As I finished up the last paragraph on my last post (the one about going debt-free), I started thinking about the great weekend we just had. We had such an amazing weekend with a large variety of events. And as I look back, I’m realizing now that most of these events were low-cost and/or free. So I thought it would be fun (and super smart) to do a whole post dedicated to all the low-cost and free activities we did. I’m hoping that this post can give you ideas of what you too can do without needing to buy anything or spend too much money 🙂

Fun low-cost or free family and couple activities (that we did this weekend):

-A bike ride around town.

Side note: You technically have to pay money to own a bike. Marlowe + Alex own secondhand bikes. I couldn’t find a trike secondhand, so I made the investment in a new one. It’s definitely been worth it for all our local outings.

-A birthday party.

Side note: Marlowe actually asked if we could skip the gift-giving and offer a card. I said that would be fine, but opted for a bookstore gift-card anyway. I’m still on the fence about the no-gift route. I can’t decide how I feel about it. With family it’s fine, we’ve given up gifts for holidays, but I’m unsure with friends.

-Visited a free Indian cultural festival downtown.

Side note: It’s always tempting to buy pretty things. This topic deserves a whole post. But we skipped all the pretty goods. Though if I’m being honest, this is easier at events and local shops…. and much harder when actually traveling and meeting artisans. I’m still a work in progress 😉 We did totally buy a dosa though. Gotta feed the kid her favorite food when we find vegan/gf options!

-Marlowe had a sleepover.

-Alex and I went out dancing at a bar and shared a glass of wine.

Side note: I havent had a drink in about three years. I’m glad we shared a glass of wine, but I won’t be drinking again. Not even half a glass.

-Picnic outside. (Technically two.)

-Borrowed a canoe and spent the afternoon in nature.

Side note: We need to borrow things more. I can’t get behind the idea that we all need one of each own thing. Borrowing is a great way to create less waste and save more money! Need something? Consider borrowing it first 🙂

-Movie night at home.

Side note: 10 Things I Hate About You + Never Been Kissed are the best movies ever. Looking forward to The Wedding Singer next weekend.

-An evening bike ride to get a scoop of icecream. I guess this technically counts as eating out. But not really? Who knows. Ice cream is cheaper than a giant meal.
-A beach morning sunbathing and collecting shells.

-Visited a family member (I’m sure many of you have one nearby that you haven’t seen in a while!)
-An evening walk, people watching.

-Visited a free interactive art exhibit.

Side note: We often visit our local art museum too. They have free days during the week. I wish we lived in a city where ALL our museums were free though!

-A big family feast with a favorite meal that takes a bit more time, planning, and love.

Side note: Indian food if you’re wondering. The festival got us in the mood. I talked about this in my saving money post, but I highly recommend turning cooking at home into an event. Eat on the floor, or outside, light some candles, or have everyone cook one part of a dish. Mix it up a bit to make it special.

-And we didn’t do this, but I’m adding it because we do it EVERY weekend: A walk around the farmers market.

Alright sweet people of the world. I hope you guys had a great weekend and are having an even better week! I’m off to answer some emails and maybe sneak some yoga in 🙂 Have a great day!

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