Hi friends! How are you?! I had a few other posts lined up, but when I checked my drafts I saw this last Mexico post sitting there all alone and I thought it should join my other Mexico posts in the online world. There aren’t a lot of photos. And the photos that are here certainly aren’t fancy. A lot of them are really candid, but for me, they’re memories of a really good time that I’d happily live through again.

Marlowe and I are both looking forward to wandering through Mexico City again. And I’m sure Alex would like to join us next time. It’s such a beautiful city– much easier than I imagined it to be. And it was so slow-paced and enjoyable for us. Marlowe and I certainly could have enjoyed the city on our own, but it was so nice having Raha with us too. Raha may actually be one of Marlowe’s favorite people to travel with now. I think it might be because of the water-color sessions they both had together.

The hotel/apartment space we stayed in was super close to the super huge central park area in the city– the one filled with all the museums. It’s really ginormous. Like, you could spend three days INSIDE the park and not see it all. We decided it would be a really great idea to visit a market, pick up some goodies, and have ourselves a little picnic in the park. It was a pretty good idea, maybe not THE BEST idea, but a good idea. Turns out that the park is crazily intensely busy on the weekends. (No pictures to prove this statement). But we made it work. We found and visited the best vegetarian organic market and then found a little spot to enjoy our park meal.

So much sunshine. Perfect because the three of us roll up into a little useless ball when it’s cold and the sun doesn’t shine.

We found vegan tamales, vegan gluten-free conchas, mamey sapote, sapodillas, avocado, saurkraut, gf bread. And I think we bought a little jar of hummus too. It was the tiniest, but sweetest little market. It was called Foro Tiangius Alternativo if you’re ever there and hoping to find a really great artisan market. Open on Sundays 🙂 you can see more in my “Mexico City” story on instagram 🙂

We don’t buy a lot of baked goods these days, but how could I deny the opportunity to eat conchas in the park in Mexico City?  I’d like to add this to the list of things we must do if we ever return.

Diving into some fresh (gf) bread topped with avocado and kraut. Nom. 
And then we found a bunny. Turns out it was somebodies (somebunnies) pet and not a wild one though 🙂 I’d love a pet bunny to take to the park. Too bad those little furry things shed like a beast.
I found the little basket to my right on this trip too. I never thought I could love a little basket so much. I hope to never, ever part with it 🙂 
You know, I didn’t take that many photos in Mexico City. (I noticed I rarely take city photos) and part of me is sad. The other part of me is okay living in the feelings of the memories. Maybe I can’t picture the exact detail of every event. But I can certainly feel the moments of this trip. And that’s often far more important to me.

Is that normal? I don’t know. If it seems strange to you, then maybe you could make an effort this weekend to see if you can restore memories through feeling rather than detail. An emotional and mental practice, ya? Just an idea.

I hope to feel the peace from this trip for a long time.

Ps. This is the day where the stranger in the park told me a portal was opening. Do you remember that story? Portal openings and new beginnings forever.

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