Many of you guys might already know this, but I’m obsessed with the Myers-Briggs personality testing system. And I have been for well over a decade. I think it’s one of the most beneficial ways to understand yourself and it can be such a profitable tool for bettering your relationships with everyone around you. I started this post with the idea to explain more about myself– I found a video (down below) that I related to SO much that I felt it would be a useful tool for you guys to get to know me better in this space. But, because explanations are important in understanding, I’ve broken it down even further to explain the way the system works in the world and in my life too 😉

“What’s your Myers-Briggs type?”

And over the last year or two, I’ve taken it a step further— I’ve made it a point to ask many of the people around me to tell me what their type is. And if they didn’t previously know their type, then I kindly ask (or pressure, heh) them to take the test and instantly share their results.

In many ways, them taking the test has been for my own benefit, but also, I think, for their own too (if they decide to use it). I feel that I have been able to understand others around me best when I understand how they optimally function in the world. It’s been incredibly helpful in all my closest relationships. And if anything, highly entertaining with all the people I know.

I’m an INTP for forever and a day.

I’ve heard that personality tests aren’t always the most reliable because we change so much over time. Or because our choices may vary depending on our mood that day.  But every single time I’ve taken this test over the last 12-15 years, I’ve had the same result. EVERY SINGLE TIME*. And every single time I’ve taken the test, I was *certain* I would get a different result. But every single time I’ve scored as an INTP– The Thinker or the Logician.

*With the exception of when I’ve taken the test on the 16 personalities site. There I score as an INFP. But I’ve heard this to be the case for many INTP’s — that when they take the test on 16 personalities site, they also score as an INFP.

So what’s Myers-Briggs?

For those who aren’t familiar with the Myers-Briggs test, it’s a series of questions to determine how one functions in the world. It shows you what your strengths or weaknesses are. What your preferences are. What roles or jobs you’d excel at or struggle with. And how you best relate (or not) with other people in the world. The test was created with the personality theories of Carl Jung in mind. You can either score as high Extroverted or Introverted. Intuitive or Sensing. Feeling vs. Thinking. And Judging vs. Perceiving.

Introversion vs. Extraversion

By this point, everyone knows the difference been an extrovert and an introvert. I kind of vary between the two depending on the situation. But overall, while I do enjoy the company of people and never seek out complete solitude (I’m happy spending quiet one on one time with the other quiet people in my life), I am introverted in nature. I love people– I think there is so much we can learn from our relationships, but I don’t enjoy large crowds or groups of people. I get overwhelmed when I have more than two people paying attention to me. Yeah– I definitely don’t blog to become popular or sought out, haha.


Sensing vs. Intuition

When it comes to sensing vs. intuition– are you more practical or more creative? Are you more steady? Or do you get energized super quickly by an idea to take on? Do you have to take in the world around you before making a decision or do you have more of a ‘go with you gut’ attitude? I am very much more intuitive. I would call myself practical with some things– but I think, for the most part, everyone around me would not say that my life and choices are the most practical– by conventional terms anyway. But that’s part of it, the more intuition-based folks tend to be much more ‘out of the box.’ I don’t need time to take things in– if things FEEL right, then it’s a *go*. If you’re more creative, quickly energized, and have no problem following your gut, then you’re Intuitive too.


Thinking vs. Feeling

Pretty straightforward on this one. This is definitely the one that I sit most on the border of. I am 100% more logical in my thinking. But gosh, I feel so deeply and care so much. I want the best life, peace, and happiness for all beings– but I do have a very direct, ‘matter-of-fact’ way to approach all the things. Admittedly, I struggle with bedside-manner when handling others’ problems. I am direct. I am logical. I am not an easy person for the overly sensitive-take things personal type. I am more Feeling in the sense that I do often care too much. And I’d love to roll around in a bed of kittens. But Thinking in the way that If you want advice that looks after your best concern, but in a very direct way– I am your person. Logic rules most of everything in my life– from how I research, what I think, from how I approach my work and chores, in all things. I’m working on growing my patience in all things that fall outside of what I believe to be logical.


Judging vs. Perceiving

This is where Marlowe and I get along best. And we struggle with Alex most. Do you need to make a plan? Or are you able to go with the flow? Do you need to make a plan? Or are you able to let things unfold as they should? Do you need a plan? Or do you hate setting dates in a calendar because you want things to be able to shift easily? I have a friend here— an INTJ who will ask, “Okay, how does next Thursday at 4 work for you?” *Uhhhhhhh great– because I have planned nothing and will make no plans– so I’ll be there— unless something urgent pops up.*  😉  Perceivers don’t need to make set plans to be comfortable. They are happy letting the world and plans unfold as they may. Judgers feel more at peace when a plan is made.

FP and TP: Marlowe and I.

