I was just sharing some random things on instagram and I thought it would be fun to share random thoughts on here too 🙂 So here we are!

  • Firstly… the thing I just shared on insta: I woke up with a small pile of spit on my clavicle this morning. I had a dream that Lisa and I were hosting another retreat. It may have been in India again or maybe Nepal. We were having a group dinner and there were some weird rice option and salad option. Maybe some other things, but those were the only things it seemed I could eat. I opted for both. I put some on a fork and into my mouth and quickly realized I was biting into a crouton… a pumpkin-flavored one (weird right?). I started panicking because I realized it was gluten and ran to the bathroom spitting my food into my hand. I got to the sink and continued trying to spit out every single crumb I could. I instantly woke up… with spit on my chest. Weird right? Gosh, dreams are weird.
  • I cut my hair shorter. I didn’t think I’d keep going with this short hair thing, but here I am. I am not going any shorter than this though. I *might* let it grow again after this last cut… that was my initial plan anyway, but we’ll see. The short hair is just so much easier. Especially now that I go into a sauna or end up at hot yoga often.
  • Never did I ever think I’d go to hot yoga. But I am and I’m hooked. I think the trick is avoiding vinyasa classes. I despise vinyasa. Even Alex has been joining and loving it too. It’s so wonderful to see him enjoy something so good for him. And for us to do it together. Just the fact that we’re both doing yoga at all is wonderful.

  • My niece was in town this weekend. It’s great to see her. I like to boss her around (you know, gotta set her straight in life). I mean, she’s a really great kid, but still, it’s fun. She’s had this nasty cough forever now apparently. And so this morning I started dosing her with all the things– ginger shots, probiotics, and even though she hated it, I made her mullein leaf and licorice root tea. Have you guys tried mullein leaf? It’s amazing for mucus. It loosens up all the junk pretty instantly. I mean, her mucus will come back since she eats dairy, but it’s still rad to get it dislodged from someone haha. Ps. mullein doesn’t actually taste bad at all. I think the licorice root just steeped too long and it became unbearably sweet.
  • Marlowe gets called a boy just about EVERY SINGLE DAY now. I asked her if she wanted a “she/ her” pronoun pin.  She said she really has zero problems with being called a boy. So that’s cool. I wonder how I would have felt about it. Maybe the same? But I don’t know.
  • Not sure if you guys saw, but I listed things in a shop here on the blog. I have a few more items to list. but I’m happy I listed anything at all. Also, the shop looks terrible on mobile. And I have zero knowledge on how to fix it. So if you do plan to browse, consider switching to a desktop. (sorry).
  • I’m looking forward to my Costa Rica retreat! I’m pretty sure we have ONE space left! But I haven’t checked in in a minute. I mean, we could maybe take two more, but we’re really happy with the group we have rounded up! Such a mix of people, ages, personalities. It’s going to be awesome. I’m seriously so grateful for my first retreat and the life long friendships I made, so I cant wait to see what this brings. Especially since this one is so health and earth focused.
  • Speaking of, I found a local farm/market around here and now so much more of our produce is local. It’s awesome. If you’re local, check out Westgate farm. They’re amazing. I met the owner a few months ago. And I KNOW that I know him from somewhere. I’m just not sure where. It’s this really weird feeling. I’m thinking maybe from thing Miami-farm related, but I have no idea.

  • I’ve been feeling really good lately. I always have things I want to improve on, but I can see a huge difference from this year to last year. Avoiding gluten, sweating out all those heavy metals, doing all the things I can. I think I mentioned that I was going to cut out nightshades for a bit and see how I do. Well, 1. I failed pretty hard– Like, I accidentally ate peppers multiple times. But 2. I don’t think I have a problem with nightshades at all. Either that or I need to give it a better go. So, for now, my plan is to lessen them and avoid potatoes.
  • I made zucchini chips this week. I sliced them up super thin on our mandolin, tossed them in nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt, and threw them into the dehydrator. And voila! They came out really good but next time I need to slice them thicker for sure! I think I’m going to retry tomorrow 🙂 It was super easy and yummy too.
  • I can burp on command. I also mentioned this on instagram, but I thought it deserved a mention here.

Alright guys! I hope you’re well in the world! I’m gonna head to yoga before I have to get M from her sleepover 🙂 Second one this weekend! We’ve all been busy 🙂 Cheers!


  1. I have celiac and getting glutened is a recurring dream/nightmare of mine. Also- curious to know why you don’t care for vinyasa, and what type of hot yoga you enjoy? My local studio does vinyasa (which I love), Buti, HIIT, and LIIT yoga.

    • Honestly? I hate down dog, hahaha. Like so much so, that I’d rather not even go to the class. I prefer slower, yin type yogas for sure. Recently started raja and I’m obsessed!