its totally true. find simple pleasures, do them often, feel good. Simple 🙂


  1. This was a great post I read tonight I really was down and you helped now I know someone else who needs this so I will pass it on thank you

  2. This is a great post! It’s so good to be able to look at ideas like this…especially when you’re in a funk. I especially appreciate your point about practicing gratitude, which has been a huge game changer for me. I read somewhere about how thinking of three specific things you are grateful for from your day before bed actually changes the chemistry in your brain so that you sleep better and impacts your brain chemistry the next morning so that you start off the next day on the right foot! Even on the worst days there is something to be grateful for and I am grateful for your blog. 🙂

  3. Calie Rodriguez

    This wasn’t silly at all. Thank you for sharing the little things you do to feel better. When you’re in a funk, every little bit counts….btw I almost had a very bad typo when I typed “funk”