Hi friends! How are you? Sorry about the bit of silence around here. It wasn’t planned. Each day just passed and I felt really good about letting this space take a break while I focused on other things in front of me. There’s been a lot of changes going on over here and I’m trying to take it all in and plan for the now… and the later. I’m not trying to leave this space (not yet anyway)  but I’m not sure how this place will shift as I shift. Only time will tell. Either way, I’m here now.

I realized the other day that I have yet to post anything about our (amazing) time in Guatemala. Gosh, what a great experience it was to be there for three weeks. We would have all happily stayed forever if we could. And we all look forward to being there again one day. But for now, we have memories and photos to look back on.

But before I share more photos of our time in Guatemala, I thought I should share a little post about Marlowe and her friends. This way you guys already have the answer to the question, “who are the little girls?” when all these photos of Marlowe and her friends show up. Smart right? ; )

We knew we wanted to go somewhere over the summer if we could afford it. Our top two locations being Colombia or Guatemala. Both seemed like good options with us able to afford to fly to, lodge at, and eat high amounts of fruit in each place. But Guatemala had a perk…

Angela and Carolina– two little indigenous girls learning Spanish and English in an international school. Our friend Alyssa (and her company) watches them after school one or two days a week. And when Alyssa mentioned Marlowe coming by to spend time with the girls, well, I was sold. We could all spend time in a place we love and enjoy, but we would also be able to give our kid the gift of friendship, playtime, and more.

And right now, if you ask Marlowe, those little girls are Marlowe’s best friends in the world. They are, without a doubt, two of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. And we’re all looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.

Our second day in Guatemala we showed up to Alyssa’s office and a shy Marlowe and a shy Angela (Carolina, the younger one is not so shy) met and became fast friends. We made plans and arrangements throughout our time in Guatemala to meet up with Angela and Carolina. Any day spent with them, was a day we all enjoyed a little more.

It was such a joy to watch Marlowe learn from these little girls and vice versa. The biggest gain we receive from travel is a knowledge and understanding of other peoples lives and cultures. It was such a pleasure to watch Marlowe learn directly from other people her age. Not just to see what others lives are like, but to talk to and be inspired by them firsthand.

I’ve always believed that us humans are more intertwined than we know. But we often grow up in our small bubbles without the needed knowledge of the people and ideas outside our own small space. One of my biggest joys and accomplishments as a parent has been being able to give Marlowe the gift of connections outside her bubble. Social media and the internet has truly made this easier. And I never take for granted the privilege of travel to learn more out in the world.

Marlowe has experienced a lot of Mayan communities and cultures in her short 8 years of life. But this was the first time she could really spend a good amount of one on one time in this space with these people. Carolina and Angela have given them the gift of multiple languages. Both girls come from a Mayan home with parents speaking K’iche’ and Kachikel at home while learning English and Spanish in school. They live in a world that is both traditional and modern.

The photos above are not of their home, but of our friend Alyssa’s space. We were invited to visit the girls home, but due to flash floods, their more remote village was not easily accessible for the time we were visiting. I think our biggest struggles were self-inflicted though. With my own family being Hispanic, I very much understand hospitality and never-ending kindness and selfless gift-giving. But it was so hard for us wanting to give, but not necessarily wanting to receive. We never expected to be given the kindness we received. And gifts, like the traje Marlowe was wearing were given in such love. Gosh, I don’t know how to describe or explain any of this. But we felt unworthy of them giving us more than they could and struggled with any gifts when the gift of friendship and kindness was more than enough for us.

We spent both time alone with the girls but also with their mom Linda. They have the sweetest brother too, but he was in a non-international school with a different schedule so we weren’t able to spend more time with him at all, unfortunately. Maybe next time. While I don’t want to travel right now and have zero desire to get on a plane, I am very much planning for *next time* with these girls. And since US laws are strict right now with visa’s and other things– well, we’ll have to go there. But if I’m being honest, I’d love a way to *manifest* a way for them to adventure this way, even if it was just for a short amount of time. Maybe one day.

I can’t wait to share more photos of our time in Guatemala and our time spent with these girls. I’m so in love with this friendship between the three sweetest girls in the world. I’m biased I know, but I don’t care 😉


  1. Dear Drea,

    I have a question for you please tell me what you think of charters schools. I was just called to enroll my child. My deadline is sept. 16 Monday. I know this is short notice but I am desperate. Please help me I know that you know a lot about everything I just want your opinion.
    Pinecrest cove prep academy in Miami-dade.

    • I don’t think whether a school is a public, charter, religious, or whatever other types of schools matter that much. I think the biggest factor in choosing a school is whether you and your child love it and feel like it’s a good fit. If you guys are happy there, then its a good school 🙂

  2. What a fantastic opportunity!! I hope that they can be little pen pals and stay connected!