Hi friends! How are you? I’m good. Last week was a bit rough for sure. I was feeling all the things. We can blame the moon, or detox, or whatever, but whatever we want to blame, I was still feeling it and, at times, letting it show. My mood is slowly, but surely starting to pass though. And even with the bad mood, I still have successfully made it a point to enjoy all the good things around me. Because even if I’m not feeling my best, the perks of life are still around.

I look tanner in this picture than I actually am. I need more sunshine.

Chilly market days call for hot drinks and snuggles. And giant bananas. Have you ever seen such a thing? They mostly grow in Hawaii.

Park bench music hangs.

She’s been really into making little movies lately. It’s adorable. Also, I love how she even made her own stand for the ipad. Speaking of an ipad. We still hold true to no devices around here. It really irks me that most kids can’t sit through a car ride without a tablet in their hands. But if she asks to use it for movie making, I always say yes.  Though I feel like I should get her something better to create with… since the one pictured is probably about 7- 8 years old and holds, like 4 apps. haha.

Beautiful sunshine day walks through Orlando. I love how a two-hour drive north brings such a big shift in flora and fauna.

Coolest kid at the beach.

Packing for an overnight. Alex and I went down to Miami for a concert and stayed the night. It was a lot of fun.

We went out on a long walk. Maybe 4 miles or so? Stopped for some reading (and some ice cream too). And then quickly left for an even faster walk home when the clouds rolled in.

I love going into her room and seeing what she has going on. So obsessed with this scene. I LOVE how into Hindu mythology she is.

All the treasures. It’s been cold, but the beach has been beautiful lately.

Shared this on insta last month. I wanted to document this scene. The next day we took out her desk and put a bigger one in. She keeps on growing.

At this point, you guys realize I live at the beach, haha. My absolute happy space: fresh or frozen fruit in the sand by the sea.

My niece was in town and we decided it might be fun to take her to the fair. 1. the fair is ridiculous. I doubt we’ll be going back, haha. 2. Marlowe wanted to go in these stupid plastic bubble things. I cringed but gave in. She still talks about how much she loved it, haha.

We often get together with my family to celebrate birthdays. I suggested we have a sushi-making party for one of the 3 birthdays we had this January. It was a success.

If we’re not at the beach, we’re at the park. And she’s usually in a tree 🙂

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