Hi friends! Not the post you were expecting I’m sure, but definitely an important one! I mentioned wifi on instagram twice, maybe three times this month. And you know what I learned? I sadly realized that there are people out there who have given up critical thinking and totally believe everything the media says or implies to them. It’s sort of shocking. Seriously, it was a huge wake-up call when I mentioned the dangers of wifi and had people tell me I’m a conspiracy theorist because of it. (Whoa). I know I’m not on board with a lot of mainstream ideas, but are we really trying to say that 5g and radiation are totally fine for us? And trying to shush the people who state otherwise?

I mean, it was only maybe two or three people who called me a conspiracy theorist, but still! The fact that anyone would say I’m a conspiracy theorist because I mentioned wifi or mentioned a protest against the rollout of 5g is and was surprising… and confusing. Have we disregarded science that much? And we trust in media that much? We shouldn’t. Remember it wasn’t that long ago that we were spraying down children with DDT or ingesting mercury or doing all kinds of crazy crap in the world because were told it was “safe and effective.” Science is something to always be explored. We should never stop questioning and learning in the world.

And while I am well aware that many people just don’t care to learn or research, I do know that it’s a possibility that some people just haven’t thought about this topic yet. I know I didn’t for the majority of my life. So I’m here…. sharing now… in case awareness of radiation danger hasn’t popped onto your radar yet 🙂

It’s not a conspiracy theory to say radiation is dangerous. It’s a fact.

I get it. The telecom companies and the government don’t want to be tied to the idea that the systems they’re putting in place are bad for your overall health. This whole virus thing had the media censoring anything and everything that has to do with the dangers of 5g. Articles started popping up saying that anyone talking about 5g is spreading conspiracy lies. And then the parrots of the world who refuse to do any sort of critical thinking or research for themselves starting mimicking these headlines. I’m sure many of you guys are not these people! And if you’re not sure— well, please please don’t be one of these people. Diving into science and understanding how we function with everything around us is vitally important.

Huge spoiler alert guys: Radiation and radiation from wifi are terrible for your health. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s a fact.

Now, I’m not saying that the cause of this virus is due to the turn-on 5g. Is there a chance? 100% yes. There is always a chance of course. But I absolutely cannot claim this as fact. But what I can tell you is that radiation exposure is detrimental to your health. You are causing damage to your health every single day that you sit in a house of wifi radiation on or hold your radiation connecting devices.

It took me a very long time to understand this. Not because it’s a difficult concept to understand– -all the information is out there in the world for anyone to see. But it took me a long time to understand this because I never once thought about it. Like many of you– I grew up in a house where more and more radiating devices entered our lives each year. Telephones, cordless phones, microwaves TV remotes, computers, cell phones, wifi, and so much more. Things just kept popping and no one stopped to question the significance of their presence in our lives and our health. Well, I’m here to tell you that whether or not you’re feeling great or struggling with your own health problems, radiation affects your overall health.

My personal story with radiation:

Ever since I got dosed with heavy metals a few years ago (vaccines + poorly done dental work) I have had an array of health problems. My gut inflammation problems came shortly after too– which added a whole new set of problems I needed to heal from. A lot of my gut based problems stemmed from heavy metals, but the add-in of a broad-spectrum antibiotic tipped me over to the other side. The gut problems were obvious. The heavy metal problems were not.

My symptoms were all over the place. Many of you guys know this, but a handful of doctors I had visited even diagnosed me with Lyme disease. It was a scary time in my life. In my gut, I knew I didn’t have Lyme-disease, but I didn’t know what else could be causing all my problems. I visited hundreds of doctors searching for help. This proved to be both expensive and futile. Thankfully, eventually, through my excessive search, I was able to put together A LOT of the pieces of the puzzle.

I say it all the time now, but healing from c. diff is one thing, but healing from my other issues is really where I struggled in these last five years. Mostly because I didn’t know WHAT to heal from– I just knew I needed to heal from something. But really diving more into natural healing, I now understand how I function best, where my path to healing is, and what things I need to avoid (or at least limit) to heal my body further. (And now I feel great most days).

Radiation isn’t the cause of my problems. But radiation exposure is surely something that stands in the way of me feeling my best. It stands in the way of all of us feeling our best. Radiation is highly toxic— at all levels. But especially the level we’re facing now as a species. But as someone with a high heavy metal load that has been slow to detox, I’m especially sensitive to the effects of radiation.

