Hi friends! Here we go— our first official day in the life video! I mention it in the video, but each day can look quite different from another. It depends on the weather (especially the wind lately), the mood, and our ever-changing to-do list. We always have our main core part of the day– prepping food, collecting water, dishes in a bucket, and A LOT of sweeping. But our farm tasks, homeschool, and errands change quite often.

I’d love to have a more set morning routine, but overall, we enjoy the flexibility of our days– and working with the elements to create the best flowing day possible. Days will change a bit once we purchase a boat. I see us going into town more often for errands or to buy building supplies to create more projects on our property. And our days will certainly look a bit different when our first kitchen structure is finally built. I see us having a more set homeschool routine since we won’t have to move locations due to the elements.

It’s really amazing to see how much time during the day is spent on the most basic tasks.  Each day we appreciate more and more the simple things we tend to take for granted in our lives.  What’s even more amazing is to think about how many people live every day of their lives with so much less.  The fact that we even have our own fresh water source and do not have to make daily trips to the lake or a river, filling up buckets, and hauling them up to the house is really a luxury.

It’s a very different life from the one we all grew up in. The days have their own rhythm and pace that we’re learning to flow to. Nature is in control here. It’s both powerful and humbling.

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