Marlowe and I really enjoyed our time in San Pancho, but you guys know this. This trip was different than a lot of the trips Marlowe and I take together– for a lot of reasons.  Unlike our previous trip to Mexico this year or our time in London last year, or any of the other one on one trips Marlowe and I have gone on, Marlowe and I had our own this trip– separate plans. Typically we head off to a place and day in and day out, we’re spending our time together. While I could easily spend every day with Marlowe (such a great kid), this trip to San Pancho was so nice because she had the amazing experience of being in a Spanish emersion camp all day — and I had the amazing luxury of downtime to do whatever I wanted (omg so rare). And to top it all off, I had Brian with me– andddd my darling wonderful friend, Raha (I really love that girl) came to join us just a few days after we arrived.

So after spending the weekend being toured around by Brian and enjoying the beach about 4 times a day (sometimes straight up fully clothed, haha), Monday came.

And with Monday came spanish camp. It’s called Vamos Vamos Amigos (if you’re wondering). I’m not sure I know a lot of people that would head off to Mexico and drop their kids off at a Spanish camp all day. Hell, people seem surprised by the fact that Marlowe and I even travel to Mexico or Guatemala alone sometimes. And while it sure can be nerve-wracking to drop your kid off with strangers– especially in a foreign country, I’m happy we did it. Marlowe had such an amazing time. And so did I 🙂

The town of San Pancho is incredibly small. We rented an apartment on one side of town and each morning we’d wake up, she’d get dress, have a banana or two and we’d walk over to the camp center. While she can be shy at first, Marlowe makes friends incredibly easily. She was nervous about the different languages, but she was very excited to be meeting new people.

Each morning after I dropped her off I’d stop at the little fruit market to buy… you guessed it… fruit. Haha. And head back to our apartment. This image above isn’t the fruit market– but even better a fruit truck that drives around with fruit for you to buy– stopped right outside my window. MAGIC.

If you look closely in the center of the left photo, you’ll see my dear Raha. Like us, she worships the sun. If there is a shady day with one little patch of sun…. we’ll find it. I’d come into the apartment with papayas in hand and we’d climb to the rooftop listening to tunes and eating papayas with passionfruit. Yes, it was as perfect as it seems, haha.

Look at this matching! Me and the wall did not plan this.

Raha and I would then spend our days exploring. Some days we’d bus into Sayulita to explore there. Some days we’d just wander down the side streets of San Pancho looking for cute shops. Raha may actually be the perfect person for me to travel with– as she’s exactly like me… in need of sun, fruit, and a complete minimalist when it comes to shopping. We’d walk into a store and both debate together over one little item. It’s so nice to hang with someone who views shopping the way I do. Alex would tell me to just make a decision already. But Raha gets my brain– she’ll debate with me, leave the store, and head back if and only if we have decided if the item was worthy to make it into our lives 🙂

One of the days we decided to peek in on miss Marlowe at the camp center. She was happily eating a veggie burger (Vamos Vamos is exclusively vegetarian — but they made vegan options for those who requested) and as you can tell, she was extremely surprised to see us, haha. The girly to her left, Mika, is now one of her favorite people. I’m not surprised, I knew she would be 🙂 We’re hoping to one day meet up with Mika and fam in San Miguel one day.

Marlowe still brings up the delicious food she had from camp. Or the dance lessons she took. Or the trip to the market they had. She had such a great time and it wasn’t as overwhelmingly difficult to have Spanish teachers like she had imagined it could be. I only wish the camp could have been longer for her.

And what’s the best thing to do when you get picked up from camp? Visit the chocolate shop of course. Raha and I got ice cream while Marlowe opted for hot chocolate. That little thermos/bottle has been one of the best things we’ve done. We have different sizes for different types of travel, but this is my fav one for when it’s just me and M cause it fits things like smoothies or tea (packets) inside for hot and cold 🙂 Great for when we need things on the go and don’t want plastic (I mean, we never want plastic haha). And we always carry a separate, larger one for water too 🙂

Must stop for acai. And pretty vignettes.

And photos…

And me “teaching” Raha how to pose, baha.

The cutest little friends 🙂 This was the last day of camp event. The parents were invited to watch the kids do a capoeira dance they learned 🙂

The colors are perfect. For real. And the right photo is not an advertisement for tic-tacs 😉

Part of the crew. Please note that Marlowe is the only one in long sleeves. She probably has a sweatshirt in her backpack too. A lot of the families were from Seattle or San Miguel— so they’re used to “cooler” temps 😉

1. Can we just appreciate how amazing fruit is? It truly is. Comes in its own packaging. It comes with the glucose we need to feed our brains. And it’s damn delicious AND beautiful.
2. Sunsets are also magic. But the best part about this sunset might have been the fact that the whole beach clapped for the sun as it set. Now if that’s not nature appreciation, I don’t know what is. See, I obviously should live in this town.

More new friends. Marlowe and Sky ran up and down this beach until it was time for bed.

Marlowe was so sad to leave this trip. In general, she LOVES traveling. She’s legit unhappy with the fact that I decided to do a travel break after this trip. And with this trip especially, you could feel how bummed she was to leave. She’s still asking if we can make it back one day. I said of course. Other than the restaurants lacking in good vegan food, the town, the people, the camp and just about everything was perfect.

We truly had the best week.


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  3. Man, it is so clear through this post how great a time BOTH of you had! It’s kinda rare, I think, since most trips people take revolve around what the parents want to do and try to plan some kids things as an afterthought. I think language learning vacations are really the best – last summer I went to the courses while my husband stayed at the rented flat and wrote some of his novel (in a romantic Hemingway sort of way). Both parties are happy 🙂