Hello friends! Welcome to the new ohdeardrea members-only community space 🙂

I’m so excited to share this new life update with you guys! After a solid year and a half break from the internet, I’m coming back in full action! Honestly, when I jumped ship on the world, I wasn’t sure what future plans I would have with the blog. Like with everything in my life, I wanted to see how the future would unfold in front of me, let my intuitive energy feel everything, and trust that the universe would provide a time when a move felt right.

The time is right. 

You might see a public post here and there– like our amazing new farm venture!! (@palomasolatitlan), but almost all personal content, useful how-to’s, life updates, as well as farm updates, and so much more, will be hidden away for members only from here on out. I’ve written A LOT more on the whys and future plans below. Spoiler alert: it’ll contain the same OG stuff but with SO MUCH more. Regular video updates, audio posts, inspirational and insightful conversations with health and wellness experts, etc, etc, etc. I’ve always shared details on my own growing and healing process, but now I have a clear message and plan on how to guide others on their evolving and growing paths. And I can’t wait. If you know you’re ready and want to start diving into private content NOW then you can:

Join this totally unique, up close, and personal, ohdeardrea members-only learning and growing community today! 


I left the blog a year and a half ago for a few reasons. I’m grateful I got to tune in and regroup. And I’m excited for what’s next 🙂

Well, after quite some time of being away I could (and can) see I truly missed sharing and connecting with you guys. I learned that while I did (and do) truly love stepping away from all electronic devices and hermit-ing into nature, this part of my life still exists in my everyday mind. Writing and sharing are very much a part of me. Even if I don’t have a computer in front of me to type out the stories, I’m creating chapters upon chapters of novels in my head every single day. While not every story is for everyone, I do have a story and clear message to share– a story I truly enjoy sharing and connecting with.

I got tired of the sponsored content.

Firstly, I can say that I honestly enjoyed every single company I worked with. Maybe there are some companies I wouldn’t work with now, but at the time of writing, I felt good about every single company I was partnered with (well, with the exception of one). I’ve had a post: “I’ve changed too much” written in my head for two years now. It is a post about my internal dilemma with sponsorships aligning with the goals I had (and have) for my own life. That– even a good, high-quality sustainable product is still a product. Yes, sometimes we need to buy something new. But often we don’t.

And even though I truly believe(d) in the amazing products I promoted, more products and more consumerism aren’t really what I want to promote in the world. How do you blog about striving to live a more sustainable and minimalistic life while your job is sustained solely on promoting products? Yes, at the end of the day there are plenty of ways to justify these partnerships. I can give options to more earth and human-friendly products so that when you guys have to buy something new, you have the better options laid out in front of you. (yay!) And I am happy to share the brands I love, but at the end of the day, I just didn’t want my income and the support of my family to rely solely on promoting items.

Secondly, I wanted to exist without sharing.

I don’t think I’ve necessarily become more private– I’m still completely and totally an open book, but I wanted to feel what it is to live a life without sharing. I never gave myself a chance to experience something so simple. I’ve been publicly sharing my life online for twenty (yes, twenty!!) years now. That’s sort of nuts right? Almost a real-life Truman show status. And while I enjoyed it, I wanted to see the other side.

Well, in this time I learned a lot about myself. I learned that, yes, I still do love sharing. I’ll forever be an open book. And I’m more than happy to publish novels of thoughts and ideas for people to read. But (and this is a big but) I want to be mindful of my energy shared and gathered. Especially with this new Paloma Sol chapter of our life starting. What am I giving to the world? And equally important: who is receiving it? My/our energy exchanges are important… even online.

A private safe space within the private ohdeardrea community.

There’s a good chance that some of the people reading this are watching and waiting for me to fail. It sounds like a weird idea to share, but if you’re one of those people reading this and feel that, then you know it’s true. And well, it’s perfectly and completely okay with me that these people don’t love me and aren’t rooting for me. No matter how kind you are, no one who is honest and genuine is liked by everyone. It’s not possible. There are too many people. Too many conflicting ideas and mindsets.

