Hi friends! How are you? I’m back again.

Why the on and off again, drea?

Unlike the giant break I took in 2020, this time I didn’t leave the blog because I wanted to– I was actually enjoying writing and updating again. I left because I had an increased sensitivity to my electronics again. It seems to come and go — well, no. I am always sensitive, but sometimes it’s worse than others. The truth is I probably shouldn’t be on devices at all. Actually, the truth is that none of us should be. We’re all showing serious damage due to radiation and electrical devices (look at our poor kids) and it’s only getting worse. I want to do a post on how we can better protect ourselves from it– a follow-up to this post about 5g/radiation. But in the meantime, the best way to protect ourselves is via distance. Which I work on doing daily. Hence my absence. All that being said– I REALLY need to buy a new computer. You can barely see the screen on this one post three years of jungle life.

Positive + andom health things…

On a less doomy-note… a lot of aspects of my health have improved since moving to the farm. I’ve had some setbacks with proximity to juiced-up people. And with some other emotional and physical stressors (like the pregnancy), but overall, I can and have seen signs of improvements. Like! Did you know dry cracked feet can be due to hypothyroidism? Well, it turns out it can be– and I have fixed that problem! I know it’s such a little detail– but it’s nice to see little improvements, no matter how weird or insignificant they might seem. And obviously my gut seems to be working a lot better and absorbing nutrients finally– because I’ve finally, after years and year, have a full on butt back. Hooray!


The Farm + Alex

As you probably saw, we listed the farm for sale. This was a hard decision. I have a whole post in drafts about this. I struggle with this every day, but I know this is the best move right now. But still, there are a lot of hard parts involved in this process. Alex is there now and has plans to depart in about a week. We’ll have to see how that goes. We actually had people fly in last minute this weekend to see that far for a potential purchase (a friend I love very much) and we have another family wanting to come in the following week. So Alex might have to move his departure date. The arrival date is to be determined as well– given he may fly or drive with the movers. We don’t know. After that, he may stay in Mexico, or he may not. A lot of things are up in the air right now. But whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll be for the best.

The pups

He will be bringing back Lucia on his journey out here. She’ll be right back to hot and sandy beach dog life. Sadly Ceiba will not be joining. There are a few reasons for this. Legally it’s tough with her paperwork (or lack of)– it’s VERY hard to get dogs OUT of Guatemala. It’s advised to never travel with dogs there.  I’m still crossing my fingers that we can actually get Lucia out. But outside of the legality,  we don’t believe Ceiba is not meant to be here in Mexico. Ceiba is an outdoor mountain farm dog. Ceiba is not designed for unbearably hot climates— which it is here. In general, she gets overwhelmingly hot on the lake– which, while it can get warm during the day, the lake is in no way a hot place. She also has no understanding of walls, barriers, cars, trucks, or anything that is a man-made structure. And she deserves to continue living that life. We all agree while it makes us painfully sad and we would personally prefer her out here, that it is in her benefit to continue living the farm mountain life out there and it is not healthy for her to be here.

I try not to think about it. I think we all do. She was the sweetest dog we’ve ever owned.

Speaking of dogs—

We took in this hairy muppet. We’re fostering him, though if it doesn’t work out with the family that plans to adopt him, then we’d more than likely just keep him. He’s super sweet. He’s the doggiest dog I’ve ever had. All my dogs were more like people with personalities. He’s a dog-dog. I wasn’t sure about bringing him to our house after a life outside, but I’m glad I did. He seems so happy to be in a comfortable place where he is clean and fed. He’s blind in one eye– and maybe partially deaf. But he’s loving and loyal-ish (haha) and so incredibly patient. The potential adopters (our friends) arrive in a few weeks and if he’s a good fit for them, he’ll be heading off.

Marlowe and I are currently in a jungle home.

I was hesitant about saying yes to this place– as it’s quite a muddy bumpy drive out here and super in the jungle– and obviously outside of town, but I *think* it was a good move. I have gotten used to the drive already. Now I’m mostly just not sure about the mold situation. But I know that mold is unavoidable. The statistic is 85%+ of homes in the US have mold– but the truth is it’s probably at a much higher rate than that. This place was equipped with antique furniture (mold alert) and the rain pours in some night (water = mold alert), but the place is completely open air– so I figured, if I’m going to have to deal with mold (which I will everywhere) then at the very least I should be in a home that’s well ventilated (which this is) and because of it’s the location it’s also free of air pollution, noise pollution, and electro-pollution. The house is on the grid– so we do have some of that electro-smog– but that also means we have a washer and dryer which is nice.

We also have an epic ocean view. It’s actually harder to get to the beach here than it was for us in town, but it’s nice being so engulfed in nature and being able to get an amazing sunset view every evening. Overall there are both good and bad (like most things in life) but this is essentially the perfect mix of what we wanted from the farm and what we wanted from San Pancho. If I can figure out the mold situation (which I think I mostly can) then this might become a perfect longer-term place.

Speaking of Marlowe

She’s obviously very happy to be back. She’s started school and feels she needs to catch up on some things… like cursive. I didn’t have her write in cursive on the farm, but her current (old) school here requires it. But after a few days, she feels like she’s already back on track. She started pottery last week. She’s unsure about re-joining circus class, but maybe! She’s super happy in this house. And it’s her birthday next week. So she’s a happy kiddo for sure.

I think I’m mostly good.

I do feel like, while I’m sad about letting some things go, I’m on the right path forward. I have a more clear understanding of what I want in my day to day. And I think that’s an important aspect of life that we all need to get in place. What do we want our days to look like? You know, our actual present moments between waking and sleeping… My vision is getting clearer.

I do have to work on moving past any new fear that comes up, especially or maybe exclusively with health. It’s an up-and-down struggle. some days I’m good at it and others I’m not. Like I said, I think overall, I can see progress in moving forward… it’s just when little things creep up. Like, for instance, (this story is ridiculous) there are A LOT of ticks here. And while I didn’t get one on me recently, I do know that what’s inside the tick is the most dangerous part. And last week, (I don’t want to gross you out but…), I squeezed one to kill it– and the junk inside? Well, it went in my eye! Ridiculous? Yes! I know.

My eye seemed fine for a few days but now it feels constantly inflamed. I’m trying to keep cool and see how things go– there’s not much I can do— I’m already working on boosting my immune system every day. Otherwise, I would just be prescribed antibiotics which don’t work great for this anyway. And I actually happen to be taking berberine every day for my ovaries right now– which actually works better than most antibiotics ANYWAY. So I’m just continuing that and hoping for the best.

But it’s things like that. Life will always throw these curveballs– and all we can do is move forward. So yes, I’m nervous, but trying to take care of my body the best I can regardless.

I’m not sure how it reads, but the tone of this post feels funny to me. Maybe it’s the amount of humid dampness I’m drenched in right now— it’s making me agitated. But overall, I’m really content with things. Antsy with mold, battling the mind when it comes to health, but overall good. I’m grateful for life and living. I’m sad about the farm and I’m putting my trust and belief in the idea that it will be in the right hands.

One day at a time for now. Not trying to stress about things out of my control. And trying to really (but REALLY) enjoy all the parts of life. Even the parts that are not that easy have undeniable value. So even if it all doesn’t feel enjoyable, then we should try to appreciate it all, no? Yeah. I think so.

I love you guys. There’s so much more I should update on… but I figured a quick run down was at least in order for now. Thanks for caring enough to read any new updates at all 😉

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