I really love Myers Briggs. (I know, I know– I’m going to keep mentioning it). I’ve half debated being certified in it. (Yes, that’s a thing) Not for others, but just because I’d love to dive in and learn more. (Another huge INTP trait). Marlowe is an INFP and we overlap A LOT. One of the biggest differences between her and me is that she loves being schooled within a system. While, I LOVE learning, but once you stick in me in any sort of box, structure, or guideline, or give me a set of rules, I feel an overwhelming sense of dis-ease. But I swear, there are many days I border on being an FP type. And there are days where her sensitivity seems a little less in play and she reads more as a TP in her answers. I prefer nonfiction– while she loves a good fantasy world. We both have strong moral values– and will choose the side of who is right over who we love. And we absolutely HATE cannot stand cognitive dissonance– again, logic, logic, logic. And overall, creativity and open-ended-ness are priorities in our world.

Memes, Alex, plans, and other things.

Apparently, one of the running jokes is how both are types live off memes and show love via memes. This is so very true. I half debated starting a meme account on insta, haha. I mean– who doesn’t love a good meme?!?! Alex, while, can maybe give a chuckle here and there– he doesn’t gather energy through meme reading.

He is an ISTJ. (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging). Plans, worry, and more plans. I don’t know if I personally struggle more with his S or J trait. But, that’s Alex. It’s helped so much for me to gain more insight into this important aspect of his brain. And I’ve worked hard to adapt my attitude towards this for him– and for myself. I understand that the same way I crave flexibility and freedom, he craves structure and commitment. He respects my preferences and I respect his, but this is part of why our relationship was so split last year.

Me in a nutshell:

There’s really not one point in this video I don’t agree with. I also find it amusing that my enneagram type is #9– now, I don’t know much about the enneagram, but I do know that type 9’s are Peacemaker types that strive for harmony and constantly want to diffuse conflict. Which falls directly in line with my INTP self. I’m also not the type to get in people’s faces– but if people want to be here and want to hear my brain-thoughts and learn from what I learned, then I am more than happy to share the wealth of knowledge that my over-logical, science-loving brain has accumulated.

On the outside, I think I look pretty passively normal. But my inner world more resembles the mad scientist with years of scribbles on a room science blackboard. I don’t think anyone else could have put together the pieces in the way I have when it comes to this chronic illness. How the tiny red spots on my belly relate to iodine and how my iodine relationship relates to mercury. And how mercury was the catalyst for so many of my original and current problems. Study after study, I dive into a world of research that I can’t perform on myself. And if I can perform it, you know I will 😉

My entire world revolves around gaining knowledge for a better self. And I’m grateful for you guys who have taken an interest in the way my nerdy, straight-forward, sometimes emotionally lacking, creative, and certainly humor-loving mind world works.

What’s your Myers-Briggs type?!

Want to take the test for yourself? There are a few sites that offer the test. I like human metrics best. I find it to be the most reputable and reliable. Bt from there, there are plenty of sites to google your type to learn more about yourself directly, like Truity, 16 personalities, and more.


Final thoughts / The downside to being an INTP / Bill Gates

Being an INTP is interesting for sure. I definitely feel like we’re the oddballs in a sea of pretty standard running people. Don’t get me wrong, Marlowe is an oddball too— but I do think that unless INTP’s truly work on themselves, it can be pretty hard for them to fit in the world. I’ve worked hard on identifying my weaknesses and working on them for sure.

If you research famous INTP’s– you’ll find a lot of shitty people pop up– or people I believe to be shitty anyway, like Suckerberg and Shill Gates. They fall in the realm of evil genius’ for sure. (INTPs are known for having much higher IQs than most– not saying I do (never been tested), but that’s what we’re known for). I do think overall, INTP’s are trying to do what they find best in the world. And while I fully know that B.G. is out to depopulate our species (yes, I said it). I do think he believes he is doing something really good for the planet. I personally think he’s going about it all wrong and in the shittiest ways, but I do think he’s on a mission to save this floating blue ball (or flat plane, if you think the world is flat).

But I guess that’s the thing– we can share types and traits with people and be so wildly different. While I am a thinker type, my compassion level is strong. Every day I ask the universe to bring peace to all living beings on the planet. I’m searching for peace in my own life and the lives of all others. Trying to bring peace, with a side of humor along the way 😉

I hope you guys are well in this crazy world!

Gentle suggestion to dive deep into how you function best in the world so you can better your life and the life of the people around you. Cheers friends!


  1. Marine Leisy

    I love all these memes, Drea 😂 I have taken various tests, numerous times, and I am an INTJ through and through, but also an enneagram 9. Knowing these things certainly does make it easier to assess why I do things or react certain ways. I may have to start asking everyone around me to take the test and let me know their type!

    • I have found myself connecting more and more with INTJ’s. Especially in a business-type relationship, but in general. There’s a lot of overlap. And while I’m definitely a P-type with most things– I’m anal enough about certain things that I can understand J’s and their preferences too 🙂