We had an absolutely amazing weekend over here. Though it did go by much too fast. We didn’t do THAT much, but still great. Marlowe went to my mom’s for a sleepover Friday (mom came to town!) and I went to nighttime yoga. On Saturday, without planning too much, I got to meet up with four different friends on four different occasions. And Alex spent all day at a festival yesterday. It was interesting. I really only went to see one band that I hadn’t seen in 12+ years, but that was great.

I know last week was quiet around here. I feel like I’m still trying to adjust this space. But here we are again! I have a lot of asked for posts and really open posts coming up. Once things quiet down this week (or if they do) then I’ll be able to sit undistracted 🙂 For now, pictures of recently enjoyed things… like the fact that you can’t tell the difference between my feet and Marlowe’s friends.

Market days. Gosh, I LOVE passionfruit season. Also a neon green popsicle. Ick. Marlowe asked for lime. I did not expect it to be so green.

Nighttime escapes. Ps. The moon was SO dreamy last night!

She’s rare to cuddle with me in my bed in the morning. I had to document.

Valentine prep.
Did I post this? I can’t stop making her friendship bracelets. She’s probably let me cover her entire arms.
An old photo I keep seeing that I’m also not sure whether or not I ever posted it. So I’m posting it here and now so that I can stop thinking about it 😉
I love her so much.

Unplanned beach escape with him. We’re both usually somewhata prepared or have some sort of idea we might end up at the beach. Not this day. It was still nice. And a colder day for us full time Florida people anyway.

Life in Florida in a nutshell.
I asked her why she didn’t want to sit on the couch and she said, “You got sand everywhere and it has forced me to sit on the floor” hahaha. I really do get sand all over the couch all the time. #beachlife, ya know?
Fresh chickpeas! We never see this around here!
Monkey life.

One day I hope to be as cool as her. I did wear black on black yesterday. SO maybe I’m half there 😉

Alright friends! I’m off to yoga! Been doing it like crazy. Almost completely all meditative yoga though. I don’t do it for exercise really. But it still feels so good. I hope you have an AMAZING week! If you’re feeling stressed take some big belly breaths and reset and start again 🙂 Cheers!

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