About Drea

I have a variety of names, but I most commonly go by ‘Drea’. If you want to be all professional on here, ‘Andrea Duclos’— but, I’m not one for formalities anyway. From a very early age, I’ve had an intense curiosity for life, a lust for exploring, and a deep love and concern for the earth. Even now, into my thirties, I still feel that same curiosity and passion. I believe synchronicity and interconnections exist everywhere— we just have to pay attention. 

I’m an over-sharer, an over-thinker, and an over-feeler to the max. I believe that life is too short and I’m doing my best to grab on and hold on to every moment of good and bad around me. I want to embrace it all, feel it all, and tell bad jokes to normalize the uncomfortable situations along the way.

I’m Pisces, INTP, and enneagram #9. Maybe that means something to you too. I’ve been happily veg for 21 years and vegan for 15 years. I’m grateful to have this space to connect with other open-minded, love-promoting explorers of the universe. But mostly, if you’re here, I hope you too will find inspiration to love the earth, universe, and yourself.

C. Difficile, Vaccine Injury + Healing

In 2015 I experienced growing and painful symptoms of chronic inflammation after heavy metal toxicity with a round of vaccinations. Not long after, due to my then failing immune system, I endured a week-long hospital stay to recover from the deadly gut bacteria known as C. difficile. Since then, my life (and blog) has had an even greater focus on healing through healthy and natural living. 

Thanks to insane loads of research, a diet overhaul, and sheer hard work I am once again feeling alive and well in the world. I have been lucky enough to help hundreds of people in their healing journey. Want to set up a private call to aid your natural healing process? Schedule a call: HERE. You can also find a list of specific c. diff questions and answers HERE.

Connect With Drea

Alternately, maybe your gut is great (I sure hope so!) And maybe you’re looking to ask questions on one of the many other topics and ideas I’ve experienced and grown with over the last few years. I’m happy to set up a question and answer coaching call on a variety of topics! Fruit-based eating, moving a family internationally, single parenting, detoxing, and so much more! Got burning questions? Schedule a call: HERE.

Work With Drea

Through naturally growing my blog into a full-time company over the last 10 years, I have learned a lot about content creation, product photography, and branding for the web. I love working with brands that I truly believe in — to help them create beautiful, colorful, and unique content to help them grow their social audience from followers into devoted customers. Got a web-based project you’re looking to kick off? Send me a message: HERE.

Following Intuition + Leading With Curiosity

I want to spread joyful curiosity everywhere I go. I’m not an expert in anything. I don’t have a master’s degree of any kind and I prefer to keep it that way. I want to be a student of the universe and spread my knowledge with anyone who cares to listen and grow with me. I’m someone who tunes in and intuitively steps forward each day with a bit of common sense, instinct, and a lot of love. 

I believe the universe holds infinite possibilities and potential, and by living a more simple, free, and focused life, we can harness that energy within and around us each day. I hope to lead by example. But more than that, I hope to show people that they are capable of embracing and using this amazing energy source too. The universe provides once we connect with it. (Interconnections are everywhere after all.) I want you too to find true happiness and the infinite potential of freedom that lives within yourself.

Now In The World

I spend most of my time with a book in hand or a research study in front of me. Finding connections and insight through research brings me unbounded amounts of joy. And when I look up from my inner nerdy world, I’m beyond thrilled to find my family— a book and nature-obsessed daughter, Marlowe Paloma, and a meticulous and anchored chef husband, Alex. Without too much thought we live a highly sustainable and fairly minimalistic life. I believe less is more and letting go of physical objects and indoctrinated constructs can bring immense freedom. 

I became incredibly ill about 7 years ago due to medical injury and because of this: I don’t take a second for granted and I feel each day is an opportunity to work on health and appreciation. Now, together with my family, we eat kilos of fresh fruit daily, living a high fruit, high raw, vegan diet. We have all found better health through this abundant and delicious lifestyle.

The start of 2020 led to some big changes for everyone, and maybe especially for us. In March 2020 Marlowe and I left the U.S. We spent five months in the rainforest of Costa Rica before eventually heading to the pacific coast of Mexico. (It’s a long story to be shared one day). One year later, Alex joined us. The three of us are currently living in a small dusty surf/circus town in Nayarit Mexico and loving every bit. We’re so excited for the future and incredibly grateful for the present moment and everything leading up to now.

Are you looking to reach Drea? Send a kind hello? For general inquires please contact: ohdeardrea@gmail.com