Hi friends! I’m not sure why, but I’ve been *craving* a What Marlowe Eats post! Maybe it’s because we’ve been eating so many delicious fruits all day and cooking up some delicious feasts at night. We’ve really enjoyed the food world lately. Getting creative in the jungle in all sorts of ways.

I’ve been remembering to take photos some of the time, but not often. But it’s been months since I’ve posted any food photos– so I definitely have a ton of photos I haven’t shared. I actually came onto the blog to see an entire What Marlowe Eats post completed with photos already 🙂 So here we go! A post of delicious foods that we ate back home about three to four months ago 🙂

This was a staple for so long. Mashed potatoes, kale, and broccoli. Boring? Yeah maybe. But crazy easy to make and pretty comforting too.

Ate home sushi making party vs. sushi boat at Alex’s old restaurant party. (he’s opening up a new (non-asian) place this week!

Smokey roasted tomato vegetable soup Topped with roasted corn. We put the corn on top because I don’t digest corn well and this way I can enjoy the soup and Alex + Marlowe can enjoy the extraness of the corn.
Leftover sambar, tortilla chips, romaine topped with guacamole.
From a weekend trip to Orlando– where I took a photo of my food but you can see hers in the background. We basically never go out to eat, but when we do she almost always gets a veggie burger or nachos if there is an option. I got a salad bowl thing with tempeh. I really, really love tempeh. 
Smoothies in old tomato jars. My favorite weird colored smoothie for me. Banana spirulina for her.
Veggie pad-thai noodle night.

You know, I miss our acai bowls A LOT. But not as much as I thought I would. I think all the other fruits make up for it. We do banana passionfruit bowls here. Basically this banana ice cream recipe + passionfruit.
Sambar and dosa. Marlowe totally manifested a private dosa party recently. It was magic.

Yellow curry + white rice.

Super weird veggie tortilla plate night. Alex was craving falafel and the store was out so we bought these quinoa burger things. We basically never do that, but he had mentioned falafel so many times that we thought maybe this would suffice. With homemade hummus, tahini dressing, roasted veg + greens. Pretty decent.

Alright friends! It’s 8 pm and I should get to bed! I’m one of those *go to bed early and wake up at sunrise* people now. It took me 35 years but I finally made it happen 🙂 Night friends! Happy eating!

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