It’s currently 9:53 am on Friday. I’m sitting here in a cut up tank top and Alex’s underwear. On our smaller blue couch– the embroidered one. It has been ripped up pretty good, but I’m trying to look past that— and everything else happening in the house. Haha. Still waiting on the fixing of our water damage. The only thing that has changed  in that world is that now we know where the leak(s) are coming from. Weeeee.

But anyway, a lot of you guys liked my last super random brain farty post, so I thought let’s try that again.

  • This is my current bedside table. We hit up the bookstore this week. I know full and well the library is a great option, but I can’t help but love buying new books to keep for myself. And it’s not a bad investment to make, though I do wish many were more affordable. This is one of the books I bought: The Body Keeps Score It’s has over 1,600 reviews on amazon and 5 full stars. I’m excited and nervous to dig into it. I think it’ll help on my body trauma in regards to illness as well as other past personal events in my life.
  • Speaking of books, would you guys be into doing an online book club type thing? And would any of you guys be interested in hosting it with me? I feel like this is one of those things that I think and say  will be a good idea, but then I’ll struggle to move forward with, haha. I do that too often.
  • Let’s jump back to my bed side table…. I keep this pretty little jewelry holder next to my bed. My moms friend gave it to me years and years ago. I use it for one ring (that’s all I own– but I don’t wear it much because it gets stuck on everything). It’s mostly at my bedside table to hold my mouth guard. Because if you guys didn’t know it, I’m sexy as can be. But even with the 500$ night guard I wake up with grinding headaches wah. I’m crazy sleeper/dreamer, guys. I had a dream that involved Alex feeding my friends kid ramen noodles— like the really junky 75 cent kind. I also have a salt lamp next to my bed— and have had it forever. My question is: do salt lamps even work? I don’t know, but I cant part with mine. And there is a tiny empty pineapple basket that I found in Izamal, Mexico. I love the little basket.
  • It’s now 11:56 am, haha. In this time I had an acai bowl, put on jeans and crop top, and went and picked up my mother (she’s visiting for the weekend). We were going to go to Miami but it didn’t work out. Too much rain and other things. I’m on the couch again, on my laptop, and I keep adjusting my pants. I’m not sure how I feel about me in crop tops. I want to feel comfortable in them, so I’m wearing them. That’s how it works, right?  I’ve also found it a struggle to sit at my desk lately. Not sure why. Any other work from home people struggle with this? Speaking of work at home people– I’ve meant to sit down and do a big blog post answering all your questions on the business side of this space. But I also want to share my personal qualms with it lately— cause I’m sure you guys know I have emotions behind everything, haha. Hoping to finally get that post done. 
  • You wouldn’t recognize our living room if you saw it. The big couch is gone (temporarily). The layered rugs are gone. Our big fluffy bedroom rug is in the living room. The furniture is all moved around. We’re just in this weird transition period waiting for repairs/renovations. We debated getting a new couch to replace the floral one, but it felt so wasteful to get rid of a perfectly comfortable couch. There was a misunderstanding with the upholstery company we took it too. And so instead of paying wayyyy too much money and instead of trying to get the giant (and very heavy) couch back into our home (to have to take it back out again) we opted for a slip for just the seat. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m not thrilled about the idea of paying excessive money for a slip, but whatever. I’m no longer attached to the ideas of design. I just want to be comfortable in my space.

