Before we get to sharing all the delicious food pictures of what Marlowe eats…

I want to express a big thank you to you guys and all your sweet comments about Marlowe’s haircut. You guys are too kind. She loved reading through them on instagram 🙂   She heard very kind things at school too. And all around. And she has absolutely been confused for a boy already. The good news is that she totally didn’t mind it 🙂 So thank you again!

Now onto the food… Actually… one more thing: the perk of her haircut? I don’t have to keep warning her that her hair is about to touch her plate haha. The girl seriously HATED tying her hair back! Okay! Now onto the food…
Dosa filled with potato + greens, side of coconut chutney. I never thought this day would come… but Marlowe said she now needs a break from her dosa feast. I don’t think it’ll last long, but we’ll see. We were making them somewhat often, so I guess it makes sense, but yeah, I’m surprised.
We had some leftover plain rice noodles and somehow this weird pasta creation came up. Carrot, cabbage, and some sort of Asian style peanut sauce. She was into it.
Green banana smoothie. Still a very common thing around here. She has at least a few a week. Maybe 5 days a week at least? Sometimes the green comes from spirulina sometimes from spinach. I let her choose. 
We all love making and eating nachos around here and one night Marlowe and I were craving them. We didnt have chips– so we tried the potato route. They’re good, but definitely not the same. Also, I didn’t include it in the nacho recipe I posted, but I often make a “cheesy sauce” it’s similar to the one in my cookbook, but nut + fat-free. I should maybe share that soon.
Ethiopian food at a vegan festival: collards + yellow lentils + rice with no injera. It’s seriously bumming me out but all the Ethiopean places around here stopped making their injera the traditional way. They all have gluten in them now. Luckily this place had rice– so Marlowe went that route.

I’m looking at this photo and realizing this was actually my plate, not hers. She didn’t have the sweet potatoes or cheesy sauce on hers. A plate of mashed potatoes + veggie chili. With a side of avocado of course.
Chickpea salad for her. A regular salad for me. (We use avocado instead of vegan mayo now)

Listen guys– I am SO happy to post this photo. Marlowe can be stubborn about trying new foods sometimes (shes a creature of habit) but this girl finally tried spaghetti squash and if happy eating it! I wasn’t sure which she would prefer (and I couldn’t figure out what I was in the mood for) so I made a red sauce + a kale pesto sauce. She ended up liking the kale pesto more.
Pasta, tomato sauce, kale… on the beach. Normal, right?
Okay… apparently we were on pasta kick. Rice noodles and spaghetti squash both with red sauce, + sauteed kale with garlic. 
&Fruit. We had a massive 4-5 hour beach day with friends not too long ago. We spent the day eating fruits on the beach and hanging with friends. It was great.


Alright friends, thank you again for all your kind words to and about my kiddo. We appreciate you guys 🙂 It’s been pretty awesome having you guys watch her grow right alongside with me 😉


  1. Hannah E

    You should write a What Marlowe Eats cookbook full of pictures just like these. I would buy it as inspiration for making meals for my own plant-based kids.

  2. Herllooooo my friend, I wanna make this dosa and put it in my mouth hole. I am looking at stuff online but you should post the recipe for the dosa and the chutney!