This part of Mexico has come up a few times in recent conversations here in Guatemala. At this point, even Alex is curious to visit to potentially add these to the list of places we could one day move to. Must have beach and coconuts. Check and check. Perfect weather? Has that too. Bright colors? Not necessary but a huge perk of course. I’m open. We’re open. Where we’ll be in the future… well, no one knows. But I’m sure it’ll be wonderful.

Anyway, here are the last bit of wonderful colors and enjoyed moments in Sayulita Mexico 🙂

Pina. So many pinas. Though I mostly survived off papaya 😉

Brian took this. I think. Or Marlowe.

All the flags. So many flags down so many streets. So many tourists taking photos under them. But I’m cool cause I only took photos of them… right? Sure.

Big fan of this pink + cactus combo.

Dirty streets + pretty details.

Pretty doorways…. are you guys starting to see why I liked this part of Mexico? Haha.

Random horse dancing festival happening in town— yes, you read that right. Cowboys in the middle of the streets making their horses dance. If you ignore the horse poop situation, this was kind of cool to see.

Big fan of these girls. I met both of them online. They’re both very similar. Limited to no social media– but love to solo travel through the world. Pick up and go kind of gals. And both amazing women. Each of them separately (they didn’t know each other before this trip) emailed me to connect at one point or another. I ended up meeting up with Lindsey in Playa Del Carmen Mexico and then on the complete opposite coast in Sayulita. Raha I met in India (I think you guys know that now?). Then she came to visit in Florida. Then she joined me in Mexico on this trip. At some point or another, I had told these women about each other— then we all randomly came together in Sayulita. Small, small world.



Big BIG fan of fruit trucks.

The prettiest church. You guys know I’m not religious, but man, oh man, I appreciate old beautiful churches.

Another pink wall, another pretty cactus.

Alright friends! It’s almost 9pm here in Panajachel. Which means I definitely have to get ready for bed. Yes, I’m living the old lady dream… haha. But also, I find that the more I’m able to sleep during these body taxing trips, the better I feel. It only makes sense, right? During this trip to Sayulita / San Pancho, I also mostly clocked out early. And definitely during my time in London too. I try to go to bed about an hour after Marlowe and then I wake up just before her or about at the same time. I’d love to be able to do that at home– but it just doesn’t happen. Maybe I don’t do enough at home— I need to add some extra miles of walking in at home. And boats. And all the things 😉

Hope you guys are having a great week! As soon as I get a moment I’m going to post a meditation post for you guys as well as another Q+A video with all the things (relationships, minimalism, vaccines, and whatever else). You can watch our first video HERE. Cheers friends!

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  1. The pics and post are beautiful. Since you always post about animals and awareness of cruelty towards animal, if you look up dancing horses, it’s a pretty heinous practice. I know it looks pretty cool, but it’s not something a horse would naturally do. It always makes me sad,…