Marlowe cannot stop talking about London lately. She brings it up a few times a day. And she has eagerly stated, on multiple occasions this month that she is intact moving to London when she is 18. I haven’t broken the news to her that she could probably move there soon– because obviously I don’t need her leaving me any sooner than 18, haha. But hey, if she does pick up and leave to the United Kingdom when she turns 18, then more power to her. GET IT GIRL.

You know, I’m not sure where her intense love for London comes from. But I guess anyone could say the same for my love of Mexico. It started even before her Harry Potter craze. It just seems like she’s just always been so into it. Like her, I once had a huge wish to go to London. I spent my entire teen years and part of my early 20’s really wanting to travel there. That desire faded not long after I realized I really only thrive in warm locations and that I infect and far less of a city girl than I ever knew myself to be.

But still, when her birthday came around, it seemed like the perfect trip for both of us to take. After all, it’s not that I didn’t want to visit London anymore, it’s just that it had moved from top three of my travel lists to a “maybe someday” list. And so we went.

I know I said it before, but London was much kinder than I imagined it to be. Let’s blame the London punk scene, but I always imagined it more grungy and brash. But gosh, everyone we met was so kind there. We both quickly came to love so much about London. And while, I will never be able to live there full-time, I’m so happy that our trip has made Marlowe fall in love with a city to the point of wanting to live there one day.

Here are pictures from a chilly and delicious day. Wait, that actually sounds like all our days in London, haha. But try truly all were chilly and delicious.

ps. Yes, she’s shivering as she drinks this tropical coconut in a very non tropical location. Gotta love her.

When planning our trip to London I made sure to plan at least part of our trip over one weekend. One of my favorite things about traveling to new places is visiting markets and London did not disappoint. On this day (Saturday) we headed to the Broadway Market in Hackney. Oh man, it was delicious. MAYBE even more delicious than the Borough market. Marlowe started the day right, with a bit of raw vegan chocolate 😉

We had planned to meet with our new friend Tania and Micheal and then found ourselves meeting with some other new friends, Freya and her fluffy dog Mollie.

And her adorable brand spanking new babe too. That little face.

After the market the sun was shining and Marlowe had some good ol’ run and climb time outside while the adult stung out and chatted.

Then we made our way to Tania’s flat to hang out and get to know each other more— because that’s the best thing to do with stranger-ish people right? This week my friends commented on how much I trust strangers, haha. And it’s true, unless my gut instinct tells me otherwise, I do.

They’re also vegans like us and while Tania and Micheal are actually French, they’ve lived in London long enough to offer us tea. And Marlowe is now obsessed with both, because they offered to make her vegan hot cocoa. Aka they won her love forever.

Whats the best thing to do after going to the market and a delicious cup of tea and cocoa? It’s jump on the train and wander to find more delicious vegan food of course. Previous to this trip Marlowe wanted to go on a double-decker bus, but once we were there she didn’t seem to care anymore. We offered the bus experience and she chose a train. I don’t mind, I’d probably get bus sick anyway, haha.

Sometimes you need a boost from a tall friend.

Found this adorable picturesque London street and car. Stopped to take photos, obviously. And was even more excited when Marlowe decided she was in a picture mood and took a ton of photos with me!

And even more photos! I don’t know what got into her but she was so into taking photos together and it was so wonderful. Thank you Tania for taking these 🙂 🙂

After a bit of wandering we found our way to Genesis. It was a newly opened adorable (and decently delicious) vegan spot in London.

And it was so perfectly pink. I’d totally go back here.

Afterwards we continued our walk and got vegan milkshakes… not pictured. But just imagine this happy face slurping up a vegan milkshake.

We got a photo together too. Marlowe took it. Let’s all embrace my awkwardness for a moment longer…

And her non-awkwardness adorableness. Still into photos. Maybe she does need to live in London. Or in Mexico because she enjoys schooling there… hmm…

Cute little friends.

After a significant amount of eating and a bit of walking we made our way back to our hackney neighborhood. We walked along the streets where the famous flower market takes place and Tania warned us, it’s a bit of a nightmare and maybe its better to avoid… but if we really wanted she would be our guide to the market the next day. Well, friends. she was right. These streets were a nightmare the next day. But perfect for pole climbing and vintage shopping and just leisurely walking the day before.

We had a really good day. Loads of delicious foods. Time with new sweet friends. Taking photos to save memories of our mother daughter trip. And so much more. Maybe Marlowe will move to London one day. I’m not sure. But if she does, I hope she loves it half as much as she loved it on this trip. It all really fit her quite well 🙂