As promised— a super easy recipe. And yes, I understand, coffee isn’t generally considered a meal, but for Alex and I, coffee was absolutely a meal, one of our favorite meals together. Anyway, before we stat talking about the most important meal of the day, I just want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t say enough thank you’s for the comments and emails flowing in after my recent post.  I’ve spent many tears reading all of it. Thank you. Still trying to take each day– and really, each moment at a time. But I really can’t share my gratitude with you guys enough. For now, I’ll share coffee….Cold brew is delicious, right? I mean coffee in general is gold. I actually had to give up coffee in this mess– and I hsve recently been given the OK to start it back up again— or at least the okay to try it and see how it affects me. But I’m going to wait a few more weeks— or as long as I can—which is probably a few more days– or hours if I keep thinking about coffee, haha. Some of the perks of cold brew, if you didn’t already know them:-it lasts a lot longer than brewing a regular batch of coffee. No time? No problem. You can store it in your fridge to drink all week long for your busy schedule and work week.

-It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than buying pre-made cold brew. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to splurge on your favorite bottled cold brew— it’s a great weekend treat, isn’t it? But if you’re drinking a lot of it, you’ll be saving a ton of money making it at home.

-And you don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment (not going lie, I LOVE our fancy espresso machine though, it makes life magical). You just need some good quality beans and a few cheap tools– many of which you probably already have.

-Also? It’s much lower in acid. Which is great for people struggling with tummy issues since it makes it much easier to digest. (hooray!).

Easy, cheap, delicious, easy on the gut. I mean, that’s a win all around, right?

You’ll need:
-6 ounces of good, fine ground coffee*
-6 cups filtered water
-large jug/pitcher/container with lid
fine metal strainer
unbleached coffee filter – a regular one is fine too
chemex or place to filter coffee

*So lets chat about the coffee for a second. Theres a few things you want to look out for— you want your coffee to be fair-trade, organic, and shade grown.
fair-trade so that the farmers are making the money they deserve and can support their families
organic so that it’s better of your health and not harming the farmers
and shade grown so that rainforests aren’t being chopped to grow the beans.

We purchase a big ole’ five pound bag of fair-trade, organic, shade grown coffee beans online– which offer a subscription service. There’s also a three pound medium roast bag of beans. We always grind the beans ourselves for optimal freshness. But if you don’t have a grinder, be sure to buy a bag of ground coffee for yourself! And/or you can always buy from these guys– but I’m biased since I took a bunch of photos for them 😉

How to:
-carefully pour your 6 ounces of fine ground coffee into your water and mix well.
-cover with lid and let your coffee sit in a cool dry place for 12 to 18 hours. You can push it a bit longer on time, if you really need to, but 12 to 18 is best to not have your cold brew be overly bitter and intense.
-once ready, strain your coffee through a fine-medium strainer into a jug or pitcher. You can skip this skip and head straight to the coffee filter, but I wouldn’t recommend it— unless you’re trying to teach yourself a lot of patience.
-take strained coffee and now filter through your coffee filter. We do this right into our chemex since it’s our most convenient option, but you absolutely don’t need a chemex, you can just set something up to strain it through the coffee filter.
-once filtered, you’re done! Store in fridge and use as often as you’d like!
-drink as is or serve with your favorite milk. vanilla almond milk for me, please.

Voila! With about five minutes of prep time and zero action wait time, why not make some cold brew this week?! Then get really caffeinated, come back here and tell me awesome rambling stories, k? 😉

ps. I planned to do a whole post on coffee, since I surprisingly asked a good amount about coffee– but never did. We take coffee pretty seriously in our house though 😉  For for those who inquired, our espresso machine is a bit on the pricey side— it was a a splurge item for us— but we have zero regrets. It’s upped our coffee game by 1,000%. I’d totally recommend buying it if you’re in the market for one! Our coffee grinder too.


  1. I use a cold brew toddy maker for my coffee concentrate. Just be aware of certain coffees as it gives chocolate undertones once its brewed.

  2. Continuing prayers for you <3 <3 In the meantime, this looks so remarkably delicious I am so making this tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  3. Thanks for sharing coffee with us 🙂 It's great to hear from you again.
    Hoping you're feeling better, and sending warm wishes.

  4. Perfect for a hot day, such as the one we're having right now. A timely post! CJ xx