Hi friends! How are you?! We’re in Guatemala and about to eat pasta for dinner— yes, you read that correctly! We’ve been eating fruit all day and then different tacos or soups for dinner each night– but tonight we decided to mix it up and eat some tomato-y pasta-y comfort food. I’m sure tomorrow will be tacos again. Oh and we had delicious Korean food here too! But that’s another story for another day!

Anyway, I haven’t taken many food photos here… but I do have all these photos that I’ve been hoarding. So here we are… what marlowe eats (not in Guatemala).

The image above is a black bean quesadilla (no cheese, duh) and some sort of salad to go with it. I don’t remember what it was… but it sort of loos like a mustardy avocado dressing 🙂
Mangoes. So many mangoes. It’s currently mango season and this girl eats pounds of them daily. Fun fact you may not realize– mangoes are actually a pretty fatty fruit!
Hodgepodge meals. Turmeric cabbage, Colombian beans, + cauliflower mash.
Marlowe’s fav. radish salad. (this filter makes the salad look blue– sorry weird).
Springrolls to go. Stuffed with carrot, cabbage, romaine, and avocado. A creamy ginger garlic avocado sauce on the side.
A three-cheese vegan pizza (blegh, haha). She said it was the best pizza she ever had- then had two slices and said she was done forever. Haha.
Purple tofu scramble (weird looking I know– it was from the purple cabbage), oil-free sweet potato fries, avocado.
Blueberriessss. I wasn’t the biggest fan of blueberries growing up (more of a strawberry girl) but now we hoard them and fight over them.
If you cant tell, Marlowe and I made this veg sushi, heh. Cauliflower “rice” + carrot on the side.
Pasta. Looks like I imagine tonight’s dinner will be. With greens, basil, onions, maybe eggplant.
Leftover veggie fried rice.
Pasta again. Super simple. Tomatoes + spinach on top.
Tacos stuff. Tortillas + cauliflower “rice”, carrots, guacamole, + greens.
And more pasta… damn… no wonder I had pasta on my mind. + a giant side of garlicky kale. Nom.

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  1. Hi. Loved this blog

    I would like to be semi vegan / raw ie when just in my own home
    I don’t want to cause ructions In the family.
    At 56 I’m too old to change for full time change. And I’d miss daughters cakes.
    So how do you make sure Marlow is receiving all her body needs especially for a growing girl. I’ve done my growing I’m trying to shrink 😂🤣