I can’t sit in a video game truck, be in an electronic store, go on a long plane ride, or sit with a computer on my lap without feeling the effects of radiation. I’m highly sensitive to it. On one hand, this is a curse to feel it so intensely. On the upside, radiation just doesn’t affect me, it affects my entire family (and everyone in the world) so I appreciate my body letting me know where there are higher doses around so I can rectify the situation to keep myself and my family safe.

5g isn’t coming. It’s here.

I wanted to ignore 5g. I thought if I never researched it then it would never affect me. There are too many other things going on in the world, right? Too many other things I needed to focus on instead of worrying about it coming. I was in denial that it would be coming to the world and to the US anytime soon.

And then this year I started feeling that buzzy feeling again– a feeling I had felt a few years prior when I first got sick.  I feel  “buzzy” from time to time, depending on the environment I’m in. But not like this– this was constant. I woke up feeling buzzy and went to bed feeling buzzy. I kept telling Alex that my heart was feeling funny, my body felt like it’s vibrating, like I was being microwaved and set on fire. I thought that it could be tied to the fact that I had been parasite cleansing. Maybe an herb left my heart racing a little faster than normal? So I stopped my cleanse. But the strange symptoms continued.

In this time everyone around us in South Florida had begun to experience respiratory problems. Everyone at Alex’s work, in our yoga studio, friends, and family. It was like a weird, unseasonal cold going around. A lot of people complained to me that they felt off. Ringing in ears. And whatever else. Videos started circulating of people in China falling over in the streets at this point– potentially due to the fact that they had fully turned on the 5g system throughout a few cities in China. And while so many t-mobile ads kept boasting that 5g would be coming soon— again I thought *I don’t even want to know.* I gave in to my fear and researched 5g in the United States. Because not knowing doesn’t protect someone. Knowledge is what gives us the proper tools for growth.

I was shocked to see that the 5g had in fact been turned on in south Florida– and the dates 100% completely aligned with when my buzzy/radiated/vibrating feeling. I felt validated in a strange way to know the feeling was externally caused and it wasn’t my parasite cleanse or anything else I was doing in attempts to heal that created these weird sensations.

Yet, I still didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to get out. One day while Marlowe was at school I told Alex, “I just want to go to the beach. Let’s get out and go to the other town and sit on the beach there.” We got in the car and a few minutes into our I saw a woman lying in the middle of the sidewalk. I quickly had Alex turn around and pull over. I called 911 and went to attend to her. She was conscious, well dressed, sober, a totally normal middle-aged woman. She told me she had been “feeling off” and was trying to get to a doctor. It was like all the videos of collapsed people in the streets in China. Except in my very own town.

Now I’m not saying this woman’s collapse is because of the 5g turn on. I have ZERO knowledge and evidence of this. But I do know there is enough science to show that 5g is dangerous as hell for us humans. And enough clues and moments aligned that I felt very secure in a decision to head out of town early and figure out the rest on the way. I’m grateful every day for my decision to move our planned flights up in date because the borders closed a few days later. The world is certainly upside-down feeling for many people, but we’re doing really well in the world. PS. If you’re wondering the buzzy feeling stopped about a week later. (No surprise there).

Unnatural radiation is almost entirely unavoidable.

I don’t know what my plan is from here. Radiation is unavoidable. But we are in control to some extent of the amounts of radiation we will be exposed to. For us, I turn off the wifi system when not in use, I have a case for my cell phone, I don’t keep my phone or computer on my body. I do the little I can, you know? I don’t have a bed tent, or EMF blocking paint, a tinfoil hat, or anything like that. Again, I do a little where I can, but with everything, I try to not obsess on things I cannot change— because that’s not healthy either! But even still, I don’t want to be sitting in the 5g either. I don’t want any of us to be sitting in it!

I do worry about us as a species and I worry about the planet as a whole. The science is out there: 5g is dangerous. And just because we refuse to research it or acknowledge it, it doesn’t mean it won’t affect us. It will. It is affecting us. Even if we’re not in a place with current systems in place, it still affects us. We often forget that we can send a message to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. Everything is connected. We have and are changing the frequencies of the planet without enough information on the longterm effects. And let’s be real: that is stupid and dangerous.

