Hi friends! How are you? I hope you’re liking this new platform. Well, the same platform? But the comeback of it?! I don’t know what I mean. Hopefully, you know what I mean 😉 I really do want this to be a place where not only can we connect together, but grow together. You guys know it, but I’m aiming to wake up and grow every.single.day. I love learning and trying new things, researching, and experimenting on tweaking all the details in my own life to improve myself even more.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Daily Routine Life Mindfulness

I try to practice mindfulness every day. Primarily with my thoughts. If a feeling comes to me I let it in and try to let it go if it does not serve me. For example dwelling on pain or fear does not serve me. But one thing I lack is mindfulness in my routine life. Do you know those actions that you perform daily in auto-pilot? Brushing your teeth? Take off your shoes when you get home? Driving your car on a path you take daily? Etc etc etc.

I find that my mind wanders A LOT when I perform these tasks. My brain doesn’t shut off really. Like, I am legit writing stories every minute of every day in my mind. In some ways it’s good— it’s more than likely one of the reasons that this blog has been so busy and useful over the years— I have A LOT of thoughts flowing endlessly in my mind and they have an outlet here online. But in a lot of ways, these stories are just another distraction from my present moment.

The present moment is the only real thing after all.

Sure reminiscing sweet memories of the past or manifestation/visualization of the future are important. But is it more important than the life you’re currently living? No certainly not. After all, the life, clarity, and habits you have now are setting the stage for your future lives.

And so, I woke up one day this week and challenged myself to be outstandingly mindful in every single action I took. Brushing my teeth, drinking my orange juice, breathing, everything. I wanted to turn off my thinking mind and just exist within these actions.

Orange juice mindfulness.

What sound does the orange juice make when I pour it into a cup? Can I smell the sweetness? Or does it smell sour? What does the first sip taste like compared to the last? How slow can I sip? Can I feel the pulp? Was I actually tasting my juice? Or was I letting thoughts take over my action— muddying up the experience and gratitude I could be feeling in this small, but important action?

How often are we stopping to enjoy life’s sweetness?

I am constantly telling myself to slow down while I eat, chew more, savor the taste longer, smell the combination of flavors, and just really enjoy my food before it disappears into my gut. because before you know it, I am left with an empty plate in front of me and I have completely missed out on what could have been a  really delicious experience. And this happens even more so with juice. And if I really think about it— I’m guilty of this in plenty of my daily actions. Driving. Even reading. I get to the bottom of the page and realized I was skimming but my head was in a different story.

And this week—- no matter what the action is, I’m trying to catch myself when my head drifts into a narrative. I will make time for the narratives AND I will make time to plan my days and actions. And the rest of my daily time will be to focus on the task in front of me. Whether it be pleasurable or one I’d rather avoid (sweeping up the piles of dust): I will focus.

Mindfulness in everyday actions isn’t a new thing. It IS the practice of mindfulness.

But I just want to put more of a focus on it. Yes, forever. But for now, I will focus on this week and take it from there.

What do you think? Will you taste your breakfast with more clarity this week? Will you notice each tooth being cleaned? Will you sit in conversation without your mind straying? Will you notice the sun on your skin? Or the feeling of the earth beneath your feet as you take a new step? Even that very experience of our hearts beating is an undeniable miracle. Take a minute to notice it with me.

Let’s try something new.

Tell me more! I’d love to get inside your brain!

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