The Paloma Sol property is currently under contract. THANK YOU!

This has been an incredibly hard decision that we have gone back and forth on. We cannot possibly put into words, or even photos the sheer beauty of this sacred place. This property is truly a dream. We have put A LOT of love and labor into this place and we’re sad to close this chapter, but we must right now. If you or someone you know is interested in building an organic life, completely off-grid, this might be the place for you.

We are deeply emotional about letting this space go. It is a magical space that can provide enough food, energy, and life for everyone who inhabitants it + more. Nestled between volcanos, you have fertile lands, singing birds, a temperate spring climate year round and the most beautiful sunrise view every morning. The earth here has been transformed and re-born into organic and pesticide-free for abundant tropical highland foods– able to grow everything from pineapples to apples and everything in between.

Again, we really can’t put into words how amazing this property/land is, but we will try. All the details are below. Send us an email if you have questions/inquiries or want to check out the land in person.



The property is 30 meters wide by 500 meters long. 15,000 square meters, approximately 3.7 acres.
*Optional adjoining land upgrade of 7000 square meters approximately 1.7 acres.
Lake access with a private covered dock. The first half of the property is flat with a slight grade, perfect for planting out gardens and building structures.  The second half of the property continues up the base of the inactive San Pedro Volcano.  San Pedro is the oldest volcano In Lake Atitlan.  It is a pretty strong incline of wild forest up the length of the property. During the rainy season, this area provides much-needed nutrition for the land below as the rain washes down lots of organic material that feed into the coffee forest and down into the gardens. This land is truly some of the most fertile lands we have ever seen.  Hiking up the base of San Pedro is beautiful and you will encounter untouched forests with wild mushrooms, orchids, and so many birds. The Tzutijil name for Santiago means ‘land of birds’ for a good reason. The main living space of the property is fully fenced in with 2 locking gates to keep pets in and out of neighboring crops.


“Solita” – A 14′ 1958 LoneStar Vintage Aluminium lake boat with like new Suzuki 15HP outboard 4 stroke motor. Super easy access in and out of the property and into town.


A brand new 3000w 120v solar system features 4, 450-watt, 24-volt monocrystalline panels. They are amazingly efficient even during hazy or cloudy days.  The panels feed into a 60 amp controller which then passes to our 8, 12 Volt 150 Amp hour batteries.  Finally, a 3000W inverter feeds 2 water pumps, the water filtration systems, and all electricity for the cocina.  The system is fully grounded and fused to protect against lightning and any electrical interruptions. This system provides enough electricity to power a refrigerator, a small chest freezer, and any appliances one would need. The system is designed to be expandable if the need arises in the future.
The property also features 2 smaller solar systems:
1. 60W panel that feeds a 75AH battery for the Rancho, power lights at night, and any charging needs.
2. 400W panel system that feeds 2 x 150AH batteries that power the shower and provide power to the bodega for power tools and miscellaneous use.
3. 250L solar water heater to provide steamy hot showers year-round.



There are two sources of water, either directly from the lake, or from an onsite well. Both sources are equipped with brand new fully automated Leo 1HP submersible pumps that are powered by the solar system.  The water is pumped up the property to our holding tanks located up at the base of the volcano.  It is able to hold up to 3,000 liters of water.  From there, the water is gravity-fed down the length of the property feeding into the irrigation system and into our full-scale filtration system.  The filtration boasts a 5-stage (yes 5-stage) process: sediment, activated charcoal, softener, UV light, and ultimately reverse osmosis for drinking and cooking located in the kitchen.  This is about as clean and amazing as you can get when it comes to water filtration.  The system is large enough to handle any expansion on the property where filtered water is needed, i.e. showers and future living spaces.


One of the most exciting projects is the newly finished open kitchen. A local architect and many incredibly talented tradesmen helped to create this one-of-a-kind space. We decided to utilize the natural stone located in our mountain to build the walls. The Mayan masons around Lake Atitlan have been working with stone like this for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Firstly, stones had to be individually harvested out of the mountain.  Canteros, as they are called, come with nothing more than chisels and hammers and break the rock by hand in big chunks. From there they chop the stone into more workable pieces.  Once the stone is ready the masons work with each stone piece by piece putting chopping them to fit exactly into place.
The kitchen has 2 levels. The upper level features a large island space perfect for entertaining and hosting workshops.  Built into the island is a traditional wood-fired stove which also helps to warm the kitchen up during the colder months.  The island also has a brand new Whirlpool 6 burner gas stove and oven.  There is A LOT of storage from cemented open shelving to beautiful local cypress wood open shelves and drawers.  The large double basin stainless steel sink is great for washing large amounts of dishes but also to wash all of your beautiful farm fruits and veggies.  Underneath the sink is where the reverse osmosis system is housed.
The built-in space has 2 alcoves designed for a small refrigerator and a small chest freezer, really handy for homestead life.  Next to this is a fruit cabinet/food storage area.  It is a completely sealed cabinet space that provides an airy space to ripen all those bananas and fruits sealed off from bugs and other pests.  There is also a beautiful, built-in wall, and a 100% natural wood-fired oven.   The bricks were mortared into place with a mixture of clay and panela (a raw form of sugar).  The base of the oven is a brick tile that sits on top of an insulation layer of salt and crushed glass.
The lower level is a two-step down area designed with dining and guest entertaining in mind, but it is large enough to fit a queen + twin bed to use the kitchen space as a live-in studio.