I’ve pulled together some articles I thought would be useful for you guys to understand the problems that arise with radiation and 5g exposure. But I am sad to say that from the time I left my home until now, many of the websites with 5g information (yes, even science-based ones) have been pulled from the web. The media is a powerful thing and money is even more powerful.

The government certainly doesn’t want us to learn about the dangers of 5g while we’re sitting at home right now. Especially since thousands of towers have been installed in the United States during this month of lockdown. And please keep in mind that just because 5g came out it doesn’t mean that our 3g and 4g technology went away. It didn’t. We have just added another layer of radiation to our air.

There are cities that have successfully banned 5g. And I’m hoping this can and will be the reality for all cities in the country. I know there is a lot going on in the world right now– but this is important. This affects the long term health of you and of our entire global planet.


A (Short) List of the Long + Short Term Dangers of Radiation and 5g:

  • Wireless at 60 GHz has unique oxygen absorption properties – At the millimeter-wave frequency of 60GHz, the absorption is very high, with 98 percent of the transmitted energy absorbed by atmospheric oxygen.
  • 5g installations include tens of thousands of satellites being put into the earth’s orbit which would contribute to climate change. 
  • The increased incidence and mortality of melanoma of skin cannot solely be explained by increased exposure to UV-radiation from the sun. Continuous disturbance of cell repair mechanisms by body-resonant electromagnetic fields seems to amplify the carcinogenic effects resulting from cell damage caused e.g. by UV-radiation. (source)
  • Microwave /5g technology has been used as a military weapon for years. (source) and is being tested for crowd control. (source) (source).
  • Microwave weaponry has already caused US taxpayers over 40 million dollars. (source)
  • The human head can serve as a lossy resonator for the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cellular telephone. (source)
  • Cutaneous mast cells are altered in normal healthy volunteers sitting in front of ordinary TVs/PCs (source). 
  • Closing down of public radio transmitters seems to have a strong effect in reducing cancer mortality, public air radio transmission should be avoided. (source)
  • Considering that the human microbiome is involved in the development and function of all other organs and systems, and most notably the immune system (Palm et al. 2015), alteration of the microbiome may be one of the mechanisms through which electromagnetic fields, both endogenous and exogenous, exert their biological effects. (source)
  • The efficiency of heavy metal detoxification was dramatically increased when EMR was eliminated. For the larger groups, data indicated that heavy metals were cleared in a time and molecular weight-dependent manner after EMR was eliminated from the treatment environment. (source) J. Aust. Coll. Nutr. & Env. Med. Vol. 26 No.2 (August 2007)
  • Estonia (EE) had a steep increase in the cancer mortality in 1991, the year that the western FM radio-frequencies were allowed and introduced all over the country. (source)
  • Electronic gadgets producing radiation harms the environment. There has been a serious disturbance between the bee population and communities due to electromagnetic radiation. Within a few days, a significant drop in bee colony strength and egg-laying by the queen bee can be observed. This would cause serious consequences for the environment as a whole. (source). If bees die, we die.
  • There is evidence of neuronal damage caused by EMF / nonthermal microwave exposure. The cortex, as well as the hippocampus and the basal ganglia in the brains of exposed rats, contained damaged neurons from low EMF dosages. (source)
  • EMF is listed as a possible carcinogen. If you watched The Bleeding Edge, then you know that the government even deciding this is a big step.
  • EMF disrupts pineal gland function and reduces melatonin production. (source). Melatonin is incredibly vital for overall health, for wake-sleep patterns, hormone function, as well as for protection against cancer.
  • “Microwave syndrome” or “electro-hypersensitivity” (EHS) is a real disease that is caused by exposure to EMFs, especially those in the microwave range (source). 
  • EMF exposure increases mold growth within and outside your body. (source). (This is how I started learning about radiation and my own health).
  • Our skin acts as an antenna for radiation.
  • This is a great article on possible predictions that could come from 5g rollout. Nothing seems crazy far fetched– increased dementia, learning disabilities, and fertility issues.
  • Scientists and doctors across the world agree that 5g is dangerous, causes cancer, and will greatly impact our species and planet in a negative way. (source.) (source.)
  • For the last 15 years we have seen, worldwide, a marked increase in illnesses such as cancers, cardiac illness, obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies in children, short term memory problems, and sleeplessness, to name but a few. Wireless communication started taking off around this time. (source)
  • It’s no surprise to me that there has been an increase in gut disorders, weight gain, diabetes, c. diff, and autism, and other gut inflammation-based disorders considering that radiation damages the microbiome and causes radiation-induced bowel injury. And here and here is another study on the influence of radiation on our gut bacteria.
  • The Sars epidemic and 3g both happened in 2003. And H1N1 and 4g both happened in 2009. It’s no surprise that large increase in dis-ease occurs when our bodies are processing extra carcinogens. Again, I’m not saying that our current epidemic IS 5g, but an increase in disease is not surprising when our bodies’ immune systems are suppressed and detoxing.
  • Miscarriage rates tripled for women with high radiation exposure. (source)
  • Mobile cell phone radiation has been linked to an increase in glioma. (source.)

