How are you friends? How has your week been? How has your year been? I can’t believe the new year came and went and here we are… in April. But we’re here. I’ve shared so many requested posts lately, that I haven’t been able to share some of my favorite simple posts: happy everyday moments from our travel times this year. So here we are, nothing crazy, just a happy post of happy pictures during our time in Patan Nepal.

I have a ton more Nepal pictures to share, but if you’re curious to see some of my past Nepal posts, you can check them out HERE.

One of the coolest things about Nepal were the building structures.They were unlike any other building I’ve seen before. A lot of brick, like the building in Colombia, but just on a completely different level. And tiny bits of fun color here and there.

And flowers, always flowers. A few of my india ladies and I discussed getting marigold tattoos. We never did it. I’m always tempted to– but hesitant because of pain. Piercings? No problem. Tattoos? Mehhh.

This lady. So much like me, but sometimes the complete opposite too. My longest friendship. And the only person I know who can plan trips better than me 😉 You can check out her adventure travel company HERE if you’re looking to do some fun far away trips anytime soon 🙂 She’s also the only person I know who has more hair than me.

Ps. The faces? Just continuing a serious tourist picture theme from our trip to India. But speaking of ridiculous photos, THIS post still cracks me up.

My Marlowe. Her marigolds. A shrine. The good things.

More buildings, and a very tall friend.

The usual…. loading up on fruit.
Look at that brick! And the carving details! Insane. I want beautiful hand carved windows for my home. In a dream.
Mr. Alex Bustamante.
Little pottery piles of magic.

I don’t care if it’s blurry, I love it.

Into the alley.
Us. A family photo where Marlowe is the only one ready for the photo. Pretty standard to have 1 our of 3 of us get the photo right.
Discovering pretty alleys for myself. I get distracted easily. I ran off to look for magic– more of the usual.
Lisa, Marlowe, and well wishes in a beautiful temple.

Have a simple, but beautiful week friends!

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  1. I’ve been updated, reading 4 new entries! Thanks for making me laugh and to practice a bit of English with your blog hahah.
    I’m looking forward to Mexico, it will undoubtedly be a great climate for you!

    Marlow reminds me too much of my daughter 🙂 girls with magic