Hello friends! How are you guys?! As I type this– it’s close to 8pm here in Paris. I’m currently in pjs and long socks. With a thermos of tea next to me (the airbnb we’re in seems to have a strange, lacking assortment of cups). Marlowe is watching Planet Earth. And we’ve just got back from a noodle date at the vegan Vietnamese restaurant next door.

My mom left today. She’s been here all week with us. We all flew into Paris  and met her at the luggage pick up. The three of us have walked all around town, eating foods, doing some (but not much) shopping, seeing art, drinking tea, and so much more. It’s a lot more quiet without my mom. She’s the talkative one of the family, but the streets and newness of everything fills the quiet moments in-between conversations with Marlowe.

It’s been a good trip. Yesterday the weather started to drop. And today the clouds and rain came in, but other than that the weather has been great. It was cooler than we thought it’d be, but that’s not a problem at all! It’s been nice to escape the Florida heat.

I’ve taken a ton of photos to share. Though honestly, maybe not as many photos as I thought I’d take. And I debated going through all of them and posting some here– but now, and during this trip, I’ve really just wanted to focus on enjoying my time, and not worrying about photos to post. I’ll get to the photos when I get home, ya know?! Here and now. Photos later.

Over the last two years or so, I’ve really made it a point to try not to stress much — and honestly, I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I know I said, it, but I’m grateful to be here. It’s sort of crazy being here– so far from home. And now that my mom is gone, really this is my first international trip alone– because while Marlowe is great company, I can’t really use her as a support system, haha. All other trips I’ve done with friends, family, or boyfriends. Never alone.

And so now I’m “alone”– but not really at all. Because while Marlowe can’t take charge in the trip– she really is the best little human to travel with. We’ll miss my mom, but I’m excited for this next upcoming leg of our trip. It’s Marlowe’s birthday in two days. I plan to wake her up with a birthday breakfast and then surprise her with the most awesome surprise I planned for her. If you don’t know what it is, well, I don’t want to write about it yet– cause you know, the little girl can read haha. But it’s a good one! She’s going to be so excited!

Other than the birthday surprise, we don’t have real plans for London. I have a ton of suggestions jotted down– but we’ll just have to see where our adventure takes us!  For now we’re happy living in a time warp of time change (we’re waking up around 10 and going to bed around 11pm these days) and enjoying our time abroad for sure. My health started high on this trip– and is slowly declining. You know, out of our routine, away from an easy diet, sleep habits changing, all the things. And it’s rough on this forever healing and struggling bod of mine– but I’m doing what I can. And making the best out of everyday and whatever energy I do have. Because trips like this, they don’t come around often and I’m grateful for this. Everyday everyday everyday.

Cheers friends <3<3

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