Hi friends! As you know, we’re BIG readers over here. If given the opportunity we would spend countless hours reading each and every day. Every other year or so I post online asking for book recommendations for myself and especially for Marlowe. My book list is constantly growing, but hers is constantly growing and changing– which makes sense due to the growing age and changing personality and interests.

Well, there were SO many book suggestions this last month. Many of the series Marlowe has already read, but most she has not. We’re both excited by this list– the series all look SO good. Our biggest struggle will be getting books here– but you better believe we’ll be asking each person visiting us to bring us at least a few books at a time. And since these suggestions are all series– we can have a family/friends/whoever bring us an entire series at a time 😉

These books are all and mostly in the magical and adventure realm. All fiction for sure. Ages vary depending on the different series. This tween age is a bit tricky– not quite a kid anymore but far from being a teen or adult too. Some content is a bit more whimsical, some is a bit more intense. I always recommend checking out Common Sense Media to read the reviews about each book if you’re not sure about appropriateness for your family 🙂

Check out the books below!

40 Magical + Adventure Book Series For Tweens, Pre-Teens And Beyond.

1.   A Wrinkle In Time

2.  Warrior Cats

3.  Storm Runner

4.  A Tale Dark & Grimm

5.  The Wildwood Chronicles

6.  Ranger’s Apprentice

7.  Dragons in our Midst

8.  The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

9.  The Mysterious Benedict Society

10.  Legacy of Orisha

11.  Uglies 

12.  Discworld

13.  The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

14.  Skyward Series

15.  Chrestomanci

16.  The Underland Chronicles

17.  Redwall 

18.  Aru Shah

19.  Inkheart



20.  Guardians Of Ga’hoole

21.  Keeper of the Lost Cities

22.  Wings of Fire

23.  The Worst Witch

24.  The Inheritance Cycle

25.  The Heroes of Olympus

26.  A Series Of Unfortunate Events

27.  Serafina

28.  Nevermoor

29.  Divergent

30.  Warriors

31.  His Dark Materials

32.  The Hunger Games

33.  Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

34.  Land of Stories

35.  The Tomorrow Series

36.  Wingfeather

37.  The Hobbit / Lord of the Ring

38.  Greenglass House

39.  Shadow and Bone

40.  The School For Good and Evil


Alright friends! This list of long– in the best way, right?  I hope you can find some amazing reading gems for yourself or for a tween/teen/kiddo you love 🙂

PS. Please check out my “currently reading” section for loads more book suggestions! And my booklist wishlist for more books hope to read! This list is great because it’s broken up by subjects 😉

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Happy reading!

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