Ohdeardrea Dreams Of India – Join Us For A Spring 2015 Adventure!

I believe there is a big group of us that love the dream of exploring— of taking new adventures, vacations, and visiting new destinations. With the help of my best friend, Lisa who works with Above The Clouds, a goal was set in motion. Together, we let our imaginations go wild and after months of working, we are proud to say our dream India itinerary has come to life. Day by day, hotel by hotel, meal by meal, and activity and activity, each has been picked out, planned discussed, and chosen by us. 
This trip is filled with beautiful locations, meeting and learning from artisans, textiles, vegetable and spice markets, home cooking lessons, yoga (almost daily!), and beautiful hotels that are typically outside of your planned and average tourist travel. And to add to it all, we’ve planned this trip to line up perfectly with the forever colorful Holi festival and a very rare opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal by moonlight.  

After 25 years of knowing each other, Lisa and I are excited to explore India together. Even more, we are excited about the idea of traveling with our wonderful friends from India, as well as diverse people who share our dreams from across the world— and are as excited about this opportunity for adventure as we are 🙂  

You can read more about this amazing trip: HERE. And questions and answers: HERE

Are you interested in becoming part of this trip? Please visit the Ohdeardrea Above The Clouds page for more information or email Lisa (lisa@aboveclouds.com) directly to request our two week itinerary (February 28th – March 12th 2015). Space is limited! We hope you can join 🙂 

*all images & video taken in India were photographed by Rubina Baig for Ohdeardrea Dreams of India
*song: Mehendi Rachi (feat. Mumford & Sons, The Dharohar Project)

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Ohdeardrea Dreams of India – A Two Week Artisan, Textile & Food Adventure For You To Join

Ohdeardrea Dreams of India: Details! Yay!

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