In the real world, we cant completely block and avoid all negative or ‘less than’ energies and feelings– but we can mindfully choose how we see the world and with whom we will approach it.  While making this space private won’t make it 100% positive all the time (that’s not how it works), I’m hoping it will create a space for the people who truly want to be here. A space for people who are mindfully choosing what type of energy they want to experience and share. While we might feel conflicting thoughts on certain ideas, I want this to be a  positive, safe space for us all to grow and blossom together. A private community will help ensure this.

I grow, you grow. You grow, I grow. We succeed together with an open learning mindset.

This is so very much why this space works for me. It holds adaptability. Room to grow. I’ve been able to grow a lot through this space. And I know, from personal notes and emails, that you guys have too. For me, (and many of you guys know this), my life is about improving, growing, learning, striving. But I find this learning mindset so much more powerful when you have other people by your side who also want to be challenged to grow too. But there are different ways to challenge someone. Some are positive and constructive. And some are not. Challenge on a positive level is important— not in a put-down, “cancel culture”, and “this idea is settled” sort of way. I want the ideas and conversations of this space to challenge through a limitless feeling of growth and exploration. A space for positive, safe, healthy conversations to help those ready to grow.

After all, this universe is vast. We are mere specks of energy. We truly know nothing about this universe– and that just makes life and emotions all the more exciting. I want to connect with people who also want to put down their ego and admit they know nothing while wanting to pick up their sense of curiosity to learn absolutely everything they possibly can.

Besides, there are so many crazy things happening in the world. Now more than ever we need to unite with people on a positive, growing path.

My ideas for this future private space: We work together, but you drive the car.

I’m an idealist and I see the future of this space as a fluid, evolving community in which the user is in control. I don’t have a desire to be in charge or in control. I want to collaborate with you. I don’t like rules and constructs. I believe we are overly conditioned to believe everything needs rules, boundaries, and restrictions. We hold ourselves back in this way. I want a space that can evolve as we (myself AND you guys!) evolve. I want my blog to exist as it did in the past— but tweaked and adjusted to better fit the current need for a more positive and private safe space online.

Yes, I’ll be sitting here creating content and sharing my ideas– but I want so many of these ideas to be a conversation. I want you guys to be the steering wheel driving the car, while I’m the radio playing. Or maybe you’re the tuning knob and I’m the radio speaker? Or maybe there are better analogies… but maybe you get the point? 😉 I can talk and share and post all day– I’ve always liked that this space can be a diary I can look back on, but I want to have clearer, open connections with the people sharing this space with me.

Getting up close and personal: What do you want to learn?

So what do you guys want to see? Every member that signs up will receive a form to initiate the conversation. What areas of growth are you trying to reach? What conversations do you want to take part in? What aspects of my life do you want to learn more about? I know my life is pretty unconventional– I follow instinct and intuition above rules and above all else. I’m more fluid and open to possibilities than anyone else I’ve ever met. And my life shows this. I want you guys to continue finding inspiration in the everyday snippets that I offer– as simple or unconventional as it may be. If we stop and listen, we each have so much potential and so much to offer one another– I just want to share my bits of experience and learning with the world here, like I always have. I’m happy to share everything. Healing, detox, fruit-eating, family life, relationship growth, and struggles, picking up and leaving past lives altogether, feeding a vegan family and so much more! Let’s get personal together.

Even more up close and personal with LIVE video calls.

Of course, I’ll be sharing my personal life through blog posts + other methods, but I’m hoping to get even closer with you guys. You might ask, “how is that even possible if she over-shares everything?” Well! Once we are out of the San Pancho non-existent cell signal and we get all set up on the farm I plan to dive into live weekly video chats with you guys– the community members! A place where we can expand together. Again, I want to not only write, but connect with you guys. How can we grow together at this time? What can we learn together? The possibilities are limitless. I hope to use these weekly call-ins to intimately answer questions and to decide on what future topic shifts should occur.

