Yesterday. We had big plans for a huge (and long) beach day. We knew it’d be chilly, but man oh man we woke up to a cold and dark day that didn’t pass. So we had the best lazy day at home.

Beach sunsets.

A night we went out. I looked back to see my wonderful drunk friend taking this picture. Thanks, friend.

I’m sure I’ve shred a similiar photo, but I’ve just always loved this detail.

Me at the beach in my underwear. Cause #yolo. But seriously— if you’re not going in the water (and even if you are), then what’s the freaking difference? There is none.
Acai bowls in the sunshine. We usually sit on the balcony and eat these. But sometimes, usually if Marlowe is at school, then I just press myself against the warm glass and hang out inside.
Sort of like this actually. We both like the window spot.

The biggest, prettiest eyes and an empanada too. A good little morning in Orlando a few weeks ago.

This was all blurred out in our home tour video (again, not pros and not trying to be), but I’m glad I photographed it. I found out this week that she decided to recycle this and I’m so bummed. If you didn’t see our home tour video and can’t tell what this is, this is the cutest model of a van Marlowe designed for us. We told her the kitchen is a bit close to the bunk beds, but otherwise, it’s perfect.

We decided to have a beach picnic dinner but we got to the beach and a giant storm rolled in. So we sat under a palapa and ate under the clouds before heading home. He wasn’t mad.

I actually don’t like beet or carrot juice at all, but I made one anyway. And it matched my shirt.

For whatever reason Alex seems to really enjoy my sleepy mornings. I’m totally not a groggy or grumpy morning person, I can jump up pretty quick, but apparently, I have a major sleepy face that assumes him so much.

Halloween was fun this year. Super happy with how these quick and easy costumes came out. Perfectly and intentionally zero-waste. And super cute too. Win/win.

Two more, cause I love these photos so much.

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