Hey there!

I started this blog 11 years ago to document my private life and share my personal knowledge and experiences gained in the world. I over-shared maybe a bit too much. I connected with people. I told life stories of hard growth and true joy. I became a mother, a wife, a puzzle solver, a self-healer, a home-gardener, a cookbook author, a photographer, and so much more in this process. I created recipes, DIY’s, home design tips, wellness hacks, and as many creative and healthful, and eco-friendly things I could offer. I fell into illness and dove deeper into research and exploration of healing and the natural world.

While never holding back from the personal details, I created a business from learning and sharing. I made money selling sponsorships and advertisements. And I did it all publically online for well over a decade. The internet had changed a lot since then, and I’m looking for a more personal-focused quiet life online. I want to keep sharing content, but I want to get more into the grassroots and uninhibited model I started with. And so from here on out… this space will be a primarily donation-based, community-run platform. Is there something you want to learn? Something you want to see? Useful knowledge you have gained? Let’s exchange our energy.

From personal experience, I’ve learned that we truly can create, manifest, or call in the reality and future we want. Letting go of fear, indoctrinated constructs and mindsets, following our innate intuition, and leading with curiosity can bring us to a better future self.

Interconnections and synchronicity are everywhere! We just have to look. After all, everything is connected. If our past selves are connected to our present selves, then why don’t we consider the fact that our present selves are connected to our future selves? With a little bit of focus and intention, I truly believe we can step into everything we want and more. I’m grateful your path led you here. You have been and are part of my growth process and I hope to be part of yours too. Thank you for finding me in this space. I look forward to sharing life with you and connecting here on ohdeardrea and in person at future retreats.


Do you want to live a more simple, clean, focused, joyful, healthy, and curious life? Want to feel free? Want to BE free? Want to eat more in tune with the earth? Do you want to de-clutter the noise, the materialism, the consumeristic ideas that are sold to us? Want to step through fear and get to a life that seems idealistic, but far from the norm and maybe just too out of reach? Do you want to learn more and grow every day and connect with like-minded individuals who are also questioning the “norm”?


You’re not alone in the world. There are a lot of us asking questions and wanting to govern our own health and well-being. Questions, self and communal learning, and deeper connections are welcomed and honored here in this space. 

Through blog posts, videos, and more, I hope to share my story and show others that they too create their potential and control their futures. But more than that, this space is about connection and growth in the world and with each other.

I hope to continue sharing in a fluid space. A place to create and share the new norm and the new structures together with those who want to support. There will be nothing done ‘by the book’ here— I’m growing too. Just courage and a belief that we can collectively create better lives for ourselves and for all beings and energies around us. I hope to help guide and inspire. I appreciate your support and energy in all our life dreams and crazy endeavors in the world. Thanks for being here. Please come on in.


All donation options are billed monthly and offer full access to all ohdeardrea private content. New personal journals, videos, recipes, how-to’s and so much more. Your donation directly supports our family, our farm caretakers, the ohdeardrea site, and future content creation. We’re so very grateful to you. Thank you!



But why are there so many price options? We want you to take a minute to sit with yourself and tune in. What rate can you afford? What karmic monetary energy can you offer? There are zero expectations on this end. We understand that we will find ourselves in different places at different time periods of our lives. For some months and years, the energy is flowing. Other times it is not. At the end of the day, while we do appreciate (and rely on) your monetary support to keep the back end of this system and the hours of quantitative time up and running, the most important thing to us is the emotional energy you bring to this space. We believe that the positive energy we put out will be drawn right back to us. A positive charge creates a positive charge.


You can easily cancel your chosen donation tier and sign up again at a new price of your choosing at any time 🙂


It takes hours of work to create one post. And even longer to create videos. On top of that, we have to pay the back-end of this system to keep this platform up and running. For every member that signs up, there is a fee that gets paid out to our system. Keeping a private blog ensures that the people who choose to visit and collaborate with the energy in this space, truly want to be here to support. We want to keep this space a positive space for the people truly looking for inspiration and growth. READ MORE HERE.


This is basically that. But, because I like organization and I want all my memories to be in one place, I’ve set up the system on ohdeardrea. There is A LOT of content here– and I want to keep this space my home 🙂 No need to go back and forth to different websites.


We’ve added a “buy a tree” option. These donations go directly into paying our full-time caretaker on our farm as well as whatever other expenses are needed to protect the land. Alternately, you can tell a friend or family member to check out ohdeardrea + our current endeavors. Word of mouth is still king, even in the online world. We want you guys to be part of our process and we deeply appreciate any and all support you can send our way! We’re going to need a lot of love and resources to make this dream grow <3

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  • You want access to read new updated ohdeardrea posts, including new stories on life abroad in Mexico and Guatemala.
  • You want to help support and care for off-grid farm project: Paloma Sol— even when we’re not there, there is a lot of love and care that needs tending to protect and nourish it.
  • You want to learn how to follow your intuition and follow your curiosity into your true life’s path.
  • You sometimes feel out of place, questioning ideas and instruction you’ve been taught, and you want to hear others’ feelings on this too.
  • You want to connect with a like-minded + positive group of individuals in the world.
  • You are looking for advice on healing c. diff, heavy metal toxicity/vaccine injury, or other man-made dis-eases.
  • You are looking to grow and expand as a human — with other humans — while minimizing the noise, doubt, and fear in your life.
  • You need inspiration and ideas on how to declutter your physical and emotional life.
  • You’re looking for inspiration to step into a better, freer, healthier self.
  • You want to learn how to decrease your anxiety and depression without the multibillion-dollar medical system.
  • You want vegan, healthy, and allergen-friendly recipe inspiration to feed yourself, your family, and/or friends.
  • You want to learn to intimately connect with yourself to eat better, sleep better, breathe better, feel better, and live a life more attuned to who you really are.
  • You want more info on how to move off-grid and out of the system to build a self-sustainable life.
  • You want to connect with and gain inspiration from someone who is willing to dive all in, take the risks, and share the outcome. (Hi! That’s me!)
  • You want to jump in take a risk.