I gotta say, I really like this collection of photos for today’s post. Maybe it’s because I’m just in an extra good and relaxed mood. Maybe its because it’s been a great month. Maybe it’s just because each photo is just exuding color, creativity, and fun. I don’t know. But these are definitely some pictures of recently enjoyed things around here.

Like these rambutans.
The editing on this photo makes it seem not super real. And my face looks pretty b*tch-face-y, but I really like this photo of myself. And the weather was perfect (and has been pretty great). And since our move, and the cooling weather, we can walk to the beach. I also like how these pants work really well in south Florida, but they were also great in the cold weather of London too. I will forever value all season, multi-functional things. These are all really good things.

The walk to the beach. It was cold, then hot, then cold, then hot. Basically typical temperate weather.
Marlowe and all the boys. Always all the boys. Did you know her class at school is 8 boys and 2 girls? And one of those two girls is Marlowe? Too funny. Some days here have been cooler and some have been warm. Typical Florida winter. This was a great beach day. I love how often I can walk into her room and find her creating something. But I guess it makes sense because we’re often creating things too. Marlowe stayed home from school this week because “she had a lot of snot and didn’t want to get others sick” So we (mostly her) all made a giant board game to play. And we’ve played it a million times since. I’ve also been picking up textiles and needles and all the creative tools again. And there was pineapple. Always pineapple. Oh, and if you peep to the right, Marlowe is drinking a green juice. Glad we’ve been able to make that happen now.
Banana + black sapote icecream. It’s crazy how much this taste like chocolate– but it’s just sapote and banana. There’s a slight cinnamon taste to it too if you ask me. You can see a whole one HERE if you’re curious to see what they look like. They wanted a photo together. Always happy to take a photo of a bunch of smiling nerds. Eeep, her short hair. She’s so cool. I walked into her room and found this stuck to her wall. I enjoy it.
We went to home depot for a project. Found a random coconut cart outside. Bought a coconut. Check out that wedgie. Woot. I don’t care. These pants are too comfortable. Maybe I should see if Wear Franc wants to host another giveaway. Me every day. No pants. In sunshine. Eating frozen blended fruit of the blender. I mean, I usually put it in a bowl, but sometimes it doesn’t make it there. Or sometimes the bowl doesn’t fit it all so I start with the bowl and move to the blender when I’m done with my first bowl. Alex takes about 10 photos a year on his phone. I’m glad this was one of them this year.
He reallllly wanted to hang these cintas on the wall. Any way. He tried a bunch of places one day. But at the end of the day, they went right back in a pile on the bedroom floor. I don’t want too many *things* and these took up more visual space than added. I stumbled on THIS POST the other day and I was like “whoaaaaa, we had so many THINGS!” and it just made me feel really good about the downsizing we’ve done. It feels so freeing. I’m aiming to keep it that way and grow more with less. She’s been writing and composing music to a musical. I love her. If you’re wondering, it’s about a cat ninja. The first photo of us together with her short hair. We both have the absolute sleepiest faces here, haha. We were exhausted. This was actually the day before the day she missed school. I think we overdid it with activities, but it was a really good day <3


  1. A musical about a cat ninja!!!!! That lego masterpiece!!! Marlowe is a genius. xo

  2. Danielle

    I love yours and marlowe’s pants in the last picture….where did you get them!