A garden post! It’s about time, eh? (Holding on to that Canadian accent, eh.) You guys have been asking for more garden posts— and I want to do them, I’m just often lost on what I should actually do! If you guys have preferences, please, by all means, let me know! I’m happy to take in suggestions! But for now, I’ve got something fun for you guys.

You guys obviously know I really care about organic gardening. It’s super important to us. For myself and my family: I don’t see the point in spending the effort in creating a garden, unless it’s organic, you know? Isn’t that sort of the point of gardening for yourself? (insert *head nod* here). So that you know what you’re putting in your body? (more head nodding).  And you don’t have to worry the chemicals that are going into your soil or food pre and post processing? (still head nodding here).

Realistically, there is ZERO downside to eating natural, organic food. I think we should all strive to eat it, as much as we can. You guys know me, I don’t think it’s all about perfection. It’s not about all or nothing. The main thing is about trying as much as you possibly can. I mean, shouldn’t that really be the game of life? Putting in our best effort for ourselves, family, and the earth? I hope so!

The other day at lunch we had a pretty serious conversation about the future. It wasn’t planned or anything, it just sort of came up. Alex and I were discussing how 25 years ago we could have never imagined the online industry creating so many jobs and opportunities for people. And I forget how it came up, or how Marlowe asked, but she was curious to know what jobs would be popping up when she becomes an adult. Without a second thought, I said, “sustainability is the future.” We had just had a conversation a few days prior about consumption, and how the united states uses up wayyyyy more resources that it actually has– and that even though india has millions more people, it uses a lot less energy. (Big conversations for little minds, I know.) And so again, sustainability came up.

I told her that I thought the jobs of the future would all be sustainability based. At the rate were going, we’re going o have to work extra hard to back track on our current mass consumption. We’re going to need smart people to create a better system and a better balance. Now, this conversation can obviously go in SO many different directions– but my thing is, Marlowe gets the gist of it. She gets that taking care of the earth is important. And thats what I care about. I think it’s suppppperrrrr important to keep ourselves knowledgeable on basic life skills– like growing our own food! From seed to fruit, we should be able to grow our own food. (Can I get some more head nodding here? Hesitant or not).  I hope we always are able to teach future generations about this– or like, starting a fire, or following a map. I hope our kids kids can get from point A to point B without having to ask Siri how to do it, you know? We need to be able to keep and pass down the basics of life. And natural, un-poisioned food should be on the top of this list.

I’m not perfect (I’m actually very far from it) and I’m definitely not an expert gardener/farmer. I know that certain seeds you have to leave the membrane on, some you have to break open, some you have to dry out, and some you have to moisten. But I certainly don’t know every detail for every seed. The thing is, thats not the point. I probably wont ever know ALL of them. But even if I know some of them, I’m accomplishing something. I’ve written about starting your own organic garden in the past and the biggest point to take away from it (in my opinion anyway) is to: start somewhere, anywhere! Get out there with your kids and grow tomatoes in a bucket or potatoes in a bag, whatever you can for your climate/ growing region and try it!

Growing our own food may not seem like a big deal right now, but I truly believe that one day it will be. And for now, it can just be fun. Important, but fun.

And for those who have asked for an update, three years later, our homemade garden beds are still holding up strong! Hooray! // Marlowe’s new “pet” yellow stripe.

Starfruit lemonade anyone?

You can see the before and after of our space here, if you haven’t seen it. We started small, and have really created a space over a looonnnng period of time. I’m thinking about attempting a Vlog to show you a real tour– but I know I say that all the time and then fail, but we’ll see.

I was super happy when one of my favorite companies, Nature’s Path reached out. I truly love supporting organic companies I believe in. I was even happier when they reached out saying they wanted to give out a free organic gardening e-book to all my readers. We truly love love love Nature’s Path, so this was a no-brainer for us. Uh, yes, we are more than happy to give out a gardening e-book that 1. helps people attempt gardening at home 2. is from an organic company we already use and love. Duh.

So whats stopping you from getting outside and into some dirt? I mean, realistically, you can garden anywhere– even a small window will suffice. My mom stole some tropical cuban oregano from our garden a few years ago and it’s still growing strong in a sunny window in New England. Size truly doesn’t matter. Anddddd gardening is considered a form of meditation, so not only do you benefit from healthy food, but it’s also a great relaxing exercise for your brain. The number of reasons to garden at home are truly endless. I mean, even planting a tree makes a difference!

What a free gardening e-book? (No strings attached). You can download your own Free Guide To Organic Gardening HERE. It’s great for all levels of gardens, but designed for beginners for sure 🙂 Check it out and grow some yummy stuff, for yourself and the future!

Alright friends, seriously, do tell me if you have specific gardening posts request. Happy to do them! I’m going to try to maybe bribe a friend to help me with the VLOG idea. But we’ll see haha.

Oh and ps. I know I just mentioned that I got a new camera, but also, I downloaded Lightroom for the first time and I’m messing around with filters and such. They seem a bit heavy to me, but realistically, I have no idea what I’m doing and trying to teach myself. Better to try than not try, right? Like gardening? Haha. I just want to work on everrrrrrrything 🙂 Alright folks, I hope you’re having a great week! Download the guide and get out there 🙂


  1. So in agreement with so much of this. I want nothing more than to find a job in sustainability now, but it’s still so new. I’m so passionate about it and want so badly to leave behind something that my children can be proud of. Sustainable living needs to be the pathway forward whether people like it or not.

  2. I’d love to hear more about your fruit trees! Do you prune them or need to use organic pest control?