Yep, you read that right! It’s been a pretty quick decision that we recently made– but it’s happening!  I mean, I’m known for quick decisions — I love jumping into things head first and see what happens. Alex, on the other hand, is painfully hesitant on all decisions in life. But this week, a discussion came up and something just clicked for the both of us– we agreed it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to sell our home… and just like that, we went from *maybe* into *YES*.

We were open about the future of our home when we bought our apartment. We always knew that selling our home would be a possibility. But we also knew that renting it out could be a great investment/business idea for our long term goals. Well, I don’t know, we’ve just been so comfortable and happy minimizing and living simpler in this smaller and easier to care for apartment space that the idea of selling our home feels SO freeing. Maybe minimalism truly is taking us over 😉

I mean, there are both serious perks and downsides to selling and keeping our home. Keeping means that we have potential profit opportunities now and definite potential opportunities in the future. But if we sell it? Well, we truly get to minimize our life, our current bills, our responsibilities and more. There really isn’t a win or a loss in this situation– both options have winning and losing sides. It really all depends on what we want out of our situation.

While I’m the one who usually jumps right into life, this decision might actually be a harder one for me than Alex(!?) I’m more of the business type than he is. So letting go for me almost seems like a business loss, but if I weigh it out, well, it does appeal to my minimalistic mind.

With Marlowe starting school this year, Alex starting a new, more demanding job in the next few months, and me with my own goals and plans to start next year (more on that later), well, it would just be another thing to have to worry about keeping the house tip top for guests/renters. We love our home. And as much as we enjoy renting our home, We have definitely had problems renting in the past with it (you guys know this). Even when we don’t have problems, well, it’s just a lot of work. It’s really another job…. that we could do… and originally planned to do… but letting go just seems so nice too.

Again, we love our home– we’ve put A LOT of love into it. Marlowe and I had to share the master bedroom when we moved in. The house was without AC and many of the rooms without windows. The yard was overgrown and inaccessible, and so much more. But over time? Well, it’s become a really beautiful and loved place. And we’re grateful for it.

And now it’s in great shape (better shape than ever before) since we remodeled so much of it and set it up for rent. And while we’ve had people rent our house in the last two months or so… it’s still looking top notch. (Thank goodness we’ve only had tidy renters this time around!) So if we were going to sell it at all, maybe we should do it now? You know, before potential damages possibly happen?

We’re hoping that if we sell it then we’re able to pay off more of our apartment. This also helps us long term, since interest fees are a pain sometimes. Then we’ll be able to save more money in the future. But more than anything have a nice peace of mind not having to worry about a second home.

Our problem with selling? Well, Alex and I both agree that losing our garden space tugs at our hearts the most. With at least 50 different varieties of edible plants in our space, well, that’s something to miss. We both like the simplicity of living in our apartment and the ease of a smaller space, but the fruit giving trees will definitely be something we all miss. I’m trying to remind myself that tree planting the most selfless acts you can do. Plant a tree that will one-day bare fruit for someone else… even if it won’t provide for you. A true gift. I’m hoping this means I’ll be more proactive in planting trees elsewhere… my dad’s yard is looking pretty inviting these days. Or maybe a community garden. Ideally, a magic wand would be in my hand that would have planted these trees years ago… but luckily papaya trees are quick to fruit.

The good news is that we don’t have to be in a rush to sell it. We just know that it’s something we’d like to do. This means we can be a bit more choosey in who buys our home…. because it’s really important to find someone or a family that loves our home and our mini orchard the way we do. We’ve made a lot of changes to our home over the years to make it more sustainable (eco option roof, more efficient windows, trees trees trees!) and we hope that someone else will continue on with this love… and not just come in and rip up all the labor of love that’s been put into our outdoor space. (Though we obviously have to be okay if that one day happens too).

I know our home is funky. And it’s totally not for everyone. I know some people would cringe at the funky floors or stained glass windows, etc, but I know that someone will step into it the way I did five years ago and be like “YES! THIS IS IT!”.

So yeah, it’s happening. We haven’t officially listed it yet, but if by some chance you happen to be on the hunt for a new home, well you can definitely reach out to me 🙂

Also, if you’re wondering, yes this means (almost) all the items inside our home will be for sale too. We plan to have a large estate sale once the house is sold. This part of selling the house overwhelms me. Because I’m sure there are items from our home we’ll want to save– items that don’t fit into this minimalistic dream we’re currently in. It’ll be hard to part with some of our sentimental and valuable pieces– so many beautiful things we love. But I’m ready to set them free to new homes too. If there is an item in our home that you’ve been eyeing and maybe you’d like to invest in, well, you can feel free to email me and put the item on hold now.

Honestly, writing this post feels surreal to me. It feels like I’m saying goodbye to my home— even before it’s sold. While I knew we might one day sell it, I assumed it would be a few years in. I didn’t think we’d decide to do it so quickly, but this feels so very right. I know I’ve shared this passage so many times through the course of my blog– but it still fits:

“Imagine having to carry everything you own.”

–A quote from an article I read over half a decade ago, describing my personality.

Well, this is another step to lightening that load — to being freer than before.

It’s time to let more go.

PS. I actually put an offer on my home before it was even listed. So it would seem like fate if it happened again this way for one of you 🙂 Please let me know if you want to be part of this process 😉

PPS. There have been MANY changes over the years, but you can see more of our home tour photos HERE.


  1. “it’s time to let more go” that’s exactly how i’ve been feeling over the past few months. letting go of more and more to make moving simpler and easier (more here:
    seems like such a tough decision – your home is so beautiful and that garden!! it’ll open up room for even more adventures though 🙂

  2. I love your house and to think that someone will have it too is exciting!!! Great job and good luck on your new adventures !


  3. Hi, I love your house and hope you well in your new adventures! Just wondering how we can know more about price and so on… as we are looking for a new adventure as well… my email is if you can send more info it would be great! Thanks!


  4. I love your home Drea. I have seen it changing and growing. I’m happy for your new adventure guys. xxx

  5. I wish I could buy your home, as is, furnished and all, I love everything about it!