Hi friends! How are you in the world? Happy, healthy, healing? I hope so. We’re good here. Really good. I’m sorry I’ve been a stranger on here these days. I told myself that when it was just M and I, I would write while she schools. But it’s just her and I now and she’s schooling… and well, I have been far away from the computer. I both, physically and emotionally, feel better without it.

But I undoubtedly have things I want to share too! Some personal thoughts and ideas, but also (mostly) how-to and health type posts. My personal stories are still unfolding and this time has surely been an adventure, but I feel like my wellness posts have the potential to benefit more people at this time! And my life stories can wait for other times 🙂

This post is short. I don’t need to say a lot to tell you that if you want to explore better gut health that you should be reading these books. I own each of these books, and the diets recommended in these books have made life-changing impacts on my healing, gut, mood, and life as a whole. Getting c. diff sucked. And not knowing how to recover from it was awful. But figuring it out changed everything. These books are everything. Seriously, your post c. diff gut will thank me.

Realistically, each book suggests the different versions of the same diet. So any of these books will help, but I encourage you to read each one of these books to a better understanding of overall better health. The lifestyle and diet changes suggested in these books will undoubtedly improve your health, heal your gut, improve your mood, can help you lose weight (if that’s your goal), increase your immune system, and more.

I also want to note that if you eat the standard American diet now or have a load of toxins in your gut then you might encounter detox symptoms before you feel great, but those shouldn’t last long. Don’t let this turn you away. Keep moving forward, but go slowly into the process and change.


Books You Need To Read To Heal Your Gut, Gain Better Digestion, & A Better Mood

Self Healing Crohns + Colitis – Now, I always start with a disclaimer on this book: this book is intense. The diet is intense. Well, it is and it isn’t. The diet makes SO much sense but it’s so far out of most people’s norms that it can be a difficult shift. But I always recommend this book first because it gets into the science of healing your gut through natural, nature-intended food. I actually recommend this book to anyone suffering from any sort of auto-immune disorder or gut problems, not just crohns and colitis. The diet heals. I myself, do not do the diet in its entirety, but even with an 80% shift in my diet, it’s been so healing. I highly recommend you start with this book. Unless you absolutely hate reading and diving into science, in which case skip to the next book.

80/10/10 – This is basically the super light and shorted version of Self Healing Crohns and Colitis. I usually recommend the other book first because it gets more into the science of natural food. 80/10/10 is less science and more of a guide book. If you’re like me, you like to understand more about the science behind why things work. If the science is no concern to you, then please dive into 80/10/10 first. It’ll give you a super easy rundown on the most optimal diet for easier digestion and better health. This diet is also the light version of the previous book mentioned. Similar, but less extensive. You’ll eat more of the food you’re accustomed to in your day to day life. You won’t detoxify as well or as quickly, but you’ll certainly be on a really good path to health!

Mastering Diabetes – I recommend this book to go with the other books– no diabetes required. I recommend this book because so many people have fruit and carb fear these days. The media has brainwashed us into thinking that humans need more and more protein and fewer carbs to thrive. This book will help you understand why fruit and natural carbs will not increase your insulin when you follow a proper diet. Awesome, right? Everyone is always concerned when I tell them I eat a high fruit diet and questioning my blood sugar and some people have even gone as far as telling me that I’m going to give myself diabetes because I eat so much fruit. I’m so grateful this book came out so that it could explain to fruit-naysayers that fruit is healing, perfect for digestion, and will not only not cause diabetes, but can actually REVERSE it. Win win win.

Fiber Fueled – This book is brand-spanking new! It’ll help you understand how fiber is the most important thing you can be consuming. More plants. Better microbiome diversity. Better digestion. Better mood. Boom! Following the guidelines of the other book, you’ll already be increasing your fiber intake, but this will help further your knowledge on the importance of fiber and plants 🙂

The China Study – I debated adding this on here so it’s less of a diet guideline book, but it’s great to show the evidence behind the diets. Changing your diet can change your life and this book helps explain why 🙂

Alright friends! Borrow these books if you can! If not, I recommend giving these books and order so you can learn more about how to change your life 🙂  Every diet change I’ve made in the last ten years towards this current diet has drastically helped me. From mucus to inflammation, digestion, mood, and more. True health and healing are possible. You won’t regret it— and I’m sure some of you will thank me for the changes. Many of you already have 🙂

Stay well in the world! And remember breathing deep and sunshine is just as important, if not more important than the foods you put in your body 🙂 Cheers friends!

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