OG ohdeardrea posts + new and improved content.

I have A LOT of big ideas to share and conversations to have. I really see this space to expand into a platform that is much, much larger than myself. But don’t worry, I still want to keep the OG classic posts that people have come to know and enjoy in this space. Each week you’ll find a mix of old and new. Classic posts you know and love with A LOT, LOT more. I want to create a healing growing space where I can guide, while we all lead. And I want to add in the wisdom of so many people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and heal with. This space will be much more than photography and words. Videos will become quite common as well as audio conversations too.

Following your intuition and leading with curiosity.

I have so many interests and an ever-growing list of knowledge I hope to learn. For me, growth in knowledge is one of the reasons we exist within this universe. I never want to stop taking it all in. And while my interests are vast, the message I want to send is clear: we are capable of creating the life we want. The conventional life we’ve been trained to receive is not always the one that aligns with our intuition. And if we truly listen, let ourselves go, and focus on curiosity instead of fear, we can move forward into our better selves and better lives. I truly believe this. I believe I show this. And I want to make this reality clearer for anyone who cares to share this space with me.

Join the experiment.

I’ve said it before, but I enjoy being a human guinea pig. I’m happy to try all the diets, detoxes, routines, adventures, what have you! This new community forum falls right in line with that. This platform isn’t a multibillion, multi-employee structure. This is me putting my love and life into a very new and strange venture and seeing what unfolds.

Without wanting to use the word ‘beta’, this in many ways is a beta-run of a new ohdeadrea. I know personal private paid platforms exist (say that 5 times fast), as many of you guys reached out saying that this is what I should do, but I’ve never joined or researched one for myself. I want to dive in and adjust along the way. Alex will be helping from time to time– videos, recipes, whatever, but for the most part, this is a one-woman show. I’m not an expert, but this feels right and so I’m jumping in. Let’s see how this experiment pans out together, ya?

About the memberships.

I initially wanted to launch two different tiers at once. But between the lack of signal in Mexico and trying to move to this off-grid property, I’ve decided to hold off on the GROW tier until we can be a bit more settled and I can ensure weekly calls with signal 🙂

With the GROW membership you’ll receive:

  • Private community access.
  • All new blog updates in an unsponsored space.
  • The very private and intimate details of my current and growing life. (HASHTAG: let’s get way too up close and personal.)
  • Access to video posts.
  • Access to audio posts.
  • Content on living life abroad + details on future plans in the world.
  • Healthy, gluten-free, vegan, family-friendly recipes.
  • Paloma Sol farm + retreat updates.
  • Posts guided to inspire and bring you to the future self you desire.
  • Guides on detox and healing.
  • Exclusive content from trusted experts.
  • First access to future Paloma Sol retreats.
  • 25% off private consultation calls.
  • Discounts on future e-books and shop updates.
  • A new friend 😉


With the BLOOM membership you’ll receive:

  • Everything included in the GROW community AND…
  • 50% off private consultation calls.
  • LIVE weekly group conversations: These video calls will start super small and private. You’ll receive an email each week with an access link to join the LIVE video call. The topics and conversations will change week to week. Some will include live exciting updates, some will be much smaller and much more intimate. These video conversation topics will shift and change based on the needs of the community. With a small, focused community we can directly focus on the goals of each individual person to grow together.
  • Is your schedule tight? Not sure you can fit the live chat in? No worries. All live chats will be recorded and posted to the GROW community section in the blog. Want to add in thoughts or suggestions after? Send a private message and we can discuss in the next live chat 🙂
  • Access to friends-only instagram info.


THANK YOU! I hope to see you inside!

I’m very much looking forward to connecting and growing with you guys on a much deeper level. I have high hopes for this space. I have the information I want to share from myself and valuable individuals that I believe to have a strong message to aid all of us in a better, cleaner, healthier, clearer, dream life.

Ready to step in?

New ohdeardrea videos, personal journals, and so much more are already waiting on the other side!

Let’s grow and bloom together 🙂


xx drea


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