Eeeep. How are you, friends? How are you in the world? Are you stopping to be mindful, grateful, and good in the world? I hope so. It feels good to stop and take a second to take in all the good (and sometimes bad) that is all around us. It makes us human. Feel it, analyze it (or don’t), and take your next step.

Anyway, apparently, it’s a very common thing for me to post photos months to years after the event happens…. because I found these photos from our trip to Chia at the beginning of the year. You know– the trip where I unexpectedly showed up at my aunt + grandma’s door with Marlowe. It’s still awesome to think about. And feels great looking back.

I’ve really enjoyed visiting my family in Colombia in my adult years. My biggest setback and reason for not doing it more is primarily the weather. Oh and the elevation. I become an insomniac in Chia + Bogota. Oh and the fact that I can’t drive there. But it’s oh so very nice spending time with my family and enjoying the rich fruit (and other foods too) in Colombia. Hopefully, we’ll back in back sometime in the near future.

Until then, I’ll post these photos I found and reminisce 🙂

Oh, by the way, isn’t Chia the cutest name for the town? The town is named after the pre-Colombian moon goddess, Chia. Did I mention this before? I love this little bit of info.

My two aunts. Sitting under an umbrella to shade them from the sun. I know what you’re thinking– how am I related to people who are choosing to actively avoid the sun? The answer is: I have no idea. It doesn’t make sense at all.

And my grandma. I’m very much related to her. We can both eat for days and could survive primarily on fruit, cooked plantains, and potatoes. Though she does eat her weight in eggs too… this I do not and cannot do.

Gosh, mouth-watering. I want this now. Looking forward to all the mangosteens in Costa Rica.

The town/city (?) of Chia is pretty small. Like, honestly, if you didn’t have family there, there isn’t much reason to visit. There is the main square, shopping plazas, a lot of residential neighborhoods, schools… you know… a regular town.

But there are a ton of amazing avocados. Though, you can find them in most parts of Colombia, haha.

Things I love: locally grown avocados + fluffy pregnant dogs. One of the things that are really great is that kids and dogs run freely through the neighborhoods. They’re all gated, so that might be why. But it’s not a rare occurrence for you to have a kid or dog visit you… or visit Marlowe if we’re being honest– they rarely visited me. Cause she’s more fun.

This feast! If you saw the size of my grandma’s kitchen, then you would know this meal is truly an act of love. This might also explain why I like stewed root vegetables so much.

Marlowe, hanging in the neighborhood.

With her friends. One kid in the neighborhood knew a tiny bit of English, but other than that it was allll Spanish.

Palomas in the square.

A weird and random outing to this really weird and random amusement park. You step into the park and it’s like you’ve gone back in time to an 80’s amusement park.

Most Colombian architecture in the Bogota region is pretty brown and beige. But every once in a while you find some fun pops of color.

And this sweater. Definitely a ridiculous purchase, especially given the location of where I live. But I’m hoping to wear this at some point this year. Because I mean, look at it. SO into it 🙂

One last thing before I go! I wanted to let you guys know there are only a couple spots left for our Costa Rica retreat! So if you were considering coming, I’d look into signing up as soon as possible, because the few remaining spots won’t last long! Look at it as a good investment. By coming you can spend the week learning about how to better yourself, live a healthier life, and contribute to a better planet now and for future generations. It’s a win all around 🙂

Cheers friends! I hope you’re well in the world! Happy new week!


  1. Chia is the cutest name ever! You are really turning me on to Guatemala – everything you post from your time there looks dazzling and like you guys had the best time.
    ps, I am absolutely in love with your maritime sweater and might have to go to Guatemala just to get one 😉

  2. Gabriela

    Wow Colombia is a beautiful country. Can you tell me the brand of the sweater?