Honestly, I could list ten million more studies and articles on how radiation damages our body. These are just some of the problems radiation causes to our bodies and environment. But I think even with this small list it’s pretty obvious how damaging the constant radiation is that we’re living in, breathing in, sleeping in, and raising babies in.

If we know cigarette smoke is a carcinogen, then we avoid smoking for our own health and avoid smoking around children and babies right? Well, just because you can’t see or smell radiation damage doesn’t mean it’s not there. It is. Remember there was also a time when cigarettes were deemed “safe” and even promoted by doctors.”  The few articles above clearly show how unsafe the radiation we choose to expose ourselves to every day is for our wellbeing.

Obviously, everyone is free to live whatever life they please, but if you care about your own health (or the health children), then you’ll consider the long term affects you’re choosing to expose yourself to every day. I don’t consent to 5g towers being installed around our homes, in our parks, outside our windows, on our schools, on our churches, and more. It’s damaging and I give a real crap about my own health, my family’s health, and the global health of the planet.

What can you do?
  • Opting for ethernet cables is much safer for your exposure to air radiation every day.
  • Don’t want to switch back to ethernet cables? Shut off your wifi when not in use. You can simply unplug it or nowadays many systems actually have the option via an app.
  • Ditch the “smart devices.” They require wifi and bluetooth to function and most are perfectly capable of functioning without them.
  • Don’t sleep with electronics/cell phones near your bed.
  • Keep electronics off your body. I sat with a laptop on my lap for over a decade. Not anymore.  If you read the manual for your phone, laptop, whatever: you’ll see there is a warning about keeping electronics near your body. Again, none of this is a conspiracy. This is known knowledge that we’re choosing to ignore.
  • Buy radiation protecting equipment. I have a shield on my phone. You can also buy one for tablets and shield for laptops.
  • As mentioned you can there is also paint you can buy or canopies for your bed, and more. Now, I don’t have these things, but if you feel the need, they may be useful. 
  • You can let your city know that you do not consent to exposure of 5g technology and are opposed to your children and families being exposed to it as well.
  • Spend more time in nature. Trees are great for building up oxygen and detoxing radiation from your system.
  • Or if you don’t care (totally acceptable too) you can refuse to read through any of the articles and studies, ignore all of this, and call it a “conspiracy” when someone states that 5g technology is damaging for health, haha.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. That’s for sure. I was able to create a job to work at home or abroad that supported my family through technology. I am able to research more and learn new things every day through the use of technology. And best of all, I have made the most amazing connections through technology. It’s been a real blessing. But at the same time, we have to move forward with new technology with thoughtfulness and awareness of possible consequences. Fertility is at a high, childhood illness is at a high, and cancer rates are skyrocketing every single day. We are causing these problems. But we have the ability to prevent them too.

Anyway, I’m sure this isn’t the post many of you expected to find on my blog after such a long silence. I do have things to say and stories to share. Posts on life, food, gut health, and more. I’ve just really, REALLY been enjoying my time away from a computer.

I kept saying a shift was coming. And while this wasn’t the extreme shift I expected, I’m truly enjoying it. But I do love you guys and miss you guys. I’m just enjoying my quiet detox time in nature so very much right now <3 I hope you guys are well in the world. Breathing deeper, stretching more, eating fresh food, taking in the sunshine, and spending time with the people you love. Take care guys!

Ps. Speaking of detox, one thing that was totally new to me (but not surprising) when pulling up some articles for you guys is that the removing radiation /EMF energy is the best way to detox. It shoudl always be the first step. Makes sense! We’ve been feeling great while away– no stomach issues abroad whatsoever, but we’re probably going to start up another parasite cleanse soon. Marlowe too. Woo!

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