Happy Monday friends!

Man, I did not want this weekend to be over. I don’t think any of us did. It wasn’t particularly special– other than the fact that we’re still not living at home right now. But we didn’t go on any grand adventures, or have any big plans (or really any plans)— it was just your average weekend at home, but in someone else home. We kept busy as usual, went to the farmers market, went grocery shopping, saw some friends, spent time in sun— you know, our normal happy moments. My weekends don’t usually feel too different from my weekdays, but for whatever reason, maybe it’s Kristian’s gorgeous pool (thats cool cold to use) that maybe this one feel more weekend-y. Ya know? It was good.

We’re all itching to pull Marlowe out of school. I don’t have many fears with it. Or any really. I guess my one is that some days are busier that others and I’m wondering if she’s going to be okay entertaining herself when homeschool doesn’t star first thing in the morning. My guess is yes, but you never know for certain. I also worry that our days will go by faster somehow. I don’t want them to go by faster. I’m hoping we can somehow make our days slower. My other concern, but not so much a fear is Alex’s schedule. One of the push deciding factors to why I want to homeschool Marlowe is so that she can spend more time with him, if his schedule does change in the future for whatever reason, he’s back to less time with her. But I guess he is right, that less time is still more time than now. Unless he has a weekend day off now, he doesn’t really see her other than the half hour in the morning. So homeschooling, whether his schedule changes or not, will give him more time with her.

Marlowe is excited to travel more. And I’m grateful for it. I’m hoping to travel with more friends too. Nudge nudge, any friends reading this. We’ve had such wonderful experiences traveling with different friends— I want to do more of it. We learn so much from traveling. Depending on where we go we learn about different cultures, or languages, fruits and vegetables, wildlife, all of it and more! We obviously get to learn A LOT when we experience a rainforest, like last week, but even in day to day interactions while traveling, you are able to learn so much from every moment.

Marlowe has ever so slowly been learning more Spanish. She knows most of her food– of course, haha. And a few other basics as well. I’m really hoping to push this more when we begin homeschooling more at home. Right now for homeschool we do a few activities on top of her normal school day. Not everyday, but most days. And we always do activities while traveling. She keeps a journal so we can practice writing. We do workbooks on the plane or in downtime. Unless we’re on a longer flight, she doesn’t watch anything. We still don’t have a tv and don’t plan to get one. And it’s rare for us to even have a tv while traveling, and if we do, it stays off. At home we will watch documentaries from time to time.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days (evenings) where we watch stuff on tv– I still do love to binge watch on something mindless on the days where I’m just too exhausted to function or even read straight, but for Marlowe thats rare. On the occasional friday evening we might watch something after or during dinner (because why not, its friday), but while traveling? There will be no tv.

I’m excited to learn more with Marlowe– while traveling and at home. I often get asked if motherhood changed me– and it has completely. Just like any big experience in our lives– it will have some effects if you let it– and positive ones if you want it. Parenting this kid has been the best.

I don’t know what our life will look like next year or even in a month. But I do know this year has been amazing for us. We’ve seen volcanos erupt, climbed waterfalls, visited tropical jungles, explored football sized markets, played in organic farms, met amazing strangers with amazing stories, and so much more. My only hope is that she remembers it all. And if not, well, I’m grateful to have this place to remind her.

I hope you guys have an amazing week. You’ll mostly find me sitting somewhere (most likely outside) with my computer trying to organize my life. Or you’ll find me inside organizing Kristian’s life. I’m not kidding. One of my favorite things to do is organize others peoples things– even since I was a kid I would help friends clean their rooms, haha. So yeah, I’m spending my time organizing everything. Oh, and hopefully sending off Marlowe’s letter to the school district with Alex this week— officially taking the next steps for the next homeschooling phase of her education. Hooray!

Happy Monday, friends. Hope it’s a good one 🙂 


  1. I feel like super concrete memories don't begin until around age 7. But I'm hopeful that Marlowe will remember all of this 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos. Good luck with the homeschooling adventure. It always seems like such a lovely way to learn and I'm sure Marlowe will absolutely thrive. CJ xx

  3. What an exciting time for you guys! My older daughter will start school this time next year… and to be honest I'm not sure how I feel about it! I'm all for the social side of it but really have issues with the schooling system (which is a lot more relaxed here than in other parts of the world). She's in kindergarten 2 days a week now though (I think what you guys call pre-school)and absolutely loves it so who knows! And wow your travel adventures are so amazing, I can't think of anything more wonderful for a child. It's my biggest dream to travel and adventure as much as possible with our kiddo's too. Being all the way over in New Zealand means that it's so expensive to get anywhere though, so we're hoping to do a bigger trip every 2 years. First destination is Sri Lanka!

    • New Zealand?! How fun! I hope to be able to visit there one day– but like you said, it's so far! I got asked to go last year for blog campaign, but already had travel plans for the expected travel dates– I was SO bummed. Hopefully the stars will align and it can happen some other time! IF you guys ever want to come to Florida, maybe we can do a house swap 🙂