I received a message on instagram this morning from a woman— like many other women across the globe, she had also developed menstrual/hormonal problems last year after being around certain individuals. Unfortunately for her, she had recently found herself being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I’ve heard of many, many cases of people who had recently received the new, and experimental procedure who developed sudden cancer this year. And to be honest, I won’t be surprised if and when we see more people developing cancer this year. The statistic previous to the pandemic was that 2 in 3 people would develop it in their lifetime. Between the onslaught of new toxins being injected, the crazy increase in radiation, and the forced lifestyle many have lived over the past two years, I believe the statistic will be closer to 3 in 3 now. 

That sounds crazy depressing, I know.

The reality is that all our bodies have the ability to develop cancer. Each day we each develop cancer cells and our body destroys them— or doesn’t. We’re all just one toxic trigger away from having a cancer cell multiply. By the time many of us are adults and understand this (if we ever come to a place of understanding this), many of us are far more toxic than nature ever intended us to be. Does that mean that a cancer diagnosis needs to be a death sentence? No.

Cancer used to scare the crap out of me. Between the number of chemicals I’ve consumed through medications, processed foods, radiation, beauty products, and whatever else in my lifetime, I felt like my body was a ticking bomb. And maybe it is— we all are. Before I would literally feel sick at the mention of the word cancer. Now? No. I hope to never receive a diagnosis like that, but I do believe that if I ever hear the news, I would go full force into “my body is going to handle this” mode. 

Science and nature have shown that even the most extreme and fatal cases of cancer can be “miraculously” resolved. And understanding this— both logically and emotionally is a big step in healing. 

My heart broke a little reading the message from the reader. Because I know there have been many points in my life (and maybe even future ones too) where I would feel crushed and defeated with a diagnosis so serious. I was crushed when multiple doctors tried to diagnose me with Lyme. Not just crushed, but heartbroken and painfully scared in all the ways. I have felt defeated many times during this vaccine injury healing process. I feel touched that someone would reach out after something so serious to see if maybe I could offer some insight, words, whatever.

And while I’m not a doctor and my words can’t be taken as “medical advice” I absolutely can offer words— because the situation that is playing out for someone else is one that I’ve played out in my own head many times. And yes, overthinking these things can call in/or manifest these situations— so I do not focus on it much anymore. BUT I also know that I feel incredibly prepared with armloads of useful tools that I would use for myself a family member if something like this ever came our way. 

You guys know this— but I’m a huge nerd and taking in research, studies, and more all the time. I have gathered a lot for this. And so I want to share with you:

A list of tools and things I would practice for myself if I developed cancer.

(Again, this is not medical advice, just my personal log of tools I’ve saved for my own well-being.)

Read everything.

Radical Remission is a great start. I’ve already read the book (a few months ago) but I would absolutely read it again and I would recommend it to anyone who has cancer, is scared of cancer, or is interested in quantum or miracle healing. 

I would also recommend reading the book: Detox or Die or any book by Sherry Rodgers. They are not specifically about cancer— but it does touch on it a lot. I’ve only read detoxify or die, but every book of hers is on my want list.

Research: Fasting + Cancer.

Over and over again studies show the benefits of fasting on the body. And especially in regards to cancer— there is evidence that it works. I personally would not choose chemo, but there have been studies that show that mice injected with toxins and given cancer die from chemo, but survive when they fast prior to receiving their chemo treatment. That’s huge. 


I would absolutely go to a waterfast clinic. There are a few options worldwide. I was supposed to go to a waterfast clinic in 2020 but covid happened. Waterfasting is one of the best ways to detox the body. Without having food to digest it allows your body to focus on pushing out toxins and restoring the body to a more natural and less inflamed state. I’m still interested in doing an extended waterfast one day— but since I have to be careful when I am around others and it’s impossible to avoid the boosted on planes, it’s not happening for me. But I would do whatever necessary to make an extended waterfast happen if I was diagnosed. 

For how long? That’s personal to our bodies. In 2020 I was planning on a 5 day wateriest since my weight was lower. Now I think I could manage a 10 day fast. But I’m not sure. I’d aim for longer but listen to the cues my body gives to end a fast sooner if needed. 

Word of caution— most people are able to waterfast, there are little contradictions to it. But I would proceed with caution if my mercury or some other heavy metals levels are high.

That being said: Heavy metal hair test.

This is something I’ve been wanting to share more about here. Marlowe and I both did a heavy metal hair test right before moving to Guatemala. I  was very surprised at our results. Since so many cancers are caused by toxins and heavy metals, hair testing can serve as a very useful tool in the detox and recovery healing process. 

Find a doctor, nurse practitioner, or a heavy metal detox specialist that can assist you.

Yes, there are things like zeolite that can help pull heavy metals out of your system— but it’s also not something to casually mess around with. Certain metals detox differently and if you are not careful you can recirculate heavy metals into tissues androgens and it can cause more problems. 

Most doctors and cancer medical treatments do not actually help the body or the immune system— but they are recommended because it is a business and they make a lot of money off each individual. But you are in charge of your body and your life and you should make it a priority to find someone that is there to truly assist you and wants to see you notably cancer-free, but thriving long-term. 

I am currently working with a nurse in Mexico to help me in my healing process. We also did a ton of bloodwork and checked hormones too. It’s important to work with someone who can help with these processes since many cancers can be hormone-based as well. The whole body needs to be addressed and it needs to be done with someone who wants to see you heal, not just see you as a paycheck or lifelong consumer. 

After the water fast: Juice feast.

