The town of chiapas de corzo right outside tuxtla is adorable.

Hey friends! How are you? We’re still in Tapachula… I know… still!?! Yes. A long time now, eh? I thought I could share a video diary of our road trip experience up until this point. Considering I’m not in the habit of video recording everything I think I did OKAY in documenting. Could def be more footage, but it’s decent 🙂 I was hoping to post more on the road, but as you can imagine, parts of been a bit hectic. And even though we’re sitting ducks here in Tapachula, it’s been tough to work here too. Not because our days are incredibly filled– most aren’t, but because it feels like every part of our routines are thrown off here.

Marlowe’s biggest request in Mexico city was vegan sushi. We fulfilled it.

It’s hard to find any sort of groove when every day just seems like you’re spending countless hours figuring out the bare necessities like where to buy food, how to make it with one pot and no spoons or bowls, etc etc. There weren’t many options for places to stay here– especially last minute with a dog– but we’re making it work. Well, between the tedious tasks, Alex and I strung together some of our video footage from the trip and have it here to show you!

I’d love to know how you feel about these sort of videos– as we can do some daily farm life videos for you when we’re finally out there– like food making tent sleeping, boat transporting– you know, the deets. Just let me know! And if it helps, a reminder: the questionnaire type box is completely anonymous. The comment section is not. Feel free to use either 🙂

PS. We’re attempting to cross the border AGAIN tomorrow (Monday). We could have been ready to leave by today, but decided it would be smart to skip the Sunday effort since some of the border offices might be closed <3  Wish us luck!!

PPS. Read about us saying goodbye to San Pancho Mexico HERE. About our new pup HERE. About Orizaba– the best-hidden gem HERE. And the first post and our feelings about Tapchula HERE.

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