Hi friends! How are you?! It’s currently Tuesday evening and I’m sitting down on my couch– half debating if I should try to nap or maybe meditate (knowing that the meditation will likely turn into a nap) or what. Things are good lately. If you had asked me yesterday, I don’t think I would have had a complaint. Today, maybe a few. But that’s life, up and down… good and bad. If you’re wondering what today’s complaint might be– there’s an air quality warning– it’s hazy as hell outside and it’s affecting my overall health. This makes me concerned not only about my health– but the future health of the planet and our children— so you know.. thatssss a giant bummer. But outside of that, things are good in my personal world— but I know things need drastic work in the big picture of the world.

I have so many posts started lately. Everything from health to cooking, to beauty, and more. My ideas are overflowing lately. I think it’s the diet, to be honest– I read so many stories of fruitarians feeling freer and more creative than ever. And I’m always like, “yeah yeah, that’s a cool hippie BS story” but man I feel it. With the exception of yesterday, I’ve been about 98 -99% raw for the last two weeks. And oh boy have I felt the difference. It’s been AMAZING. Difficult at times, but amazing.

Health + detox lately.

If you’re wondering how my detox plans went… well, I had to scale it back a lot more than I planned. One coffee enema and I was awake for three days. I am SO sensitive. So I’ve been keeping with the diet part– the herbs. And slowly creeping forward each day. This time I’m not only eating fruit– I’m incorporating juices and vegetables, and that has immensely helped my detox symptoms. I definitely still feel a bit detox-y but nothing like last time. I feel good. I’m sure it helps that I’ve been using the sauna + working out to help flush out detox toxins too. And I’m sure the extra endorphins from that also helps my mood. And overall overhaul, if you will.


I’m still comfortable with my plane sabbatical/travel break. We leave for Guatemala in less than one month. Alex had time off and really wanted to head off somewhere. I told him I would go somewhere that only required ONE short plane ride. And so we landed on Guatemala. We all are, but Marlowe is especially looking forward to this.

Part of me thinks it’d be awesome if we were still doing this Indonesia trip. but most of me is highly relieved to not be flying all the way out there. I feel really good about taking this time to work on my health and I know something like that could set it back a bit. Guatemala should be pretty easy on me– I’ll eat mostly fruit and maybe a bit of steamed veg to break up the detox symptoms. And I can continue with the detox plan for this year. I think the only thing that might change is I might focus on gut then blood instead of blood then gut. But we’ll see. Again, nice easy and gentle is the plan.

That being said, we’re thinking about MAYBE stopping in Costa Rica on the way home from Guatemala. We have to take the time to price it out. But right now there is hardly a price difference whether we fly directly home or stop in Costa Rica. So that’s awesome. But extra lodging + more expensive fruit would set us back some. And a possible car rental. Not to mention it means me going on an extra flight. We’ll see. For no,w we have flights to Guatemala + lodging there booked.

But speaking of the retreat— I *MIGHT* have another one in the works. Something closer to home and unlike the other planned ones. Something still fun, colorful, delicious– but something with a bit more soul 🙂 Curious? Well, I’ll share more if it happens. This is super SUPER new talk, so we’ll see if it happens– but so far its seeming like this will be the new future plan 😉

Detox (health again).

I guess the thing is— that it’s a lot easier to eat how I want to eat and feel amazing because of it when I put myself in a bubble. Like, it’ll be harder when I travel, I know this. Even this week, I have friends coming into town and I know I’ll eat a lot more cooked food because of this. (edit to add: said cooked food pictured above! We hosted an Indian dosa dinner night!). On the one hand, I’m very excited to spend time with my friends. On the other hand, I wish I had more discipline eating what I should eat vs what I want to eat in social situations. The reality is that I could maybe be better, but I guess I know I use it as an excuse to fall back a bit before I step forward again. Either way, I just want to do my best to eat the foods that will be able to detox my body as much as I can and then still be understanding with myself in the times I don’t eat that way. Because that’s what I’m comfortable doing right now.


Marriage is still really good. Alex is typically more available in the summer, but this summer still feels a bit busy. Between the house and Alex going to be in charge of a new restaurant next year, there’s just been more to do. But things are good. I think we’re both very happy to be settled into this new apartment space. While we still have a house to manage, there still just something so nice and easy about being in a smaller space with less to worry about on the day to day. Grateful for him.  Ps. He said he would attempt to go raw with me outside of work— but I’m not holding my breath.