Honestly, there are a few routes to go for diet… Ketosis is terrible for long-term health but can be great for short-term healing or cancer. Waterfasting is extreme ketosis. I’ve debated if I would attempt ketosis through diet after a waterfast— but I think I’d probably end up going the organic juice route. Not sure how long— I’d listen to my body on this one, but I imagine would be 2-4 months of juice feasting— juice and only juice. I’ve talked about juicing many times. We had the omega juicer for years and loved it. We recently upgraded to the kuvings — it was a splurge, but it’s great 🙂 

After the juice feast: Staying raw.

Again, these steps are what I imagine I would take, but the most important thing is listening to the body. But if it felt right, I would stay high fruit, low fat (just coconut and avocado for fat) raw, and vegan. Indefinitely. 

If I didn’t want to stay raw, then I would go the macrobiotic route.

I’ve heard tons of success stories about cancer and macrobiotic eating. I have some qualms with it being that I don’t think humans should really be eating grains (but I do btw). And I wonder if it works primarily because you’re eating lower fat and more cancer-fighting vegetables. Also, a macrobiotic diet is high in minerals— which most people are deficient in. So there is a good chance the diet helps because you’re replenishing these minerals and then it’s pushing out the bad ones. But I don’t know, that’s my theory. But I would certainly be open to trying it. There are a ton of books about macrobiotic living that look interesting. These look interesting and are on my current booklist: The Macrobiotic Approach To Cancer, The Macrobiotic Way, Path To Total Health. There are SO many out there– and many more new and updated books– but these are some of the OG macrobiotic books and so I really appreciate that. 

Lymph work.

I talked about skin brushing years and years ago. I still do it. But now, years later, I have learned much more about the importance of keeping a healthy lymph system so now when I skin brush, there is more of a purpose. Hundreds of women messaged me about giant breast (lymph) lumps after being around certain individuals. Marlowe and I too have these problems— it’s SO painful in my left breast pit after being around these people. Skin brushing helps. Honestly,I would like to do a whole post about different lymph assisting techniques. I’m going to plan for that for next week! 


Whether by sauna, exercise, sunshine, whatever. Sweat out those toxins and replenish them with minerals. 

Removing all radiation.

If I lived somewhere with 5g, then I would move— (but you guys know I already did move when they turned on the 5g!). Turn off all wifi systems in the home. Avoid cell phones, computers, electronics as much as possible. Stay away from radiation machines and certainly off airplanes. All the things. Radiation is a huge toxin/carcinogen. It increases mold growth and wreaks havoc on the body. Read this post on radiation.

I would visit a holistic dentist.

People don’t realize how much their mouth shows about their overall health. The right holistic dentist can help explain some problems happening in your mouth. And if they are properly trained (99% are not) they can remove mercury and root canals from your mouth— as both of these are huge problems. It’s been found that many people with cancers have root canals in corresponding teeth. Crazy, right?

Check out: thetruthaboutcancer.com

At some point many years ago they released a 9 part docuseries free to the public to watch for a week. I wasn’t able to watch all of them, but I found the few episodes I watched the be very useful. They have it available to buy full-time— it’s pricey. So I think it’s best to watch when they open it up publicly and free. But it’s there— and if needed, I would make the investment to buy it if the series was not available at that time for free. It’s called “Quest For The Cure”

Remove inflammatory foods.

For the most part, I avoid them, but I’d be even more strict. Some common inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, alcohol, sugar, yeast, nightshades, corn, etc, etc… But even things like nuts and seeds cause crazy amounts of oxidative stress in the system. But juice feasting or macrobiotics cut out these things.


Not so much. I don’t think I would currently add anything to my current routine. But if needed for certain heavy metals, then maybe. It really depends. But after having my levels checked, I could be sure to know how much more magnesium, selenium, or iodine to take. (All are super important– but also important to have your levels checked!) Again, I take them now anyway, but maybe I might need to increase the dose, depending on the situation. Ps. It’s been found that basically all cases of breast cancer have been linked to low iodine. Also something the macrobiotic diet addresses!

Sunshine every day.

You guys know that this is a priority for me anyway. But it’s crazy how important it truly is. You will not find someone who has cancer and has adequate vitamin d levels. You will not. If you get time in the sunshine every day (without sunscreen) and you’re still vitamin d deficient, then there is a chance something else in your body creating this— a toxin or other inflammatory cause that is depleting your stores. Basically all, if not all cancer patients are vitamin d deficient. 

Darkness every day.

I already talked about the importance of the dark in our lives— but did you know that almost all if not all cancer patients are low in melatonin? Nature didn’t mess up– we did! 


I ground every day here on the farm anyway— we make sure to walk barefoot through the property, but I would make it a point to lay on the ground as unclothed (or only in natural fibers) for as long as I can each day. 

And I would meditate while I do this.

There are tons of super useful meditation techniques out there that can assist in calming your body (you can’t heal if your parasympathetic system is freaking out— it’s not possible) — so I would use whatever method I find to help CALM me. If I find myself more stressed by the process, then I would stop and try again later.

And visualize the future.  This has been key in my healing process already. But I would find even more things to look forward to in the future. 

And I would laugh.

Laughter is vital. Doesn’t matter if it’s dog memes or stupid reality tv with my family— whatever it takes to get some good belly laughs and gratitude flowing every day— I would do that. At the end of the day, we can take care of our physical bodies as much as we want, but if our emotions are a mess, we won’t get very far. Laughter and gratitude are important. 

Again, this isn’t medical advice. Just a list of things I would do or suggest to a family member. In general, these are just things I think are important for daily life anyway. Prevention is the best step. But if you’re already there– sometimes these things are out of our control– well, I believe it’s possible to heal all things <3

And to the reader who reached out– we’re all sending you good vibes <3

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