Time and time again I collect a million photos and memories of places. I then edit, organize, and sort them into drafts on my blog. And then, sadly, I leave them there. I want to document my moments especially the traveling ones with my family — because they are the most amazing memories I have and also, because maybe they might inspire you to adventure to that place as well. But time passes and then sometimes the moments seem too far long ago to share.

Not because I’ve forgotten the moments and feelings of the trip, but just because life has moved on. And maybe, I almost feel self conscious, like the maybe since the moments are so long ago they may not feel relevant or good enough. When they truly were. Cartagena was awesome. There was a blistering heat in the air, noise in the streets, colors filling so much of the space.

I enjoyed wandering into the old city as much as I enjoyed spending down time with my family (and extended family) in our rental home. These photos are moments from both of those experiences.

My grandmother. Easily one of my favorite people. I’m not really lot like my mother. We’re good friends. And I surely love her, but we’re very different. My grandmother though? She’s basically me, but you know, in espanol.

Also, hammocks are basically the best thing ever, right?

And pretty floors are the best thing ever. A big fan of that green color.

Oh and beautiful handmade baskets are the best thing ever. This photo was actually taken just minutes before leaving Cartagena. I saw the basket guy on the first day there. And Alex convinced me  that maybe I didn’t need a basket. But then I had serious regrets not buying a basket. I mean, you guys know I’m not necessarily trying to buy more more more. But I LOVE collecting beautiful hand made pieces when I travel.

That night Alex said, “don’t worry, you’ll see him everyday I’m sure.” Day 2: nothing. Day 3: nothing. Day 4: nothing. Day 5: I was drying!!! Where was my basket buy!? Then, just minutes before our cab came to get us, I see the basket guy walk by the window. I jumped up so fast to run after him. I almost ate sh*t on the ground tripping over my wide legged pants. But I made it outside and to him! I was pleased. And the baskets now are hanging in our home, machine oh so perfectly.

Him and a pile of bananas. There is certainly not a fruit shortage in Cartagena. It’s truly a fruitarian dream.

The prettiest street.

Fruit and color fruit and color. My favorite way to travel.

Orange, one of my least favorite colors. But damn, it’s near magical here.

Ohdeardrea: collecter of coconuts.

Dream street.

Often times it was Alex and Christine and myself roaming the streets. But sometimes we went out with my mother and aunt. My mother convinced me I needed something from Cartagena. I bought a very typical Colombian hat. I have yet to wear it at home. So close.

Red is my other least favorite color. And purple (I don’t remember a lot of purple though). But how dreamy is this flower balcony?

Omg the puppies. I wanted to cry because I fell in love with so many that I wanted to take home! I blame all the puppies for the addition of Leo. I said over and over we wouldnt get a dog after Jerry. Then this happened.

Babes. We can only hope to look half this good aging. I mean, I might— cause, you know, genetics. But still. Let’s all hope.

Balcony love. I grew up with a balcony outside my room in Massachusetts. I wasn’t really allowed on it. And raccoons visited often.

She told me how to pose. I love her.

We didn’t plan too many events for Cartagena. Navigating with a large family can be tough. We mostly hung out in the house and then wandered in small groups. But one of the days we all went for a touristy visit of the fort. This is what 11 Colombians look like pre-sweating and ready to take on the fort in the summer sunshine.

We were told the fort was a must do when visiting Cartagena. That “if you don’t visit the fort, you truly haven’t visited Cartagena” I don’t know if I would agree with that. But we came, we saw, we sweat everywhere, and conquered.

Evening walks.

And my favorite little lady, fresh after a shower after enjoying the steamy Colombian sun.

The first photo was actually taken on Alex’s and I five year anniversary. I guess we didn’t plan on wedding day well because it’s actually one day before my mothers birthday. So the week of her very special birthday celebration also happened to be the week of our 5 year. And while I dread surprises (and Alex knows this) he still planned a very special surprise that day. I came out of the shower to a group of mariachis ready to perform an assortment of ballads for us. I won’t lie, the attention on me was incredibly challenging for my introvert self. But the thought was magical.

I’m looking forward to head back that way sometime soon. You know, I used to travel with this idea of “ill visit once” in mind. But more and more, I find myself leaning towards a revisit of places I’ve loved. Even one visit can make a space feel comfortable and like home. <3


  1. Omg I loved this blog post! You make me wanna travel with my big ole family. Crying emoji face. Haven’t traveled far in a long while and hoping we can be better financially after we have the twins to go visit somewhere. I have a friend who was living in Colombia for some time and I was planning to visit her while there but then I became pregnant with my son and zika was going around and aahh…I’m sure I will get to know this beautiful place some day in the future. <3

  2. Beautiful pictures! I actually really love that you share things out of order! It’s not irrelevant, they are stories from your life. Sometimes if you share all in order it gives blogs a feel of it was a health blog…then it became a travel blog…now it’s home decor. Just my two cents but I say go ahead and share the older stuff!

    • Aw I’m glad you like it! that makes me feel better about taking months (or years) to post our travel adventures 🙂 Thank you!