Hey hey, friends! How are you guys? You may have noticed I’m using social media less. But I’m happy to still be sharing here on the blog. This is my happy, creative space, without limits. I just have and will always enjoy it so much more than a restricting system. It’s that whole control thing– I don’t like to be controlled and squished into a box 😉  So I’m just living life and putting a bit more time into other projects and posts here– like this really amazing, super-skilled video— heh.

Are you guys ready for another b-class movie with b-class performers? Haha. I thought it would be really smart to put together a video tour of our space because it’ll hopefully give you guys a better idea of our layout and maybe the size of the space too. That makes sense, right? I think so.

Fair video warning: We did not really plan video this out at all– we’re really just winging it here. And we really didn’t style our space for the video AT ALL– how you see it is how it is. I mean, my grocery cart is in the hallway right now, but I’m bringing that downstairs next time I leave. So what you see in the video is what you get in real, real life. If you walk in at any point on any day, then this is more or less how it will look. We’re currently missing the counter rice right now though, haha. But Marlowe makes her bed every day– and if she misses a day, then she comes home from school to make it. We usually make our bed too. We don’t have a lot of things so we rarely have clutter. We enjoy it very much.

I think you’ll find that while we do have both functional and aesthetically pleasing *things*, it’s rather minimalistic. This was important for us in creating a more eco-friendly space. Buying eco-friendly things is cool– but at the end of the day, the more eco-friendly option is not to buy anything if you don’t have to. And again, we’re not perfect, but we’re trying our best every day. Hopefully, our space will inspire you guys to try living with less too 🙂  Anyway– I’ll stop rambling. Check out the video below 🙂

See our living room tour with source links HERE.
See Marlowe’s room tour with source links HERE.
See my janky youtube page HERE.
See video upload directly HERE.
And our bedroom will be posted soon!

Ps. we’re bummed we didn’t tell you guys to “like and subscribe!” haha– that seems to be the standard in ALL youtube videos. Oh well 😉

PPS. I’m sharing a sign-up post this week to sign up for a sustainable living retreat I’ll be hosting this March 🙂 I can’t wait! We can talk about all the green eco-friendly things in real life together there…. if my video doesn’t scare you off 😉



  1. Shereen Lurie

    I love this tour – what a fun and vibrant space! What music is playing in the background?

  2. Oh man, this is one cute space. We have a three bedroom smallish house, but it has a large basement, and in six years we’ve just filled it. Ugh. I want to downsize. Seeing your place gives me the urge to purge. Lol. Question: we have a microwave that I use primarily for heating big batch soups and (re)heating coffee. Do you find this just as easy to do on the stovetop? I’d like to get rid of the microwave personally. Hubs thinks we’ll get miss it.

    • Soups are the easiest thing to do stovetop 🙂 We have a small pot that we just dump everything in and bring up to boil. Things that get tricky are pasta (cause it can break apart) or mashed potato (cause they can stick), but it’s definitely not so terrible that I would ever consider buying a microwave again 🙂

  3. Love your new home and video. I have the same Berkey!

    Please share the recipe/method for your counter rice.

    • Thank you! I plan to share once Alex’s schedule settles– I can’t share without him, cause he’s the sushi guy, def not me 🙂

  4. I love your new space! I love all the vibrant hues and color choices, especially the pinks and yellows 🙂 I got rid of my microwave over five years ago and everyone thinks I’m crazy. Ha! It’s so nice to be validated. Anyway, loved the tour! Keep doing what you’re doing. I kinda like that you guys keep it “real” and natural, but that’s just my two cents 🙂

    ~Laurali Star

    • Yes! High five to zero microwaves 🙂 It’s really not that hard to heat food on a stovetop 🙂 Thank you!