Hi friends! One of the most asked questions on our Q+A video was about running errands– how would we get things done if we need a doctor or need to buy toilet paper, etc? Well, a few days into farm life, and Marlowe’s adult tooth was pushing onto a baby tooth nerve and causing some serious problems– so one day before Christmas eve we called in a boat and went to the town of San Pedro to get things done.

these trips into town look different depending on what exactly we need. The video below was filmed on a relatively easy errand run. Hectic with the crying and the dog picking up and given that this town is a bit more tourists. But it was easy in the sense that we were carrying a hundred pounds of produce and having to do multiple trips up into town, back down to the boat, and back up, over and over again until we got all the things we needed. Or sometimesMarlowe and I run our own errands then have to park somewhere in town where Alex brings up crates of produce and we’ll haul it into a tuk-tuk and onto a boat. Those days are harder– and impossible to film when everyone’s arms are filled with the things we need. Butttt these trips will be less and less once all our produce is growing on the property thankfully.

The situation will also look a bit different when we own our own boat. For now, we have to pay 15$ roundtrip to get to the closest town, Santiago (which does not have a bulk store, holistic dentist, or any sort of luxuries like this). And we have to pay 35$ to get backend forth to the further towns, like San Pedro or San Marcos, with all our natural products and luxury foods like tempeh (yes, tempeh feels like a luxury food– learning to make it myself is on my to-do list. And I believe it’s about 70$ to get to the opposite side of the lake and back (to Panajachel). It’s pricey.

We typically took public boats when we would visit here, but now that we live here, well, there are no public boats to our farm. So even to, let’s say take a public boat into San Pedro– it would be 15$ for us to get from our farm to Santiago (it would need to be private) then about another 15-20$ (depending on what the boat driver is asking) to get to and from San Pedro! Then on top of that– the route from Santiago to San Pedro is not high traffic one- so there have been times where Marlowe and I have been sitting waiting for THREE hours for the next boat to come! Craziness. If it’s just one person traveling, it’s one thing to take public, but the price starts adding up when you’re paying for multiple people. We’re hoping to get a boat of our own soon– but our to-do list here is neverending, so I’m not sure when exactly it’ll happen.

Anyway, I hope you’re well! If there are other videos you want to see, send us a note! Thanks!

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