There is a two-level rancho on the property. This can be used as a teaching space, a home, a large storage unit and so much more.  The loft space is cozy and has a view of the lake. The downstairs is a large open floor plan space with built-in shelves/counters and tinted windows on most walls. The rancho was designed to stay cool throughout the day– to retreat from the warm mid-day sun. The rancho is constructed in the traditional way with a palapa-style straw roof and partly earthen walls. The palapa roof has recently been renewed and with proper maintenance will last for years to come. The walls and roof were built separately so there is the option to remove the earthen walls if an open-style palapa is preferred.


This structure sits on top of our well base to add protection and currently functions as our main tool shed.  It is an all-wood structure with a traditional palm roof that is completely securable. It features two doors for cross ventilation and can be used as a fun sleep structure for kids and guests.


The bathroom is a dry composting system with 2 units.  Repurposed wood shavings from local carpenters are used to maintain optimum conditions.  It typically takes about 2-3 months to fully compost after filling the chambers, after which you are left with some of the best fertilizers in the world. There is also an outdoor shower is fully equipped with a 250L solar water heater.


The property features an authentic, beautiful wood-burning temazcal.


There are 3 covered bamboo platforms that serve as seating, resting areas, dining, or whatever your heart desires. They are also the perfect size to pop up smaller tents under or can fit up to a full 5-meter diameter glamping tent to host friends, family, and guests.


We currently have 3 varieties of Melipona bees split over 5 hives on site.  Melipona bees are completely stingless and help to pollinate all of the many fruit trees, coffee, and wildflowers. These bees produce incredible medicinal honey that is slightly fermented in taste.  It is typically harvested twice a year. There is a local beekeeper in town that is happy to do this process for you or teach you to do it yourself.


Throughout the property, there is an incredible collection of fruit trees, edible plants, flowers, medicinals, and herbs. We have 5 different types of bananas which are definitely our most prolific crop.  At least up to 50 clusters are planted all throughout the property.  After that, we have an abundance of citrus including, mandarins, sour mandarin, Valencia orange, lime, native lemon, seedless lemon, Japanese lemon, and Ponderosa lemon.  Native avocados, hass avocado, loquat, peaches, apples, figs, guava, nance, and ice cream bean, just to name a few.  We have several large fruiting mulberry trees along with blackberry, Maya berry, and wild strawberry.


350 Native Bourbon Arabica coffee trees, interplanted with bananas, avocados, and hardwood provide shade, fruit, and a future source of firewood.


The Paloma Sol property is located at the base of Volcan de San Pedro, right across the bay from the Tz’utujil town of Santiago. While there are many beautiful areas and towns on Lake Atitlan, this particular area is special because it is the most unaltered by outside and tourist influences. While there are a growing number of people who speak spanish, the primary language still remains Tz’utujil. You can find a variety of beautiful hand-woven textiles and the biggest market on the lake in Santiago. You can also find most other things you need in town, like a carpenter, seamstress, beautiful lakeside restaurants, and more.
The property itself is only accessible by boat or by foot. It’s a quick few-minute ride via Solita, the on property boat, or with a hired private lancha. You can also hike through the gardens + fields to arrive at the small Mayan village of Chacaya and take a flete (truck) into Santiago from there. The Santiago dock has frequent direct boats to both the town of Panajachel and San Pedro.
Another perk of the Santiago side of the lake is the easier access to Guatemala city. You are able to head south, past the volcanos into the tropical low lands for a straight and flat ride directly into the city and La Aurora, the country’s main airport.
This part of the world is one of our absolute favorites. We have found that the Maya are some of the kindest people in the whole world. The property is secluded and away from the bustle of town, but you can still watch festive fireworks on big holidays, and view men canoeing to work each morning or afternoon on their traditional wooden canoes. The people are kind, the area is safe, the nature is extraordinary, and living on Lake Atitlan is an amazing adventure.
We hope the next person, couple, or family who inhabits this land loves it, nurtures it,  and cherishes it as much as we have.
Send us an email if you have questions/inquiries or want to check out the land in person //
*Optional land upgrade: We are able to offer the neighboring property to the property title. It is 7000 square meters / approx 1.7 acres large.  It is open land with 300 native pesticide-free coffee trees growing. It has a slightly (very slight) incline that offers a really amazing view of the lake and the town of Santiago. You can reach out directly for more info on this too.

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