Hello from Lake Atitlan Guatemala! We made it! It was a lonnngggg journey with A LOT of hurdles, but we’re here! We did it! We are currently in the town of Santiago and have yet to visit the farm, but we should be heading there the day after next (Saturday). Then a few days after that we should be transporting all our things from the trailer to a boat, to the farm. From there we will be visiting the farm to set up a temporary kitchen, set up our sleeping space in the tent, and whatever else needs to be arranged for us to be somewhat comfortable in our new camping lifestyle. 

The weather is cool and typical of what we’re used to here on the lake— just without rain. I was nervous it would be a bit colder but it’s still warm and amazing in the sun and cool once it is behind a cloud or it says goodbye for the night. All the flowers are in bloom right now and it’s really, really beautiful. Though if I’m being honest, it feels like the flowers are always in bloom here, everyone just says this is the time of more, but I don’t know the more. It’s always pretty here.

Lucia is SO happy. She runs around the yard and in and out of the house during the day and cozies up in a sweater, under the covers at night. We’re excited to introduce her to Ceiba as soon as we can. Though it’ll probably wait until we are actually on the farm since typically there are no dogs allowed on this property— the owners just made an exception for us, because they really like us and know how tidy we are 🙂 I don’t want to push my luck asking for the allowance of two dogs though.

We really love the owners, a couple. Spending time with them is almost like looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future of Alex and my relationship. One more quirky, funny, and out there– open to all possibilities and spending a substantial amount of time researching health and energy. And then the more practical, serious type tinkering around in the garden– but easy-going and kind despite a more worried demeanor. We arrived at their property and walked down their home (there is four houses total, theirs is the furthest down the path) to find the woman naked, blowing us “hello it’s been a while kisses” in the air while holding up a cloth to dry from her natural herbal treatment in the sun. And her husband there, not surprised that everyone would be so unbothered by the situation. A warm welcome for sure. I’m grateful for this couple– we can surely call them kindred spirits and friends.

We’re taking two days of a break because we really start pushing forward on all the tasks. But even break days mean work here— the hike to the market to collect the food, going into town to buy a cell card with a new Guatemalan number, lugging and unpacking some of the things we need from the car to this house (it’s rare that houses here have direct road access). 

Today was walked to the carpenter with furniture designs for a few basic shelves we’ll need. I mentioned in my last video that we were checking out a bigger store in Mexico City for furniture. Well, we left spending over a thousand dollars on bedding for future retreats, but with zero furniture. So today we started the process of acquiring the furniture. So far it looks like we’ll get new furniture right before or after Christmas. There is no quick and easy here. Things take time and love. 

This week we’re hoping to meet with old friends and new friends. A niece of a friend lives her win this town—I’m hoping Marlowe Paloma and her get along because it’ll be pretty easy to take the boat over for them to hang out once we’re on the farm… you know, once we have a boat 😉 

Things are good. On one hand, it’s like we never left. On the other, it feels like we’re here but will be packing up to head back To Mexico any minute. It doesn’t really feel like we’re here for good—- yet. Maybe once the work starts. We’re happy to be here. This has been quite a journey, but really, it’s just the beginning of this new life. Here we goooo.


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