Hi friends! How are you? Is your new year going well? Are you trying out veganuary? I hope so! I know that post was super long, but you’ll do nothing but benefit from making the switch. Even a temporary switch is better than no switch? And I swear to you, if you can keep at it and get through the hard parts, it’s so very well worth it!

I thought it might be smart timing to share a “What Marlowe Eats” post right about now. Some super easy vegan eats for you to try 🙂 I rarely (read: basically never) make anything complicated. I try to keep food as simple as I can around here. I don’t mind cooking, but the easier the better, ya know? So here we are… a list of pretty easy, pretty healthy, and definitely vegan and gluten-free meals Marlowe (but really we) ate recently…

Thai Yellow coconut curry with rice noodles, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, and slow-roasted tomatoes. Topped with peanuts. We all ate this, but mine didn’t have nuts of course.
Spring rolls. Gosh, she’s eaten these so often lately. I wrap up some greens, cabbage, carrot, and avocado. And she makes her dipping sauce. Lately, it’s been a peanut ginger sauce. I had some too. No peanuts in the sauce, more greens, less cabbage (I don’t digest raw cruciferous vegetables well), and I like herbs in mine too.
Pesto pasta with a few sun-dried tomatoes, side of arugula.
Salad on the balcony type of day. This meal was super out of the norm for us. Not the salad part… we all enjoy salad, but what went inside. We normally don’t have too many ingredients in our salad, but this one has pineapple, bell peppers, a lime dressing, carrots, all sorts of things. It was good, but we both agreed we like our regular go-to salads better.
The purple cabbage made this dish look super weird. But it was good. A pad-thai like dish with cabbage, carrot, bell pepper and onion.
Crepes. This is actually an older meal that I haven’t shared yet. I thought it would be super nice to surprise Marlowe with sweet crepes one day. Turns out she much prefers the savory and only ate about half. It was pretty good though.
Cold noodle salad. I think we’re going to start making this for lunch for her school. Rice noodles, romaine, carrots, cabbage, in a sauce. Sometimes a peanut sauce, sometimes a miso sauce. For school, it’ll have to be miso since the school is nut-free. This is more or less the recipe we use for the miso sauce-— we just omit the sesame oil now. Sub out the tahini for peanut butter and you have a nut version 🙂
Taco night. Cabbage slaw, smokey pinto beans, salsa, sauteed brussel sprouts, potatoes, and guac. She’s not a fan of salsa and potatoes but loves the cabbage and brussel sprouts.
Carrot ginger salad. Side of apples.
Grape season has come to an end now (sad) but she was on a big grape kick. Thankfully orange season has started up.
Mexican style tomato and bean veggie soup. side of arugula with avocado.
This was my plate… she won’t eat sweet potatoes usually. But mashed potatoes with a leftover cheesey sauce from nacho night, chili, and avocado. It’s weird for me, but she doesn’t love chili as much as I would think she does. I legit used to make it ALL the time– long before I had Marlowe too. I’d made a giant pot to last me for a week.  Now I rarely do. I do enjoy it though.

Also, side note: I haven’t had potatoes in about 8 days. For most people that might be pretty standard, for me it’s weird. I’m taking out nightshades this month (for me, not Marlowe) to see if my body reacts differently. We will see!

Alright friends! I hope you’re well in the world! If you didn’t start veganuary, but want to… well, you can start it any day at any time.  Anyday is a good day to eat a plant-based diet. Your gut and mood will thank ya 😉 Cheers!

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