  • The image above is a card I pulled from a giant deck at a workshop I attended last weekend. It’s my “reading” of sorts. I touched and then let go of this card about 5 times before I finally just went for it. “The art of letting go.” How incredibly fitting is this card for me? My life has been a trial of letting this go. And even more fitting, the morning I pulled this card, I had waken up from a TERRIBLE dream. I rolled over and went deep into conversation with Alex about how I need to let go of things that are scaring me. There are definitely certain fears in life that are in place to keep you from getting hurt, but there are always things you can let go of, you know? Then I drove south with my friend Steph and talked her ear off about how I need to just let go of things. Minutes later, this card came. Magic.
  • I bought prettiest rug on Etsy this month. I know some people are obsessed with etsy shopping– but I’ve never made a lot of purchases on there. But man it’s so easy to get sucked into the vintage rug section. I bought it for the bedroom, but its brighter than I had intended. We might end up hanging it somewhere once the house is done being fixed. Who knows, it’s pretty. I’d link it, but it’s vintage so now it’s not listed anymore.
  • It’s now 7:07 pm and the wifi is out. This means I’ve accomplished nothing today (in regards to this blog post). The only thing I’ve accomplished is coming back here to update you guys with the time, haha. But this also means tonight is a great night to snuggle up with the book I bought after I put Marlowe to bed. I mean…. I could draft up blog posts without the internet. But an excuse to cuddle up sounds nice too. 
  • It’s now 2:20pm on Saturday.  I did a great job at making the most pointless post ever. Haha. But an update to last night: I cleaned up and got into bed early with my book. I read about a chapter or so… and then I became extra useless due to fatigue. Not much takes places in the first chapter except that there are certain keywords that make me want to puke every time I read them. So that’s fun. But whatever. This post isn’t about the one day books I got. Or about anything obviously. Basically this post is about showing you guys how boring I am now. Or maybe how not boring? I’ve done all sort of other things instead– and I obviously can’t sit still long enough to get a post done in one sitting? Who knows.
  • My friend Steph and I were sitting around talking about creating a podcast. She’s had it in her mind for a while… and I’m well.. great at rambling. But I told her I would want one episode to be completely and totally about ducks. She said, “great I’ll just sit there and think you’re crazy” — or something along those lines. But I truly feel I have enough to say about ducks — (or at least using ducks as a great metaphor for so many other life things) that I could create an entire conversation on it. Either way, this is officially one of the most random and unimportant blog posts I’ve ever done…. and for that I am sorry for that. I owe you a cookie if you made it to the end.

Alright friends. I hope you’re having a good weekend. I’ve just distracted myself with the rug section again and so I should probably just hit publish before I wander off again. Sorry for this post. I swear I’ll have more cohesive ideas again later– my brain just refuses to work me now <3


  1. Yes to rambling posts, book club and podcasts!! I’m here for it all ❤️

  2. Like everyone else here, I really love the book club idea! I would love to host it with you too if you’d be interested. I’m an avid reader, reading hundreds of books a year (I’m not exaggerating either), usually a combo of non-fiction self-help/spiritual and fiction novels. I’m currently re-branding and have moved to a new space, but I always have time for reading 🙂


    • My only fear with the book club (besides tarting and not following through) is that I only really love non fiction + self help books and I hope others will be into that too 🙂 a few of you guys commented saying about co-hosting. Maybe I can have a few co-hosts. Currently looking into the best forum and then will go from there 🙂

  3. Drea I love the book club idea! I don’t have a huge following on my blog but I’d still be happy to host of course. I love to read, and the fact that I live in a really small town makes the idea of getting to share my thoughts/insights/etc. about a book WITH OTHERS so appealing! Also, love the rambly-ness of your post. Sometimes it’s nice to just read the thoughts in others’ heads, like they’re talking directly to you. (Idk maybe that makes sense?)

    • It does make sense. And I really do hope that my posts always will personal. It’s sort of weird writing knowing that it’s shared with everyone and they can’t as easily share their thoughts. I mean, obviously there are comments, but I know that can sometimes feel like taking into a machine and less personal than a true conversation. But I hope you guys can always feel personal in this space and know you’re not just reading a machine or commenting back into one 🙂

  4. drea. please do a book club. i have some really great titles in mind if you need any suggestions. reading is my life. i work at a bookstore and i’d be thrilled to see you/help you host a book club <3

    • I think I will! Currently looking into the best format to do it. I think a FB group is best– but I hate fb so I don’t know if I want to go that route. Seeing I can somehow do it right here on the blog 🙂

  5. I’d totally be interested in hosting a book club with you! I have a few in mind that I think you might be interested in! I’m a sucker for rugs and the one in the photo is beautiful! I also have a salt lamp next to my bed and I do think they work. I read that they give off negative ions just like the ocean does, which is so healing to be in! I think that’s a good idea you are getting a slip cover for your couch instead of getting a new one. Mercury is retrograde and its about re-purposing, reusing and all of the re words. The moon is also waning now so its the perfect time for letting go. 🙂


    • I really appreciate your comment being as ramble-y and all over the place like my blog posts 🙂 Thank you!

  6. I like your random posts 🙂 and I say absolutely yes to a podcast! My favorite types of podcasts are chatty, honest ones from people I find interesting.