The house

Speaking of our house. We keep going back and forth on continuing to short term rent it, long term rent it, or now, we’re even talking about possibly selling it!  While the plan was always to keep and rent it out to be able to keep it as an extra income– now that we’re settled in our more minimalistic, smaller space apartment set up, part of me just wants to let it go. The minimalist side of me wants to say goodbye, the business side of me wants to hold on to it. I have no idea what we’ll do. But right now I’m looking to letting go of more and possibly saying goodbye. I would be most sad about losing the garden though— I told my dad to get ready for my rows of papaya trees I plan to plant in his backyard. Speaking of the garden, that’s one thing Alex and I discussed in selling– we’d want someone to buy our house that also wants to also keep our garden space. We feel like we came into the house and it was one thing and now we’ve left it a much more sustainable based property– it’s awesome really. Thats the truest act of kindness and sustainability right? Planting more trees for someone else?!  But again, everything is in the air!


Marlowe is great. She’s such a good kid. We haven’t really been homeschooling since we figured out next years school plan. Part of me feels bad, but the other part doesn’t at all. She’s so far ahead in so many areas of her life, I’m not worried about her being behind in class. I think she’ll do great. She’s still reading all the time, playing with legos, lots of art, and as much friend time as she can get. She impresses me all the time with her brain power and creativity and I could not be more proud. The only real new thing with her is that she’s mad at me for not traveling and she’s been enjoying the sauna with me 🙂

Now it’s Monday.
Haha– where did the week go without me posting this?! So this last week flew by me. We’ve had friends in town– Analu and Quinn who I both met via my retreat to India (how many ever years ago) + their significant others + the cutest baby now too! But things are still really good. We’ve had some good beach days, nature park days, dinner days, market days and more. It’s been good to see them. I’m really happy the internet continues to bring me awesome-people. Like, had I not put together that retreat, I probably never would have met them and the other friends I made through it. Grateful for it. Today we’re hoping for a big beach day and maybe having them for dinner tonight? We’ll see!
We’ll see!

You guys would be rich if you got a dollar every time I used the phrase “We’ll see!” Haha. But everything is just always in such a transitory phase. Or it seems that way anyway. Maybe it’s just me. But I dont mind it. Life is good– I just want to continue on the path I’m on and see where everything leads.

I mentioned this on Instagram last week– but I’m looking at it differently. I get so frustrated with a controlling system (any controlling system) I don’t like when things aren’t fair. I’ve decided I just want to let it go and do what I want to do. And while I still definitely want to continue to share the inner parts of my personal life, I always want to try to use this space to share more about the meaningful things I’m passionate about. More of a tool, you know? Like, I want to speak more about sustainability, veganism, pollution, migrant rights, health + diet, and so much more.

I’m always hesitant to touch on real topics because I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or have people feel less than when I state things (though I know that’s often not my fault, it’s all perspective and personal feelings, but still!). And I still don’t ever want to be a pushy a-hole and definitely don’t plan to be. But I do want to speak up. And hopefully, people will be okay with it… and even better.. hopefully, they learn from it a bit oo or become aware of things they wouldn’t have otherwise known– I don’t know!

Just me.

I’ve learned a lot about myself (always, but especially in the last few years). I couldn’t even post a full picture of my face when I started this blog! I already touched on this, but I just want to be me to the fullest– accept who I am and show it. You know, let that personal self shine through!  I sit in a world of constant research and learning.

And I know I live my life tremendously differently than most. But at some point, I stopped sharing the simple things I do daily that make me so different. At some point, those things just became so second nature to me that I never realized that not everyone else lives this way– (even though they could benefit from so much of it?!?!). Making friends with more people who live so very differently and seeing the constant flow of questions that come in about things I hardly think twice about… well, it made me think twice! Maybe it’s time to share more about those things 🙂 And so I hope to do that. Maybe things like the products I use in my bathroom or composting arent groundbreaking— but little things all add up to make a big difference. And hopefully, you’re into some of that too 🙂

So yeah, life lately.. well, it’s been a bit of a lot of things! Mostly good– still just doing my best every single day to become a better version of me— for my family, for the planet, and for myself.

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