I feel like you guys have to know this about me, but one of my all-time favorite things is making connections. It’s why I spend a good chunk of my time researching and learning. I’m constantly trying to fill in dots and make ideas whole. Even months after the fact— whether by accident or intentionally— I love it when I can accomplish this. On the health and wellness front, I’ve read books or research articles months ago that connect with the things I’m learning today. And every time there is this giant “YES” or “AHA!” moment that follows.

For instance, I spent two years and thousands of dollars trying to get answers from doctors about what was wrong with me and what I could do to truly heal. Not one doctor helped. I was feeling lost and frustrated but still determined. Another two years went by of deep research and learning, without a single doctor’s visit and you know what happened? I figured out all the connections for myself, by myself. I healed myself and solved all my own questions and mysteries on what the hell went wrong in the first place. Not one doctor could help, but I healed through my own research and connections in reading. (And hard work too of course). And it feels good.

As you might imagine, this feels rather empowering. This type of work feels good. And while that’s one amazing feeling that happened when connections are made, my absolute favorite connections are the ones that feel more like magic, fate-like, divine energy moments. Like, when you think of a person you haven’t talked to in months and that person texts you later that day. It’s something simple and not often life-changing (though it very well can be), but it feels divine. I like those moments of synchronicity too– just as much as the research and self-empowering kid, if not much more. Because while I do believe we humans are powerful and capable of all the things, I really enjoy those *aha moments* that universe just hands you.

Even the small ones. Because when you’re paying attention, those moments (and life in general) feel magical.


For instance, I picked up this book, Return To The Brain Of Eden, that I’ve been wanting to read for a few months now. It’s completely amazing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The book is about how, due to diet changes (leaving the rainforest and heading to the savannahs), we’re devolving as a species. We used to be a primate species with one evolving brain. And now we’ve been left with a left-hemisphere dominant, less conscious, half-functioning brain. And it shows. It’s easy to see how disconnected so many of us our from the nature around us, the energy forces around us, and the nonverbal connections we otherwise could have– if we focused.

Anyway, I’m rambling. It’s the most thought intriguing book I’ve read in a while and I highly recommend it.

Well, Marlowe? You know she’s a reader too. She’s been diving into all the novels lately (and always). And has really jumped into all things theological and mythological. About two days into me finally picking up and reading my book she comes home from school and says, “I’d love to watch something on ancient Eypgt today” I told her that sounds like a great idea. I took a course or two on ancient theology and college, and can certainly dive right into those topics. We’re an interesting species, arent we?

I opened the computer and pick a random docuseries, The Pyramid Code. And if I’m being honest, we’ve only watched two or three over the last two weeks– we don’t spend a lot of time on the computer with our limited time after school. But I had so many of those AHA moments in those minutes while we watched. Theories of energies that we could once feel as a species that we no longer understand or connect with now. We must be lacking in those abilities we once held. So many feelings of “this make sense.” And for the two weeks to follow, I’ve sat back and just taken notes of the people and actions around me. So many otherwise everyday things feel different now.

But that’s how our brains work. You know? Neurons. Connections– most importantly new connections making new pathways. New habits. New ideas. New growth. It’s always been there for me. My whole life I’ve been the person seeking answers. But now, more than seeking answers, I feel like their making themselves known in front of me. Synchronicity through positive magnetism.

Or maybe I’m just tuned in and paying more attention.

I don’t know, maybe this post feels confusing or silly for some of you guys– the thoughts in my brain spilling out into words and writing, but this just felt like something I wanted to document this week– today.

Synchronicity is awesome. Pay attention, it’s everywhere.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts and Instagram stories and posts, especially of you and your family enjoying our beautiful city. All of your dietary posts have recently hit home for me. My husband has been complaining and suffering from digestive issues for months now. Just this week he was finally diagnosed with a rare digestive problem where the stomach doesn’t empty correctly. We were sent to al specialist who indicated the only relief will be surgery. There is no cure. But while we ponder all this news, and deal with another medical problem he has, I am going to take inspiration from you. I am going to help him as much as possible through diet and see if we can avoid surgery, st least for awhile.
    Thanks for all the sharing you have done.


  2. i love this/get it – i feel the same way but in my mind it feels more like a full circle (i love geometry and numbers). things are finally coming full circle in my brain, life, relationships. i am more in tune with what i am capable of when i get over the fear. i am finally making my lists and dreams real and finding systems and solutions that work for me. i think it’s due to lots of things: growing, changing, healing and evolving but if i broke it down simply it comes down to finally fully adopting this mindset: https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2019/10/0047-just-do-it.html