London officially feels like a lifetime ago. I can look at Marlowe and she still appears to be the same kid who traveled to Europe with me on her 8th year birthday. She still fits in a fair amount of the clothes she wore on that trip. Granted, her legs are definitely longer now.

Mentally, she has grown. She throws out bigger words, bigger ideas, and sometimes has a bigger sass too. But she’s still the best kid I could ask for.

We’ve had some of the best of times in our travels over the years together. But this trip stays embedded in her. London is her favorite. I mean, she says she would love to move to Mexico right NOW. But in the future? She hopes to move to London… for the dogs, the restaurants, for the city. A year later and I’m grateful our trip had that impact on her.

The weather was great for us. Some moments were colder than we would have hoped. And our London friends laughed at the layers we’d show up in. But each day, a few hours into our morning we could pull off a few layers. We’d still have warm drinks in hand, but at least our skin could touch the sun-warmed air. We need that each day. We struggled without it.

I mentioned this, but about half the mornings we had in London were spent at the cutest little plastic-free vegan “love shack” a few blocks away. I’d love to be sitting there in the sunshine with her right now.

If you ask Marlowe what her favorite thing about London is… it’s the dogs.

(Nevermind. I asked, “the harry potter place” was her response. Maybe she’s confused. It’s the dogs.)

You guys know this, but we rarely have an itinerary when we travel.  We loved roaming the little neighborhoods of London to see what we could find. And if I’m being honest, we didn’t even hit a small percentage of what is London. We saw sneak peeks of a few neighborhoods and not much more. But we enjoyed what we discovered.

If you’re ever there, Hackney City Farm was the cutest farm tucked right into the city. We made friends with the animals, explored the garden, and enjoyed flowers from across the world. It’s such a silly thing, but our flowers are so different in the tropics. The northern flowers get me every time.

Every time. I can’t get enough of flowers. Tropical ones, temperate ones, colder climate ones. All the flowers.

My lady on the train. We have minimal public transport here in South Florida. It’s always an adventure (for the both of us) when we use city transit.

Really cool and weird art exhibits. If you look at the body image on the right (in the left photo)– that’s actually a real human body that was thinly sliced through so you could see all its organs. SO COOL. The whole exhibit was about weird human body things through history. Creepy and awesome.

Girl loves her dosas. Seriously, she could eat them everyday. Boy was she happy when this dosa came out. I’m sure you guys know this, but indian food in London is a must.

Cute alleys.

Regent park— I maybe remember this name because I put the name of the park in the title. This is a perfect example of why I continue to blog– and why it’s better when I blog as things happen. Then I can document and remember.

If you didn’t know this, “Regent” is actually my dads’ name.

And the word “Regent” means “the kings” in Latin. Hence the word “regal” to describe something royal.

And if you didn’t know this, I’m a word nerd. One of my favorite classes was Latin, haha.

Everything is lost.

It makes me think of Coldplay’s everything’s not lost. Heard this song right after my miscarriage. Cried a lot. Felt better.

Sunshine and sunset. Grateful for these moments. The big and the small ones. All of lifes adventures. A year later. Everything’s not lost. <3

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  1. These photos are so dreamy! They make me want to go back to London asap:)